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Odd Follower, And Two Predictions


Lately I have been seeing a woman. This is no ordinary woman, she is dead. This isn't like my other visions, she is haunting me. I'm trying to figure out what she wants, but I'm unable to distinguish what she wants.

All I can see is an old lady, maybe in her 70's to 80's so she is relatively pretty. She is a little fatigued, has an average build and is about 5'6 to 5'8. She has blond, whitish hair, and blue eyes. She is a white woman, and her name starts with a G. I see her sometimes popping out of a closet, with a smile that is more evil than beautiful. She is a really smart woman, and she has been keeping a very close eye on me. She just started turning things on around my apartment, and she has also begun to torment my mind by calling out my name.

I'm not new to the psychic game, because I usually have visions of people getting murdered or getting harmed. I can also predict minor things, like kids being born, and dates of important events. But this is my first case of a follower. She seems to be leading me onto something. I've been dreaming of her and seeing her now for about two months, and I just can't shake the image of her out of my head. I've tried to confront her and I've tried to ignore her but nothing seems to work to ease her out of my mind.

I will say this, I have been seeing a couple visions that people should know about, and maybe they can help me explore it, and try to successfully predict it before it happens.

My first dream is an odd one, this one is a toss up. I've been seeing a tornado cut a path of destruction through Plymouth Indiana, this is not a regular tornado, it's a pretty strong one. It causes a lot of damage, and destruction. The odd thing about this is that I have a family member that lives there, and also that this would have to be a tornado that could go through hilly land. So I'm not sure how accurate that one is.

My second dream is actually weird, I see a young man, who has won the presidential election. This young man will be the first of his kind, but it will be short lived, his running mate will be a woman, after he is killed America will have lost its first president of his kind, and will gain the first woman president. This young president will be assonated, this is where it gets hazy, I'm not sure if he is shot, or if he blown up by a suicide bomber, but he is killed.

I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that has seen this yet or is it just me?

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Grimm103 (2 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-14)
My guides? I've been trying hard to stay focused on the certain issues that I may see in my dreams, but it is hard for me. I'm wanting to learn more about my possible phsycic abilities. More to the point where I can be more accurate in my predictions. I'm pretty accurate now, but not with names, dates. I try to warn everyone I can about my dreams. As for the old lady, she is not one of my relatives because I'm already met my great grandmothers on both sides of the family. I thought it could be the image of a grandmother or parent of someone that I'm soon to meet. Its wierd to me, I try to communicate, and what I seem to get is amber, sorta like the november birthstone. I just curous if this isn't the possible birth month or death month of this particular spirit. She is getting more playful though, messing with things in the apartment. As far as my dream of this president, I think I know the canidate but its to early for me to say soundly who I think it is. Do you know of any good ways to improve on my pyshcic abilities?
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-09)
The dream about the tornado in Indiana is no doubt a prediction and a look into the future.

The older lady may not mean you harm but just be trying to get your attention so she can send a message to someone.

Is it possible she is an older ancestor that one of your relatives might recognize, perhaps a grandmother or greatgrandmother?

If so they might be very happy to have you ask them especially if its someone they know who is not deceased.

As for the young man who might be president and who might have a threat against him.

That could be a look into the future, and I believe you should pay close attention to your future dreams and or ask your guides where this danger to him is coming from.

I get looks into the future like this all the time, sometimes its an accident and I tell those involved and most always they take action and avoid the accident.
when I warn strangers about bad things I see in their future and I tellthem to help keep them safe I always make sure they know its a Psychic prediction and given to them to keep them safe.

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