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I had recently moved to Texas for a year and something followed me to Texas. I would feel it near me the whole time the same feeling I would have when I was back home in Nevada, recently my neighbor passed away, and come to found out from his wife, where our house is built used to be a cemetery. My grandfather before he passed, he spent the night here at my house and said he saw a figure of a little girl watch him sleep, and my little sister's friends have seen a man watching them sleep very scary. Oh let me tell you everyone has heard the yelling of a little girl in their ear, I thought I was the only one until my family told me they did too.

I feel as if I do have a gift, I brought it upon them. But when I was in Texas I heard the same yelling of a girl in my ear while I was staying at my x girlfriend's house, its a loud yell that turns into a siren. My father says he catches a man watching him sleep too, can I be haunted and bringing it upon them through my abilities? Need help asap. I do not know what gift I have, well I do not really believe any of this stuff but yet I go through it. How is it that I can be psychic, esp, out-of-body experience and see ghosts? How is it possible?

I do not even know the words to describe it... My mother has even claimed of been woken up with someone pushing down her stomach at night sighs.

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aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
11 years ago (2008-07-11)
Well, this is nothing of comfort that is for sure, be sure to tell it to get out it doesn't belong her, if it doesn't then start annoying the crap out of it, play games with it also. We aren't so different from one another as you may think and that is where both of the weaknesses lie. Take control, protect and get it away from you. Learn how to ground/shield yourself, say prayers that may comfort you anything that does not make you fear and then it will see that it cannot harm, be annoyed and leave.

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