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Weird Things Happen To Me. Am I Psychic?


I've always wondered if I was psychic. Sometimes things will happen and I wonder if I'm crazy or something.

When I was younger (6 or 7) I use to see strange things in my apartment. I used to see cats running around the place, needless to say we never owned a cat. It was always the same type of cat. I have a vivid memory of sitting on our couch in the den and eating green seedless grapes. This brown, white, and black cat ran past my legs and darted down the hall. When I turned to look down the hall, the cat was nowhere to be found.

The other things I used to see are a little graphic, but I know I saw them. As a matter of fact I can still see it in my mind to this day. Around the same time, I saw a noose hanging in our den and I saw a bloody butcher knife on my mother ironing board. We didn't even own a knife like that. I never watched scary movies as a child, I don't know why I would have made that up.

When I was even younger than this I use to have awful dreams, of a hellish place. It was red and full of demons and fire. For years I slept in my sisters or my parents bed.

When I was in Middle school we moved to a new house and this place was even creepy to say the least. My sister just had a baby a year earlier. My niece slept in the one of the bedrooms on the first floor. She would never slept in this room One night after convincing her to sleep in this room, she awoke screaming at the top of her lungs. She said that something came to her, covered her mouth, tell her to shhhhhhh! And not to be afraid. She never slept in that room again. My Mom, who I believe is really psychic, said she heard children playing upstairs, and when she came to investigate the noise, me and my sister were sound asleep.

One night when I was in my room, I went to bed as usual. I then felt something lay down next to me and look me in the face. My bed felt weighed down where something was laying on it. I didn't sleep in my room for a year. There was also another incident that occurred that my mom will not discuss to this day, she doesn't want to scare me. Once in my dorm if felt as if something ran past me into the wall. It wasn't like a solid fleshy thing, but was something different, but still solid. I go to school in NYC and our building is over 100 years old.

One summer after returning from college, I kept hearing footsteps all day. I was home alone and freaked out. I yell, "I don't know who you are or what you want, but could you stop making so much noise you are scaring the living tar out of me?." The noise stopped. I still hear footsteps in my home, it sounds as if some one is walking around.

My mother and I use to play guess the number from time to time. We got so good we could guess the others number from 1-20. One time I played this with my roommates, I guess all three of their numbers.

Sometimes, its like I feel what other people are feeling. For example, I step near a guy and I feel this weird energy that can only be described as lust. But he's not even looking at me. I watch sad things on TV and I feel intensely sad almost to the point of tears. Also I'll say the same word as a person on TV, before they say it. This use to happen to me a lot in High school, sometimes I think of a song and it comes on the radio. I have spells of intense dejavu, I feel as though I have seen and experienced this before. Sometimes I know things, and I have no idea where it came from. (This comes in handy for Jeopardy) I also have trouble remembering my dreams. I have multiple dreams during the night. The ones I do remember are vivid and weird.

Lately I haven't been sleeping, I feel like something big is going to happen on a global scale. The air outside feels weird and troubled. I dunno.

My mom has seen spirits and other things during her life. She also picks up energy from things. She and my sister bought jewelry from a yard sale, a ring and a ankle bracelet. My mom complained of feeling pain and warmth in her hand. The ring was the proper size and fit well. As soon as she took off the ring, her symptoms went away. The same thing happened to my sister. They threw away the jewelry.

So am I psychic?

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zay_10 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-25)
Just to let you know my daughter (she is five) and I have the same things going on, and the most amazing thing is that my daughter had this very vivid dream about that same cat, brown, white and black and it also ate grapes... I was very excited when I saw this. I didn't tell her anything and asked her again what the cat looked like, yip the same colours, she also saw a black one too though and things were floating around on a stage thing. Anyway this is the norm in our household.
Shadowpeople (8 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-11)
Um, yeah, I definitely think you are psychic. Mine isn't as strong as yours, though, we do share the same thing with a presence staring at you & the TV experiences, like feeling the sadness & the things people say before they say it. It happens all the time, amongst other things. Just last night, I was watching TV, and I thought the name "Lisa" right before the actor said it. Low & behold, the actor said "Lisa..." Weird. You should try to hone in on it. Me...I'm a big ole' wimp when it comes to this. In fact, I try to turn it off.
phoenix78 (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-09)
i do believe that you are psychic and I think the cat you talk about could be your animal guide I have several psychic gifts as well very similar to yours all you need to do is practice and fine tune your gift and you will find a lot of your experiences will become much clearer but you definately have strong gifts good luck with mastering them
mysterywriter (4 stories) (15 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-09)
I would say you have a very strong gift. I also play the game with numbers and names. In my prior job I gathered personal information from my clients such as social security numbers, driver license info, spouse names etc. Sometimes when I was bored I would ask for the information and then see if I could get their answers before they said them out loud to me.

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