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As a child, growing up I would see ghosts, and sometimes merely body parts such as hands and legs. I remember when I was around 5 years old, me and my mother took the a bus to the store and I would always see a white glossy hand come up the side and grab my hand.

As I grew older I would experience similar experiences, I kind of grew out of place in middle school. I would wake up to scratches on my chest and sometimes I would wake up with the feeling of 2 hands on my neck chocking me, and I would have to fight whatever it was to breath. When I would be in class I would see odd figures walk in then stare at me for almost 5 seconds then walk out. I then began to just say maybe I was just tired or had a broad imagination. As I grew older into my teens, I would begin to experience cold spots all the time. Unable to sleep, I would catch images out of the corner of my eyes and hear noise.. I would completely stop breathing to get dead silence and my bed would start shaking. Being closed minded I thought of it as nothing.

I have had many experiences soon after that... I would find myself in a trance to ease my mind of attracting such energy. When I turned 15, I begin to find myself in the middle of plane crashes, waking up to watching the news on tv, and would see if what I was dreaming had just happened, as I would wake up sweating and heart beating. I would find myself frighten to find out that it was actually happening while I was dreaming.

I had opened my mind more to it then. I was not a believer at all, but I let myself go. I began to have premonitions, predict disasters (always 3 weeks in advanced and sometimes while it was happening). Sometimes I would catch secrets of people I meet and strangely enough they would soon later reveal to me. The noises that go bump at night had ended because I had learned not to attract such things mentally.

Dreaming that you were on the plane of 9/11 heading into a building while it was actually happening is far scarier than anything I have previously experience. Waking up after the plane had crashed and remembering the faces of the passengers. Later to find out that the little girl you looked into the eyes to in that plane tells you not to be afraid is the most frightening thing I had gone thru.

Later I would find myself in bombings weeks before they would happen in Israel. I would sometimes be out of my body into finding bodies of people who had been murdered or trapped in fires, I would find Indian burial grounds later to be found by actual people, the same exact drawings on the rocks would match my dreams.

It has been years now that I chose to keep out of my life this ability - gift- whatever you want to call it. But lately I can feel it wanting to be used.

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Freakgirl (guest)
15 years ago (2008-07-06)
If I've learned one thing, it's never keep things like the ability bottled up. Eventually, it just builds and builds until it breaks out. I tried holding it back for a year, denying its existance. I was half-way to the edge of insanity by the time I even thought of trying to control it. Trust me on this one, it's better to put it in use.
sams (2 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-06)
i can understand why you would like to block this I really can, your gift is a lot diffrent to mine. I would give your gift another chance now you are older you can control it if you can stop yourself using it you can control this try and see what happens. Is there anyone in your life you can talk with regarding what you have seen and been through? I can not really give you anymore information. I do hope someone with a little more expertise in this area can help. Search the pages on this web page you may find simlar stories to yours with helpful hints and tips. 😉

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