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Omen Of Death?


Just yesterday I was practicing meditation as I normally do when I started hearing the voices of two spirit I have talked to many times (their names are Franco and Dominic and I believe that they are the guidance spirits of my friend Lauren and myself). They were talking about Lauren's mother and my grandmother. I didn't understand the whole conversation but it went something like this:

Franco- Lauren's mom won't live much longer.

Dominic- How long do you figure?

Franco- 2-3 years most likely.

Dominic- Oh. Anna's grandma doesn't have that long.

Franco- 2-3 weeks maybe?

Dominic- That's what I'm guessing. Sometimes she even leaves her body.

Franco- Soon then.

And then I lost track of their conversation.

Then today when I was meditating I felt something very different. I started to feel like my body was floating so I just relaxed more and tried to induce an astral experience. It didn't happen but as I relaxed, I began to see things. First, it was a rotting corpse laying out. I don't know if it was in a coffin or not, but then I saw two torsos (they had bodies other than just torsos but that's all I saw) and I saw one stab the other in the chest with a knife and drag it down.

As far as the corpse and knife vision goes, I think it may have been my subconscious playing a trick on me. Yesterday after Franco and Dominic's conversation a met a boy named Kress (who I had never met before) and learned that his cousin had just recently been murdered over something incredibly stupid. I don't know the details of his murder, but I think I may have seen it while I was meditating. Also, when I met Kress I felt an instant connection to his sorrow at loosing his cousin and I couldn't look in his eyes. I don't know for sure why.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Camillarose (guest)
14 years ago (2008-07-07)
It may be an omen but please don't worry if it is a omen of death I'm sure its meant to be ❤

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