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I had a premonition last night in a dream, I was talking to my dead mother on the phone when she said aww I have got to get petrol and turned in to the petrol station across the flow of traffic and a lorry hit her car and killed her, I couldn't see it but I heard it all on the phone, usually when I get these dreams something really bad happens, some times to people I know sometimes to strangers or famous people, like I had a similar dream when princes Diana died and two days before my mother died I had a premonition dream.

I've had some weird stuff happen to me over the years, about thirty four years ago I had a strange occurrence while I was awake, mid summer at sun rise I was walking along a road with a lot of trees on my left all of a sudden every leaf turned in to an eye, all the ivy on the walls turned to, every leaf became an eye and the noise of the leaves shimmering in the breeze became countless people whispering to me, it was so profound I couldn't tell anyone about it for ten years.

Does this sort of thing happen to a lot of people?, I descended from an Italian family and have odd dreams about ancient Rome as well, does anyone think that the two are connected?.

So after my, what I'm calling my optical illusion, I started reading the Bible and have read it about fourth times, I can read the whole of the old testament in four hours and often did, I'm detecting a hidden code in the Bible, but its not a written code, it's a telepathic code parts of which I can absorb but only a fraction, I'm assuming that this hidden message in the Bible has been put there for someone who is going to be born in the future with some sort of telepathic ability who is able to decipher it completely.

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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-25)
bible helping you. The bible helps you get the gift of prophecy. That where you are getting predictions from. You have
Discernment, you are picking up spiritual activities. By reading bible scripture out loud. It unlocks gifts of the supernatural. The holy spirit.
babayag (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
It's a special gift, premonitions and especially premonition dreams. Kind of rare, yes.

The gift is called clairvoyance in modern society, but certain people dream the clairvoyant visions more, and other people see the visions in waking life more.

You can train your gift to start having more visions in your waking life, if you want. Many people do this when they start a business with their gifts or want to test their gifts to see how accurate they are. There are classes to hone these on command even.

That said, yes, the gift can run in the family and often does, so checking into your ancestral divination heritage, (just looking into what divination methods were used by your people back in the day), can help you identify divination methods that would come more easily and naturally to you.

Sounds like the ancient Rome dreams may be past life!

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