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Rule Of Threes/death Omen


I've never talked candidly about this before but after reading a bunch of other peoples testimonies I feel like this is the place to share it. A little background about me, I'm a recently turned 21 year old woman and I've faced a lot of "odd" stuff in my life, I had cancer as a baby, I've seen ghosts and experimented with hallucinogens. Up until now I've shrugged weird stuff off as coincidences/mental illness/psychosis. What I'm describing is 100% true and has been bothering me since it unfolded. This all started in March. Because of covid I had to leave my college dorm and move in with my grandparents. Everything was fine when it started, I loved my grandparents and nothing was off. I rarely see them so it was a pretty big jump to start living with them but I was trying to make the best of the situation. One night in April I was smoking in my room watching youtube videos and I lit a candle, it happened really fast but all of a sudden I hear a whoosh of air and it explodes into flames. A piece of the candle cracked off and flew into a large glass bottle laying next to my bed. I was agog, the candle was completely immersed in flames, also I was stoned so I was even more paranoid. I put the flames out with a notebook and just sat there terrified. I check my phone. 4:44am. I texted my friend about it and she was like ok that's weird. I didn't think anything else of it. Again I'm a college student living through a pandemic coping with drugs, everything scares me. Sometimes in the house I would be completely alone and hear lips smacking or movement. Again I just wrote this off as me being high.

A little bit into my stay things started getting very weird. My grandpa would say things to me that were overtly sexual, he'd corner me while I was in the kitchen and touch me, come into my room while I was sleeping and use the excuse that he was "looking for something". He would get really drunk and act differently. I would go into the basement and he would be sitting there in the dark in his underwear waiting for me. I was so disturbed I tried to ignore it. I would smoke a bunch of weed and go on walks, I'd hang out with my friend who lived nearby. I did everything to avoid that house. My frequent disappearances drove a wedge between my grandmother and I. She thought I was ungrateful and disliked her but really I was trying to avoid her husband who made me uncomfortable. (My grandmother never stood up for me when he objectified me so at this point I don't care what she thinks). She wanted me out of her house. She told my parents I needed to go home, which I was fine with because I truly hated being there. I hated my grandfather, I hated how he looked at me and talked to me and how it made me feel so gross. He would say racist things about my appearance (I'm biracial and he's white). The only reason I couldn't go to my parents house was because there was no room for me, but I was fine sleeping on a couch as long as I felt safe. Again I was just trying to make the best of the situation.

Two weeks after I moved into my parents house I went on a walk. I noticed a small dead squirrel lying on the side of the street. Eyes closed, just laying there. I thought it was odd because most roadkill looks torn up, but this guy was just vibing with no external cuts-as if he was sleeping. The next day I go for a walk again (I go on walks regularly as a force of habit when I just need to leave) and again I see a dead animal. This time it's a bird laying on the sidewalk. I got chills because it was in the same form as the squirrel-eyes closed, laying peacefully, no lacerations or cuts. A lot of stuff happens to me in threes, so my stupid little brain kept thinking oh well what's the third death going to be? I keep walking and go to the spot where I smoke. I'm smoking a joint and I see a bunch of high school kids doing the same further from where I am. (I'm on a beach) One little boy is all red, barely breathing. I see him being carried out by his friends and suddenly the parking lot is swarming with ops, paramedics, ambulances, and nervous lifeguards, I'm freaking out. I ask what happened and two girls tell me he overdosed. When I tell you I started crying hysterically, I was so scared I thought that little boy was the third death. He looked so sick when I saw him. I felt so guilty. I asked my friend whose a lifeguard what happened and she said he drank an entire bottle of vodka to show off. Didn't chase with water, didn't eat anything, just an 80 pound kid baking in the hot summer sun. I thought he was dead. I stayed with my friend all day until she got confirmation that he was fine, just got his stomach pumped and had fluids. I was so relieved but in the back of my head I kept thinking about the third death, the third death was still waiting.

The next morning my creepy grandfather died of internal bleeding. That previous night he began throwing up dark dark blood in my grandmothers house, was revived in the ambulance and died in the morning. He didn't have covid when they ran the test. He didn't even look sick from the outside. The way my father described him in his last moments was like the squirrel and the bird, fine on the outside, eyes closed, just laying there, almost asleep. He died on the 6th year anniversary of my other grandfather's death exactly. June 24. Unlike my awful white grandfather, I love my Latino grandfather with all my heart. He was a wonderful person and I miss him a lot. They're buried near each other, which was planned so my siblings and I could visit all of our grandparents in the same place. A few days ago my dad went to check on my bad grandfather's tombstone and there was a dead little bird on the grave. When my dad told me I had to excuse myself to go cry in the bathroom. I didn't even cry at his funeral. I still think about how he made me feel in those last few weeks. He made me feel so disgusting and I remember looking at him with pure hatred just wishing he would leave me alone. I wanted him gone by any means necessary. I've only told a few close friends and my mom about what he did to me, which is why I feel more comfortable with the anonymity this site provides. This isn't my first "weird" experience and I'll certainly be sharing more, but this specific chain of events has been on my mind a lot lately. Any advice or guidance is appreciated. Thank You!

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-o0I0o- (19 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-10)
Hello Smoltowngrl,

I agree with PathR in that you are gifted.

Easier said than done I know we all have fears but somehow you need to understand how these signs taking place for you are not to be feared. Try to be passive and not reactive as they unfold. Instead of dreading something "bad" to come observe neutrally without labeling it bad or good. Do you know of the film The Sixth Sense? In that film a very young boy "sees dead people" and eventually learns not to be afraid but to comprehend the message which he then relays to other people. I suspect this is just the introduction to a great talent developing in you. You are learning the language being used to communicate. Later you very likely will have much more reveled to you. You are very special. You are becoming bilingual speaking a language that is uncommon but valuable. Read, seek contact with "mediums" and "psychics"...there are many with great abilities and understanding but like anything there are plenty that are not that good at it and who do not understand what they are doing. Eventually you will have pieces of the puzzle and assemble it seeing the picture.

Best of luck to you!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
4 years ago (2020-11-24)
You sound like a gifted person, who is seeking to divide the world of spirit and physical realms. You are sensing things, but not allowing your heart/mind to focus on truth or what spirit helpers are trying to show you. Your greatest challenge is a support system. Possibly-Curanderismo which can ground and help you put concerns/worries/deaths/questions up to heaven. It gives courage, spiritual support and the ability to put aside weed/drinking which lowers our own spiritual vibration. The journey of spirit requires one to be completely committed to service. You speak about darkness seen and felt since birth to now, and the reality it is all around us. But it is not there to hurt, but for all Empowered being to go past the veil of darkness, and usher in love, light setting people free. You are an amazing being who is capable of learning and able to grow in spiritual power. I encourage you to be all you can be.

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