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Two's A Crowd, Three's A Nightmare


About three years ago, I began experiencing sleep paralysis on and off in the early mornings. At first it was scary as it is for everyone, and then of course I adjusted to it, much through the help of websites like this, which told me to just go with it and either I would wake up or fall into a dream, often lucid. I learned about and dealt with that problem. So that's cool.

Then, about 8 months ago I was about to fall asleep, laying on my tummy in my normal "superman pose" and I heard this train coming or something and I was suddenly racked with vibrations, my entire body, and there was this high pitched tone, which caused me to go totally spastic and upon freaking out it all dissipated as I laid there with a pounding heart. Actually what's weird is I just knew to command it to stop whilst freakin' and it did.

So I forgot about that actually but after I moved into my new apartment upstairs I had two more experiences like that sans the high pitched sound, which drove me straight into the arms of Google search engine.

That's when I found this exact site! I was thrilled that it could be the start of an OBE and decided to keep it up and go with it. I enthusiastically started reading about opening my psychic channels and meditation. Then the vibrations stopped coming. I knew how to achieve astral travel but hadn't been able to succeed until I sort of did last week. I got up to pee in the middle of the night and as I went back to bed thought, well, now is as good a time as any! Let's pop into a lucid dream and see if it works?

To speed this up: I was lucid dreaming I finally remembered to pull myself out of my body and woke up (not quite awake, it was a different state of consciousness but not sleeping either) to full fledged vibrations and the high pitched sound and I wasn't scared, just sort of "weeeeeeeee! It's working!" and I was on my stomach, blurry vision and over top of my physical sleeping arms were reddish pink energy arms with blue circles all along the reddish energy. So I kept pulling to come out of my body but then started to freak out actually, haha I worried that I would be the only person to get locked out of their apartment er something and then was immediately back in my body. For ten minutes I was washed with wave upon wave of vibrations, beginning at my feet they would slosh up into my head and I felt nauseas.

Anywho - - I am disappointed that I didn't use that experience to move further but whatever it'll happen again I am sure. BUT. The reason I am blithering on to all you fine folk is because of what happened exactly one hour ago. I need some advice because I am not taking this lightly and am 24 years old and even ran to the phone to call my mama to soothe me.

I woke up around 5 AM again to pee (maybe I should stop drinking tea before bed) and so thought maybe I could try leading myself into a lucid dream again and practice astral projection. But then I was feeling sorta tired and thought, meh, any pleasant dream'll do! Usually if I tell myself outright to dream of something I will, so I was all happy to settle into a nice dream.

OR NOT?!?!?! Must have dozed off because I wake up again and have some crazy vibrations all right. I was on my back almost on my side which is odd because as we all now know my classic pose requires my tummy. So these vibrations were such an odd... Frequency would I say? I don't know. I was not scared, sort of alarmed and thought: am I preparing to project here? Tried pulling at my body and immediately thought: NO. This is NOT that. What the funk? My body is slightly paralyzed here I realize, but the force of the vibrations, strongest on my right side was even causing my left leg to slide over a bit. I thought my teeth were rattling and quite frankly I thought I was probes being abducted by an alien and wished I wore pants to bed.

I look down and EEK! There is a presumed dead girl LAYING ACROSS MY BODY! Just laying there, not partying or being mean but definitely charged with being a creep! Creeping me out! She had blue jeans on and a black tee that had writing on it which I in no way took the time to read! She had dark curly hair and something white on her head. As I said I was paralyzed but usually in sleep paralysis I am 1) not awake, or my mind is fully awake but my eyes are closed and I see an exact replica of my room and 2) I cannot move or budge an inch.

I was able to pull my neck enough to slide my head over and see her though, which made me say OFF! Get off! And bam it was done she was gone. I rolled over onto my side to feel the situation out. My heart was stable, in fact I was not very scared and thought about going back to sleep. Then I felt lightish tingly on my face again and thought hell no! Did I just have a stroke?! So I got up and turned on every light in my house and sat on my floor and said that if whatever that gal was, if she was still in my house to get over here right now for a little chat or get the heck out! I don't have time for her shenanagins. Then I called mom. Then I went back into my room and as I got to the end of the hall got chills all over me. Went into the room and was like, chilly. Went back to the livingroom, no chills. No chills, no thrills they say.

Sooooo maybe this was a waking nightmare, but I've been meditating up a storm and am wondering if seeing spirits is the next step in what I've been doing. I meditated for 3 hours on Saturday and maybe cleared my mind out so well that it opened me up a bit. I don't know man but all I know is that this totally is harshing on my groove. I am not the type of person who enjoys a 6:30 AM wake up call from a tooth rattlin dead girl who looks like she died after a 3 day bender.

I am open to people telling me this was just a nightmare but why was I awake? Waking nightmare? Also open to people saying it was a spirit but also please tell me if you know how to take care of this. Should I get my sage smudger puffin around my bed? What do you do when someone dead wants to hang out?

I've read people say "Invoke Archangel Michael" but never took it seriously because I was an atheist, but am a lot less of one over the past months on this spiritual journey. Believe me, as I laid there in my bed thinking of what had happened I was sure saying, goddess please protect me!

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taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-16)
I don't think that this spirit means any harm to you but I could be wrong. She might be having trouble crossing and needs help. She could be looking for comfort from a human that could have been caused from a horrible experience in her life. Normally spirits follow what you tell them to do such as when you said to go away she did. You can normally tell that a spirit is close to you when you feel cold in an area that is normally warmer or anywhere.

Try to do some research if you can on this entity and find out if she was once living and had a horrible life or something along those lines. Not all spirits are bad but some can cause some damage. Tread cautionly but also be open to what you feel. Trust in your intuition.

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