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Three Things Happened


I want to share with you the 3 things that have happened with me since I need help to control them.

The 1st is that whenever I feel pain I can make this pain go away and replace it with the sense of being touched... This thing I can control anytime I want.

The 2nd is what I first though to be coincidences, but something happened. This thing is that I can see near futuristic events that occur in the same way I "saw" it in my head. I thought it to be only coincidences until one time I was going down the stairs when suddenly I only see that we are going to have an accident in the upper right of the car at a turn... It actually happened as I foresaw it. The difference between the last vision and the others is that during the previous visions I used to stay conscious about everything however in the last one I was not.

The 3rd thing was the greatest thing yet the most scary thing that ever happened to me. I was sleeping when I had a dream. The dream was very realistic. I saw cards and I had a straight flush however the queen was better seen that the others. Then suddenly I dream another thing. I was using my finger to turn of the dektop screen. As soon as my finger touches the button I feel a very powerful force exiting my body causing me to wake up and caused the power generator that is powering half the neighborhood to shut down causing the electricity to turn off in this part if the neighborhood. I would have thought of it as a powerful vision but I felt a huge amount of "power" exiting my body and I did not see the event only me touching the screen button (plus the screen was turned on" I never felt the lasst one again but want to feel it again

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