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Looking For A Gifted Psychic Or Medium I Can Connect With


My name is Christina and I am in search of a gifted psychic or medium that is able to feel a strong connection with me so that I may communicate with them via email or chat. I know these people are out there, but I am hesitant to go drop the money on a psychic before my reading because a lot of people out there are impure and just after your money. I am searching for someone with a good heart that can sense my need for connection with the spiritual world and is willing to help.

If there is anybody out there that reads this and can feel or see the presence of my guides or feels connected to me spiritually please let me know.

Please also let me know if you require any more information about me to make a connection.

I can feel spirits are around me but I am getting very frustrated that I have not been able to communicate with them. I feel like they are trying to tell me very important things but I cannot hear them. I know my friend met a lady who is psychic and even when she moved far away her guides would bug her all the time to call my friend and tell her things. I am hoping I can connect with someone like that on here.

I know the right person is out there, I am so eager to find someone that is able to speak with my guides, foresee my future or communicate with my loved ones that have passed. I am feeling very lost at the moment and am in need of someone to help steer me back on my path with a bit of knowledge from the spiritual world.

Should I find the right person out there, I am willing to pay via money transfer after they have proven the connection between them and my spirits.

Thank you very much for your time, I am looking forward to connecting with someone who is able to provide me insight and spiritual knowledge.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-11)
I know it is easier to have someone whom has walked the walk and can just tweek the rough edges.

I have found through the years that just asking
God/Creator to connect you to your spirit helpers
Is the best route.

I have had teachers, and only a few have ever
Been able to give me just one idea that was
Useful. Some of these are well known in the Uk and US.

What I can recommend is meditating day and night.
And learning to surrender everyday problems to
Spirit helpers/God/Creator, are a big key in the
Journey. When they are around you will know that you
Know, as they can leave orbs, or profound essence's,
To include moving doors and leaving messages-which
Are one, two, three when we are asking.
And they are answering.

Your question how to connect: can be summed up
Is understanding the language of guides/ or angels to
Include ancestors.
Also identifying our higher self which is a voice.
This will rise up to the surface when we are quite
In mind and emotions. As our focus is clear-then
Ask a very short question.

Good journey

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