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Deja Vu Or Psychic?


I'm not sure if I'm psychic. Or not, so I decided to take the opinion of people who have experience with this.

In fourth grade, the farthest back I can remember when I experienced something like this, I was reading a book. I saw one of the guys sitting behind me get up with a pair of scissors in hand. He appeared to be doing a project, though we are all supposed to be reading silently. After getting a paper, he sat down, and that was it. A week later, the same exact thing happened, and I was positive I had already seen it, though I had no recollection of it happening until then. Did this actually happen, or did I imagine it?

The next situation that I can clearly remember was in sixth grade. I was at home, eating a sandwich. About a month or so later, I sat in the computer lab with my Language Arts class, writing an essay. My teacher started talking, and I thought I'd seen this before.

Of course, I've had other moments like these, but they're scarce and few. About three or four times a year, which leads me to doubt if I'm really psychic. If I was, shouldn't I be seeing things like these more? Also, there's the fact that I don't remember seeing them until they happen. Is it just déjà vu? Me wanting to feel special? These moments also don't seem to have any importance. Why do I believe that I see them? Is it just brain chemicals or something of the like? My memory failing me? Some sort of psychology that I don't know about?

I'd love to know some of your thoughts, so please help me out.

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