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The All Seeing Eye


It all started when I was a young boy round about 10 years old when I had unexplained paranormal activity going on in my house. I would wake up from slumber and feel under a state of paralysis many people would say it was no more than a hallucination but from my perception I felt it was a reality and it seemed to be vivid and in a certain way hypothetically poetic. I would see a glowing man small in size this is the best depiction I can explain I would be unable to speak or move, when I regained my ability to function I would see extremely clearly a black shadowy eye suspended in mid air. I am 26 now and had this experience last year and would love to see it again. I have come to the conclusion that it was magic and maybe Orchestrated by the jinn. I live my life in wonder now awaiting an answer to my experiences it leaves me baffled. There are many depictions of eyes the eye of horus or better known The Eye of Providence on the dollar bill or better known the eye of god the all seeing eye.

Other experiences have been premonitions about natural disaster in Japan and Spain not to exact accuracy, who knows maybe it was just a lucky guess I surprised myself and others my conclusion is that it was coincidence as I cannot have any other premonitions but pretty weird no? Schizophrenia runs in my family but I still haven't found any similarities to my experiences from close family members and nobody has seen any of the vivid experiences I have had. I patiently await the day I see this again camera at the ready.

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