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How Can I Develop My Medium Abilities?


I sent a previous account of my experiences, and now that I am aware that I am not crazy, I realize that my anxiety of being around a lot of people is not because I'm claustrophobic but because I am reading their energies. I need to develop my abilities so that I may be able to control my energy readings. For example, yesterday I was at school, I go to college so my class is very large. I could not sit still my head was hurting and this boy kept talking to me. I asked a young man in my class if he had lost a young boy, and he had. He had lost his nephew in a car crash. The spirit of the young boy must've followed me home because there were many steps and my electronics were going crazy. I asked the young boy to leave and the random events stopped. I am afraid that I will bring something evil home, and I am especially scared because my youngest brother is developing his abilities also. I can feel a spirit, and hear it but I cannot see it.

I have tried to look for help through the internet but I try to meditate and I still can't seem to control my abilities. Most of these things happen randomly. I would like to use my abilities to help people and their families. I am convinced that if I can help myself I can help my younger brother. I would like to have my abilities for the benefits of others who need help and for those who are curious. I am not sure how to approach this any longer because I sometimes feel pain when I am around people. I feel like I get headaches and intranquility around people who have strong spirits around them.

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carolyn6 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-14)
Hi, my name is Carolyn and I am new to this site and really researching if I have any sort of abilities. However, I just want to note the most recent experience/sign I had was on 12/12/2012. I was deep asleep, and all of a sudden, abruptly sat up in my bed with a loud GASP. I usually never scream when I am afraid, I usually make a "gasp" noise. This was the first time I had ever sat up in my bed and going from deep sleep to suddenly being FULLY awake. I felt like I heard a loud noise, I didn't know if it was my dream, but I couldn't recall any dream. I proceeded to collect my thoughts and decided to check the time. It was about 1:20am. Coincidence...? Then I was still slightly startled and took me a while to fall back to sleep. At this time, I noticed my internet connection was out. (I know this because I have the internet box on my tv stand right at the foot of my bed. That morning, I got ready for work and as soon as I opened by bedroom door, I noticed my round wall clock was laying on the floor and the battery in it had fallen out. I realized, I must have woken from my sleep abruptly because the clock must had fallen onto my wood flooring and made a loud bang noise. Oddly enough, the nail in the wall that was holding the clock had also fallen down. (weird because it was securely in the wall). I was running late for work so I didn't get to see what time my clock stopped at, but to this day, I am still curious. I have many instances of "coincidences" that I call "signs" in my life. Too many. I can't say if it is a gift or something or someone is trying to tell me something, but I feel as if I have very good intuition. I have also had many deja vus. I have had many episodes of sleep paralysis and dreams in which I know I am within the dream and attempt to awaken from the dream to only find myself in another dream. I haven't had any experience with the dead, and the only person remotely close within my immediate family that has passed on is my grandfather. I remember having a dream about him about 1 month after his passing in which I was walking down a flight of stairs and saw his "ghost spirit" walk out of the wall and down the stairs in front of me. I did not have any sense of fear, just calmness and happiness. I asked him was he was doing, and he said he craved "pho", a vietnamese soup dish (my grandma is vietnamese and he was white). My grandma CAN for a fact see the dead. She has told us many stories but stopped because she knew we would feel afraid. I told my grandma about my dream of my grandpa, and as soon as I told her I saw him in my dream eating the soup, she made it for him the next day (as part of a ritual she did after his passing, to leave snacks, cookies, candy and food my grandpa loved to eat).

Now, I just would like to know where I can go to "tap into my abilities" possibly. After reading all these sites and having always been fascinated with mediums and shows about the dead and psychics, I feel drawn toward these kind of things.

I fell upon this site and found many similar experiences many of you have commented. Lastly, my "lucky" number I have seen in dreams and many places is the number 6. Any thoughts anyone?
yzhui96 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-14)
Not sure if I will be of any help now because this post seem to be quite long ago, and I'm not really connected person.
But I feel that I should still share my opinions here because maybe someone else may find this helpful.

Firstly, I believe you should stop fearing. Fear is a negative emotion and in my opinion, negative emotions attract unholy creatures. Instead, feel love and happiness, whether it comes from your religion, or from within. Once you stop feeling negativity, these things, I believe, will stop getting attracted to you.

I believe your experiences will just be a phase to getting in touch with higher frequencies in future because I had similar experiences before I start to see nicer "things" haha.

Also, you may want to start thinking of Higher beings more frequently, like angels etc. Good luck!

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