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Am I Psychic, A Medium Or Crazy?


About ten years ago when I was eleven I saw a shadowy death looking figure near the end of my bed. I knew someone was going to die, as I was running to tell my mother that I saw something she got a call that my great grandmother had just died. My mother came to America when she was about twelve years old she left her country and smaller brother to come here. Her other brothers and sisters never brought her younger brother to America. He was killed several years later and no one told my mother how he died. Three years ago, I saw my uncle die, I saw him get shot four times and they cut his body up. I felt all that pain that he felt, and as I was in this trance I could not move. I was paralyzed and crying until the visions subsided.

My uncle appears to me but he doesn't speak to me, yet I know what he is saying. I told my mother that I saw how my uncle died, but I told her he didn't want to cause her any pain but he wanted her to know the truth. She called her godmother who is still in her country and the lady confirmed that, that is how my youngest uncle died, yet no one was convicted for his murder. My mother told me if I saw who killed him but I didn't I saw a man's figure but I don't know who he is. Also, my mother got remarried to a man five years ago, and I have this feeling about people, if I don't like them it's because I know they are going to hurt my family or me. My stepfather left my mother and tried to hit her, my great grandmother appeared to me and told me that he would pay.

A year after he left my mother he was convicted of child molestation. My uncle and my great grandmother appear to me in certain situations but the experience that scared me the most is that of a case in New Jersey. I was sitting alone in my dorm room when I had one of my trance episodes and I saw a young woman in her 20s being beaten and killed, I could see a light house, and a car. After my trance I researched the light house and the murder victim I saw was that of a girl in hasbrouck heights, her car was left near a lighthouse and the man was a serial killer. As I ran outside to find comfort with my friends I felt someone staring at me, as I looked I saw a woman staring at me. It was her!

I don't know what to do, I don't know how to deal with this. I am afraid that I may be going crazy, although my mother tells me that my great grandmother had these talents as well as a cousin of hers. Where would I be able to expand my skills so that I am no longer afraid of my skills and help people find closure. My visions are from time to time and usually a spirit contacts me, is there a way I can contact spirits through my own skill?

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IONEK (17 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-07)
your blood is ancient almost sacred. You have "gifts" but don't know how to use them. As a elder I can tell you to look into yourself and seek what's their and empty it. Making everything empty. Start from scratch learn what evil means. Learn what "shadow people" are. This is not only a test but to see if your worthy of your new abilitys which are to come.

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