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So this my story. I have always thought I could tell when something bad was going to happen. For instance I let my mother borrow my car once, and I couldn't shake the felling something happened, so I called her and my brother stole my car, but this latest thing has to do with the school killings for 2 days I had weird dreams the first one was about some guys fighting and 1 of them shooting him in the head with a rifle, the second something about my daughters school calling me about a fight and something about bullets I don't remember the whole dream just bits and pieces of it. But I kept having this feeling something bad was going to happen. After the shooting It went away. I truly believe they are related I just don't know how. My? Is it possible, and how can I hone in on any abilities? Even when I was younger and got into a fight once someone behind me swung at me and I ducked the punch even though I could not see him, I don't know am I nuts

If anybody reads I would appreciate it. I don't think I have the ability to read minds or anything I was just wondering If I was meant to see something how come I couldn't see more or remember more to help

Or it could be just a fluke But I do know I can sense some things like with my car but what good is it if I don't know how to help people

Sorry if I wasted your time and I welcome any feed back thanks for listening to my wacky story holy crap 100 more spaces lol. I guess this goes to my email, but if not it is thanks

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PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-19)
Was that the recent school killing in the news? Oh my, you made me recall it. The way even the news programs were showing it here so much in the Philippines,it's really saddening.😢
Anyway,back to your query.It's quite amusing to me that I just went through the same kind of post previously... It makes me realize that each day someone is already awakening to dormant psychic abilities they have and with time,they'll become more and more aware of it.
I don't think the title fits your story though, because first and foremost, you are NOT crazy.
Secondly,being a PSYCHIC is not synonymous to being INSANE, you see. You are just opening and developing gifts that were already hidden inside you ever since.
But before anything, I always say for all of the ones who are either skeptics or just plain confused to come up with answers about it, make up your mind for a choice FIRST. Would you recognize and accept this budding psychic side of yours or seek help in turning your abilities off?Again,as I usually say, may you choose wisely.❤
Let us all know once you have chosen,alright?😁
Light and Love.

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