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Am I Being Visited Or Am I Crazy


I have done tarot cards for fun for over 20yrs now. I have memories of seeing spirits as a child but I have not seen them as an adult. I have not told anyone about this, but I feel like spirits come to me. My husband is not a believer. He was in a fatal car accident when he was 16, his best friend died as a result. I feel like he has came to me several occasions wanting me to tell my husband. Once I actually asked him to give me something to prove that I was in fact feeling him and I wasn't crazy. He showed me kids putting coins on railroad tracks. So later that night I asked my husband if he have ever done that with him. He said yes and then when he asked why I asked him that, I got scared and told him I had saw it on tv and just wondered if he had ever done that. I guess I want to know if other mediums can tell if someone has the gift, if I was sure I had it I would be more than happy to put it to good use as far as helping people. I just feel like I need confirmation so I don't feel crazy. There was also a time that I saw a news story about a young woman who was killed by a hit and run, they have never found the other driver but I feel almost positive about the kind of vehicle that the driver drove and I am not a big car person by any means, but I know it was an older dodge ram or Bronco. On a side note I only read cards once in a blue moon for people, but recently I have uncovered things about people that there is no way I could have known. I tell people I read that I'm not psychic but sometimes I freak myself out. PLEASE HELP ME!

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PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
12 years ago (2012-11-19)
Just because you're a medium doesn't mean you're going CRAZY.
And I have to agree with the previous poster, [at] PathR. 😊
"Continue with developing your spiritual gifts and skills, they come with a blessing that only Him could give. With every ability comes forth a purpose, a purpose to re align with your true spiritual selves and let the light come forth as transition periods occur more and more rapidly all around you.
Will it be the Truth you seek, your spiritual gifts will aid in assisting you. Will it be Love you seek, your spiritual gifts will answer you. Let Love, Light and The Truth be rediscovered with your abilities. I am Archangel Michael, and this I convey to you. May you choose wisely."
There he goes again, since I know nothing of being a medium/stuff.I hope AA Michael's words for you serve as some encouragement/inspiration that no, you are not crazy, and yes, you are a medium that has the abilities to progress more if you yourself would accept the chance.😁
Waiting for your response...❤
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-16)
Replying, Back: I do believe that Mediums are born not made!

At the school I attended for Mediumship, they believed that years of training: people use psychic sense to bring forth a true reading.

A True medium is not just expanding but working at a higher realm than a Tarot reader.
Now the types of reading: from a good friend he was
Taught to just read the cards, but as time went by he received more information. Yet he never moved into the plateau.

Another woman I worked with was Sally.
She was very seasoned past her 40's and her energy expanded and had an electrical sense around her Aura.
She was able to stand up and give readings on platform to an Audience. She was working with her deceased grandmother from what I saw.
And when I mentioned this to her she stated, That was correct!

I personally do not find mediumship my cup of tea.
I found it quite different, but the one thing I came away with was that my teacher told me I get messages directly from spirit. My sense with you is you are getting the same. And if you spend time in meditation you will come to terms whom you are working with.
And that is more important.

My only encouragement is to use
Protection before beginning and ask for the highest energy to come though and align with you.
samanthass (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-16)
As I said I tell the people I read that I'm not prophetic and that I just do it for fun, I still use the book for the definitions. But what happens is the one card will have many different situational definitions but I will only offer them the ones that I FEEL pertain to them, without having prior knowledge of what they were wanting to know about. It seems recently before I even finish the first two cards of the reading I already know what they are asking about. My question still remains whether or not mediums/the gifted, whatever description, can recognize others and give them confirmation of their skills. By your comment your belief is that anyone can acquire these skills though practice? That is a logical belief seeings how we only use %10 of the capabilities of our brain. I suppose I would just like to hear an alternate assumption. But big thanks on your input it is greatly appreciated!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-14)
Its common for Tarot card readers to progress at the
Next level which is mediumship. And I am getting the impression you do have the next
There was a class were I was a helper and there were
Four students that next took a mediumship course.
Out of the four students only one was able to do
Platform mediumship.

Tarot reading is an extension of the psychic senses.
Only using the promp of the Card to allow their
Senses to gather and give out information in a methodical manner.

I had met a lady whom had been doing Tarot reading for many years, then joined a class with a well respected Teacher at our school her instructor referred this student to a Channelling course. During the course we practiced, and her Trance Channelling guide came though.
With the words coming through was an expansion of her aura which was quite tangible all around this Tarot card reader.

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