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I moved to California from Texas about 4 months ago to help a friend who is recovering from a stroke, I am staying at his home and providing home health care for him. About 2 months ago, I began to hear people speaking to me like they were right beside me. When I would ask my friends "What did you say?", they would tell me that they said nothing and I was hearing things. Things began get worse, about 3 weeks ago, I began seeing you this old woman in our backyard, no one else could see hear... Just me. One of my friends jokingly asked me if I had gotten hold of some bad drugs and if I was on a bad trip, I said no, because this was happening to me EVERYDAY and was beginning to irritate me.

One of my other roommates asked me if there was anyone in my family who was "gifted" (the word she used) I told her yes, my mother and grandmother, she then advised me to try to communicate with the entity and see what she wanted or if I could help her in some way. After doing that, I told my friend just the she said to me. Then my friend asked me to ask the entity what her last name was, when I told my friend the entities last name, she turned white and had goose pimples on her arms. My friend then told me that the lady who that grandmother of one of the past roommates and she had passed away sometime ago. Needless to say, I was shocked! She has been visiting me almost every day since our first encounter and now there are 6 more entities who come to our house and stand outside of it and either stare at me through the windows, or speak to each other like they did when they were living, but only I can see and hear them. My friend who I am caring for told me I may be having anxiety attack and I need to seek professional help and I said to him, "An anxiety attack doesn't last for 2 months." I also told him about my family's psychics gifts, and that I may be "tuning in" to psychic impressions like ft by the he departed. I'm not sure what to think anymore. But I KNOW I'M NOT CRAZY! I'd just like some advise on what to do... I don't want to make them angry, but I also don't want my friends in to think I'm crazy. WHAT DO I DO?

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bellewksi616 (6 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-22)
[at] bullrydr63

Your story was very interesting to read, as I've had a lot of the same moments, first you should check out my story on here, The Grasshopper, Guitar And Demon Collaboration.

Secondly for the advice, just do you. People will tell you, that you aren't NORMAL, my response to this is and always will be, "what's normal, when we are all different?"

In the story I mentioned I had, I was also told I was having an Anxiety attack. And I felt for a moment, that maybe she was right, maybe my whole life had been a anxiety attack. If you get sucked into the system of taking Psych meds, you won't be able to think for yourself, especially when you don't actually have that problem, society just views it that way, because its not common.

You aren't crazy one bit, but really, in the end all you have is yourself, don't care as much about what other people think.

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