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Going To A Spiritual Church To Find Answers


So where do I start. Well I have been going to a spiritual church to find answers and now it is happening again.

When I were 6/7 years old me and my mom went to visit a friend and while we were there, I saw a man with blond hair and a white shirt with blue jeans on and I started freaking completely out I said to my mom If we don't get out of their instant I will kill my dog that were on my lap.

Firstly I love animals secondly the evening my moms friend called and asked why we left so early so I told him what I saw and as I started speaking he asked me if he had blond hair with a white button up shirt and had clear blue jeans on so I were shocked how did he know. He went on telling me that this is a friend of his, that killed himself a week before hanged himself in the corridor. I mean with how did I know this OK. So then later a few months later weird stuff started happening I would see people looking at me. But they were not really uhm alive I would say. Then after that I could feel stuff is not right. I told my mom my dad is going to be naughty again tonight and he were drunk he came home and hit my mom and me. So bad that I needed to call the police.

Me and my mom went to live with another friend of her. I started getting nightmares about blood and feathers and I told my mom but she ignored it then one night I woke up and went to the beach just in front of the apartment I found a bucket full of feathers with blood on them. My mom believed someone tried to curse us.

Later on it came out it were a curse we found a voodoo doll hidden in one of our cupboards that I dreamt of.

After that I would see dark shadows and just know when something is going to happen.

At the age of 12/13 me and my mom were living in an apartment away from my dad and I would wake up and talk to an old lady that would cover us up with a warm bedding or she would close the windows or put the lights of we found out she died in the apartment.

Then the fun stuff happened I would get angry and certain stuff would happen like once one of my moms friends and my mom had a major fight and as she walked out and closed her car door every window in the car shattered.

Another time one of my friends were making me furious and we walked and for an instance there we no cars but one almost hit her.

My mom went into dark withy things to get back at my dad. Like things would throw him around and shiat.

We moved into a new hours and a woman would come sit on my bed.

I would dream about my cupboard how I must open it so one day I broke up the floor of the cupboard and I found a bracelet so I burned it and the woman went away.

I then started practicing Wicca.

I started getting dreams of things to happen like I dreamt a car crash and I did not feel alright the whole evening at 2 clock I woke up screaming in a sweat and the next morning I found out one of my friends brother died 2 o clock from a car accident.

After that I would smell fire and I found out my one friends house almost burned down.

After my mom passed away that is another story that does not make sense I lost everything I could not feel or sense or anything.

Or so I thought it is back I am looking at people and I see images.

My dreams are awful again.

When thunder hits I feel awful as if I am dead.

Fire well should we talk about that. Uhm once a candle exploded in front of me and it wasn't lit but it got lit randomly.

Please help me and give me answers how I can train myself please.

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