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Am I Going Crazy Or Do I Actually Have Powers?


I feel like I don't belong where I am. I feel like I should be something more, doing something else. It frustrates me because sometimes I feel like I'm so close to unlocking something but I cant. I sometimes have dreams of the future and I sometimes get feelings about things. I always feel restless. I have just discovered I can create energy between my hands. I feel a crackling and tingling sensation in my hands when I do this. I can't throw this energy or really do anything with it, when I try nothing happened. Today I put my hands on this plant leaf and I started to feel that tingling sensation in my hands. After I removed my hands I felt a tingling in my jaws and my hands and I felt really hyper for a while. I'm 14 years old. Please can someone tell me what is happening to me? Am I going crazy or is it something else? If it truly is something else can someone help my develop my "powers"? And if these truly are powers why do I have them? Does everyone have powers but only some people unlock there's? Or are powers sorta like a x-men mutation thing were for some reason you just have them thanks to something in your body? Assuming I'm not going crazy and that this is all very real and I don't need to go on some heavy duty anti- physco meds, is it possible to develop more powers? Like eventually could Iayne read people's minds or move things with my mind for example? If anyone has any information that could help me feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading this and helping me

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Show_Me (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-25)

To help you with what you are dealing with let me tell you by explaining what you are feeling and experiencing.

Everything you touch that has life you can feel it and them. Them as in the living life force. You have the gift of life sensing and can potentially, restoring and giving energy to things, such as plants.

Everything thing has life. Even a rock. If you would like to master the chi or energy aspect, look up Healing touch, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Auras, chakras, energy healing and qi gong. There are many more. Your hand is a healing hand. Use it wisely and remember, it is for good, not bad.

It takes years to get to where you want to be. First you must have the patients and enlightenment. To open your door, there is a key. This key will come when you reach a level beyond enlightenment.

Hope this helps.

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