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I Think This Dream And These Coincidences Mean Something?


To start it off, back in September I started grade 10, my first year of high school. My high school is the only public high school in my town so all the middle schools feed into it. On the first day, in one of my classes, when my teacher was going through attendance, I recognized the names of a few guys. I found out we had gone to elementary school together but I don't remember being friends with them or anything. One of the guys names I recognized, let's call him Bob, I dreamt of a few weeks later. I very occasionally have dreams that show me the future. I don't get these dreams enough to really know how to decode them all I know is that after I get them I literally cannot get them out of my head and the actual dreams them self have a weird feel. 

In my dream, I'm running away from something at my home. I think it's my dad (there has been a few incidents were my dad has gotten very angry and scared the shiat out of me. I've never gotten hurt but there's always been that uneasy Feelin that one day I could) and its during the summer. I run down one of the side streets near my house and I run into Bob, and this girl from one of my classes, let's call her Jill. So Bob and Jill are walking together. Jill kind of keeps walking but Bob stops and reaches out to me. In my dream I know the fear is visible in my eyes. So he reaches out to me and I just know that everything is going to be okay, that's he's going to help me or protect me or whatever. 

Then I wake up. And I could not stop thinking about this dream. About 99% of my dreams do not stick with me, I forget about them in a few hours. Only the ones that mean something do. I've tried being  rational  and logically explaining this dream. But I just can't forget it. 

Earlier this month, there was an incident with my dad before school so I came into school really upset feeling. I ended up sitting beside Bob in one of my classes and I immediately felt better. Later when I was thinking about this I realized it had the similar idea of my dream: something happens with my dad and bob makes me feel better. But I wrote it off as an coincidence. 

On Thursday, I saw bob and Jill walking to class together. Didn't even know they knew each other. Again thinking back about it it's another element of my dream. Bob and Jill together. 

After I had that dream, I asked for a sign to show me that it actually meant something and I wasn't over thinking things. And then those two things happen. I tried telling myself it's just coincidences but part of me doesn't believe it. So what do you people think? Do you think the dream actually meant something? Dream + sitting next to bob and feeling better after a fight with my dad + seeing Bob and Jill together and realizing they know each other = a coincidence? Or something more? I need some help on this. It's been driving me crazy. Please help me figure this out! 

Thank you so much for reading and answering this. I know it's very long. Thanks for helping!

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