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My Abilities And Gift


I am Alyx. A week ago I had entered in a story, about what has been going on and stuff. But, I think that my "ability" or "gift" is getting stronger.

Have you ever heard of shadow people? Well, I see them. I and see ones that have light too. I call them light people. But I only see the light people sometimes. A couple nights ago, I was sitting on the couch, my little sister was on the other one. From the corner of my right eye I saw a shadow near my head. It freaked me out at first but I just decided to ignore it and continue watching T.V. Then a couple seconds later something whispered loudly into my ear,"HELLO!". I literally jumped. And I started getting dizzy. My little sister asked what was wrong, and I asked her did you hear that, and she said hear what. I didn't want to explain to her what had happened, because she gets freaked out easily so I just said never mind.

Also, if you had read my story before about me dreaming stuff and it happens, or if I want something to happen and it happens. Well that has been happening too. But it's becoming more, vivid when I dream it. It's like I am there at the moment in the dream. Or maybe I was, astral projecting into the future. I don't know. I need answers.

I have also been meditating more often, and I had wanted to contact my spirit guide. But I think that I may have been in contact with her. I found out her name was Rachael. But I had gotten kind of freaked out so I didn't talk to her again.

And when I am with people, it's like I can read their mood. Or how they are feeling. I had tried talking to my mom about all of this, but she told me the same stuff happens to her sometimes. But she told me to drop it. I don't know why she didn't want to talk about it.

I can also manipulate how people are feeling. I have been practicing it on my little sister, not harming her in any way. I would make her feel sensations such as, warm, cold, chills, uncomfortable, just stuff you would feel. And I asked her what she was feeling and each time she had said exactly what I was making her feel like.

I need answers, or help. I need to know why is all of this stuff happening. And why do have this gift.

And I have dreams of a past life. I don't know if it was me in a past life but it's weird. There has to be a reason to all of this.

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