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I've Always Experienced Being Different


I always get this. Like it's been twice I've been able to tell if someone that wasn't directly connected to me but was connected to someone that I am directly connected to was off or different. Like my aunt had a boyfriend and everyone liked him. Everyone. Except me. I could feel he was weird. It wasn't anything he did it was just the feelings I got around him. I knew he was bad.

So I tried everything to get him to leave.

Like I pranked him left and right and finally he left because the pranks had gotten so bad.

A year later I found out he was beating my aunt at night even though I heard nothing and no one knew about it, but I just knew something was off about him.

Then I had the same feeling about my cousins friend. Everyone said I'd like her, that she was funny and nice.

I couldn't even be in the same room as her for longer than 15 minutes, she's give me this weird vibe- even though she'd done nothing wrong.

And I made it known that I didn't like her and there was something off about her, I told her that girl was bad and everyone kept saying I was jealous of how close she was to my cousin but that wasn't it. I just could feel she wasn't right.

I ended up in a big fight with my cousin and stopped talking for 6 months and my cousin randomly called me crying telling me that the girl was making fun of her behind her back, calling her a liar and she was soliciting sex for drugs. She told me that the girl brought spiked dr pepper over and tried to make her drink it without telling her what was in it (narcotics were dissolved into the dr pepper)

And brought weed over to my cousins house. (my cousin was 14 at the time).

When I was 7 I had a dream my dad fell and got hurt and I met two strange people. But I forgot about it until I was 9 on September 17th when it actually happened. I was with my dad going to the bike rally and he stopped off at his friends house and he was high on pills.

And I kept getting this weird feeling that his friends girlfriend was being hurt.

So he tried to push me up into the balcony but I was too short and I didn't know how to climb. So he climbed up there and the building guard gave way and he fell. He was passed out for 2 hours on the ground and I couldn't wake him. My phone had no battery.

I screamed and cried and no one came to help until this lady was driving down and saw me screaming and waving and stopped. She called the police after my dad had woken up and I ran up to him and he shoved me down on the ground and told me he didn't know me, I want his child- he didn't have any and if I didn't leave him alone he would beat me. And he walked away.

The lady had me sit in her car and she told me I could close the door if I wanted but then I got the same bad feeling about her boyfriend. So I refused to close the door. She knelt down infront of me and was asking me questions and I told her I remembered feeling like this a lot. And I could remember having this feeling of déjà vu that this had happened. And she told me I was clairvoyant or had a small bit of it.

I told my mum and she told me the lady must have been a drug addict or she'd have never said anything like that.

But even now I'll get weird feelings and avoid certain rooms because they make me angry or sad or make me feel empty.

I avoid hospitals because they make me feel frazzled, like I'm getting pins and needles everywhere. (this sounds like total bull even to me.)

But ever since I was little I've always talked. But not regular talking. I'll stand in an empty room and face a wall and talk to it. Like there's someone in front of me. My mother catches me doing it a lot and she teases me about it but my grandmother does it too.

And my other grandmother is really into Cherokee spirituallity (which I am mostly of native background)

And she told me I have multiple spirits following me and talking to me, even protecting me, which is why I talk outloud in empty rooms because there's something there talking back to me. I don't ever hear anything but I can feel it.

Like you know how you feel alone sometimes?

I never feel like that. Ever.

I always feel something around me.

I feel crazy but part of me wonders if this is real feelings or my mind just fabricating my fears.

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Krislove (65 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-04)
I would say it's a little of both. The fabricated parts are the ones you should ignored but you don't and the intuition are the ones you ignore but shouldn't. I think at some point we all start off like this. We have to second guess ourselves and make mistakes before we can accept it. If we don't we would become overconfident and try to play god. You're not alone, none of us are, we just fall into the whole illusion so much that we forget that. We are all actually connected, there's nothing that separates us from one another except the illusion of the mind. If you want to do some research, look up these words. Clairsentience, claircognizance, empath, remote viewing. Look them up to understand your gifts but don't get lost in the labels. That was one of the hardest stages for me. It's ok to find out and have a label to identify with but be flexible to the idea that your gifts are not limited. Be open to newer gifts opening up once you learn to use these wisely, because we are all psychic, some just experience it more. Good luck.

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