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Debilitating Premonitions Driving Me Crazy


I have been having these premonitions since childhood. They generally start with a vague bad feeling, like something terrible happened that I can't remember. Then throughout the day and night it escalates to concern and fear and eventually to debilitating panic attacks. I have no idea who is in trouble, and therefore and am not able to help anyone out. I just feel crazy and useless. I have missed work or other important things because I'm such as mess at these times.

I generally get the premonitions about 2 days before the event but sometimes it has been only 1 day and once it was three days.

This happened before my great aunt passed, when my dad, sister and grandmother were in a serious car accident, when both my grandmothers passed, when my chihuahua passed, when my Mother's cockerspaniel passed, before my Dad passed away, and just recently before my friend's dog was poisoned. There are also other vague premonitions that occur along the way that I find out later were probably due to a loved one in either severe physical or emotional pain.

I pick up the phone just before it rings and know who will be calling, especially if is my sister, mother or brother.

My cousin is the only person in my family that has these kinds of premonitions. And his is pretty much the same situation as mine.

I have tried to turn off the feelings by ignoring them, or dulling them down with alcohol or xanax and that only makes things worse. I would love to either be able to be more helpful with these premonitions or completely eradicate them. Any ideas?

Thank you for your time,


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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-26)
I agree with the first response. You should learn how to meditate and calm yourself when those feelings come over you. Because of your fear and panic, you are perhaps not allowing a message to come through to you. If you calm and center yourself, and just close your eyes and try to relax, you may be able to "clear the airwaves" so-to-speak to get a bit more information. The other thing you can do is say some sort of prayer, like this: Please, God, if I can not be of service in this situation, I do not wish to have these feelings. I therefore surround myself with the white light (imagine being in a bubble of pure white light) and release all fear, anxiety, and helpless feelings. Or say whatever you are comfortable with, but be clear about your intentions. No matter what situation I am in when dealing with what I call "negative emotions" (e.g. Fear, hopelessness, anxiety, depression...) I use this technique. You have control, you just have to learn how to exercise it.
ThEsiLhOuEtTe (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-24)
First of all you have to accept this gift of yours. Only then can you handle it. Then when you have panic attacks try anything that you think will calm you down. Stress ball maybe? Deep breathing helps me. Then you need to get more in tune with yourself. The best way is meditation try 5 minutes every night with a crystal like blue laced agate or amethyst. Palms stones are the best and can be easily found online... Sometimes after being in tune, you can predict when you will get you premonitions. Its happened to me a few times.

I hope this helped:)

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