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Strickening Pain As Omens?


Lately I have been coming to terms that my nervous system is not normal and I would benefit from any form of help offered so I am reaching out here. Last week, Sunday evening, I grew very depressed, my entire body aching, and knew I would be unable to attend school the next day. I was in church not feeling the best and was very unhappy for whatever reason when church is always what makes me happy instead of sad. So when morning came I did not even get out of bed, claiming too sick. About an hour passed and the school bus had already left without me, I was greeted with the screaming of ambulances and whirling of helicopters apparently close by. Later I found out that there was a terrible accident on the highway where a lady from my church was hit, rendering her in critical condition. She will get better eventually, but no time soon unfortunately.

Now I don't normally like to make those kinds of connections, but they have been happening long enough that I can't blow it off as nothing anymore. Usually when I feel sick it is headaches and nerve pain that almost feels like fibromyalgia except it only happens these certain times. I have gotten sick and in pain before a teacher had appendicitis that sent her into the hospital for two weeks, the pain seemed to persist and worsened while she was in the hospital. Another time a few classes before the end of the day I couldn't pick up a pencil because the nerves in my hands disobeyed me and I had headaches that led me to believe I would pass out before the end of the final class. During that last class there was a fight in school where a boy was pushed into a car window and was also taken to the hospital. He turned out okay, but I could feel it in my body that something was wrong and was going to happen. Similar instances have occurred, but I think you can get the pattern.

I don't know if I can say that because I knew something bad happened, I got sick as a warning, but I do know that each time I have gotten sick something bad happened that was out of the ordinary the following day or immediately after. The only questionable time was around hurricane Sandy, since this one bothered me about a week beforehand instead of a few days, and so it was easier to claim coincidental. I am beginning to get concerned because it is disrupting my daily routine with out of the blue pain. I am wondering if there is a way that this can be controlled somehow or tamed down. The woman is supposed to be in the hospital a long time and I don't like the constant nerve issues and would appreciate any advice on how to ease the pain or even get a greater understanding for why this is occurring.

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Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-15)
I believe you are feeling not your own pain, but the pain of others. From what you said, every accident seemed to have someone put into some type of physical pain. The headaches coukld be due to the fact that you're mind is trying to relfect this pain, but has not been properly trained to do so. You sould creat a barrieer not around your body but in your body so it protects your body from the physical internal pain of others. This is a rare ability, but that doesn't mean it can't be controlled. It might not do much the first few times, but practice makes perfect. 😊
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-15)
I have not found a way for control or tame this
Type of experience.

I believe it is our own Aura connecting to
Earth phases: with this comes the travailing
Pain in the earth body.

The things I have worked with is manipulating
Energy to help with earth disaster.

I experience aches which feel like flu symptoms.
My bones can feel achy and this can be an isolated
Part of my body for example just the arms.
So I know a storm is coming.

If its on a wider scale, I will feel the aches but it feels central within my bones but feels around core.
Which I have experience upon awakening and look at my
Memories of the disaster. Some of this can be symbolic or literally. I also examine the way the
Even unfolded to gain insight as to what energy would
Be helpful in manipulating the energy.

In my mind I believe we can never control.
We can only work with energy to help change or calm
Down a natural disaster or illness.

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