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Three Spontaneous Obe Trips


PLEASE ADVISE PLEASE HELP ME?!? Read to OBE part (3) as this is what my question and concern is.

I have been trying to LUCID dream for the past 3 months and finally did it, I was so excited while it only lasted about 90 seconds I was amazed at how it was as real as waking day and in some respects even more intense. I finally did a reality check in a dream in a helicopter and when I knew it was a dream the wind began ripping apart the helicopter, the engine burst into flames and I began screaming across the sky I felt the heat from the flames and the wind was whipping my hair back and I began flying and was so excited, so amazed that I woke myself up. I wanted to get back to that dream to that place in my mind where you are alive... Awake while you sleep. As I continued this journey for knowledge and technique, I began 'youtubing' lucid dreaming and found OBE in the mix, unsure of what an OBE was I continued on my journey to having more lucid dreams. However instead of having any more lucid dreams I had what was definitely an OBE a month later, despite practicing daily reality checks. And this OBE was anything but fun it scared me slightly the first time, I spontaneously flipped up and out of my body while trying the WILD method for lucid dreaming, I had entered into sleep paralysis, and flipped out of my body and began floating erratically around my bedroom, crashing into the ceiling the floor the bed it was uncontrollable I was feeling dizzy and sick and was fighting to get back to my body, finally I reconnected with my body approx 30 seconds later only to find myself fighting to breathe paralyzed. A few nights later in bed trying to go to sleep as a normal person does, I dozed off and then bang snap my feet detached and I flipped upside down facing my body and began spinning like a top again uncontrollably but this time very very fast and felt like something was spinning me, I finally came crashing to the floor and started to stand with a knee on the ground grabbing onto my bed to stabilize myself, then I began thinking I was awake as I sat there for close to a minute trying to catch my sense of state and what just happened, had I fallen out of bed? Nope only then did I realize my body was in bed as I began to stand my body began to get tossed around the room and I was again spinning really fast upside down only a few feet above my body like a top whirling, I fought hard to reconnect and finally reconnected have spun for close to 40 seconds, then I woke up scared to fall back asleep. Scared I would go out of body. Now this is where it gets crazy, a night or two later I popped out of body spontaneously only 10 minutes after going to sleep, however it was like 2am and I was tired, I felt it coming and was like oh no hell no not again each time my feet first then my head as I flip backwards and upside down only this time I hear this strange voive or noise at it would be almost like an alien language deep D's and B's and A's one and two syllables as I'm either being pulled out of my body or disconnecting on my own I'm unsure, I float up 4-5 feet and then BAM I was tackled very forcefully by something and slammed down into the mattress with arms around my shoulders, whatever it was projecting to me that it was my son who is 8 years old not by words just mentally, I flip this person or thing over as it had limbs and felt like the size of my son, my room was totally dark so I could not see any features, I grabbed its mouth and stretched it as hard and far open as I could to get it off me, and I was screaming help help help to my wife in bed next to me, I felt as if I was figthing for my life, which I doubt that I was but that was my mindset at the time, then after a 45 second struggle I was back in body, awake hot, scared, afraid to ever sleep again. I since have been doing white light meditation before sleeping and falling asleep to them, I have had another OBE since then 2 nights ago and detached the same way and floated to the ceiling hearing nothing and not spinning the entire time I was telling god please protect me I want to go back in body, I was calling to my wife because you think and feel as if you're awake, and it was instinct, I gabbed my wife's pillow and pulled myself down and up a couple times with my eyes closed most of the experience and then finally got back in body a few minutes later and then slept sound the rest of the night. My question is 1) what in the hell was that that tackled me and why? 2) can it hurt me 3) id I bring this thing into my house now as my wife made a comment the day after that she jokingly said I think we have a ghost as something was moved not sure what it was she actually said cause my mind was elsewhere 4) is something pulling me out of body all these times? PLEASE ADVISE. THANK YOU GOD BLESS!

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harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-29)
Witching hour is between the hours of 2-3 AM. This means that there is a lot of paranormal activity during these times, particularly things that involve ghosts such as seeing or hearing things. I hope you have no more bad experience while astral projecting.

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