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Premonitions In Dreams


I know whatever I'm going to say right now will sound crazy, but I can't help it, No one in my family believes in my weird visions which come true, they just laugh and make joke of it.

So I began to realize every winter, something strange happens. I feel like someone whispers at me as the breeze blows through my face as well as every bedtime as soon as I on the dim light I see a shadowy figure behind my door and every statue/dolls stares at me. I start seeing blurry visions in my dreams which is quite understandable. Those vision suddenly comes in unexpected moment in reality several weeks

After I see it in my dream. For example, I remember last winter (it's hard to remember vision you know so sorry) I saw a vision. It's like a my pencilbox fell off when I was doing exam in examination hall that's it and I had the feeling in my stomach something bad is going to happen when the pencil box fell off in my dream. I just ignore and didn't think about that weird vision. After couple of weeks, I had cipp exam. While giving the exam, my pencil box fell off mistakenly. Teachers around me thought I was cheating and they took my test paper and so I had to retest it again. All of a sudden I realized I saw this exact action in slow motion but blur in my dream. Then I got aware that my vision does Acts on reality. So on. Seeing visions in my dream is a part of my daily life. Its shots and vanished rapidly. I started seeing vision since I was 8 years old, although that time, I was careless.

I have no clue why do I see these types of vision.

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