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I'm No Martin Luther King


I had a dream.

Now I'm no Martin Luther King.

The kind of impossible that is great. The dream was about a man. The dream started with me waking up from a comma, there was a man. It is so odd but I am so in love with this man. It is not someone that I have ever met.

For the last couple of nights I have dreampt about being old. But progressively throughout the dreams I have gotten younger. In the dream I had last night I was between 26 and 13 (my current age). I am confused about these dreams but I know that there is something weird about these dreams because they stay with me throughout the day. The day I had the first dream I felt like I was going to die all day. But now I understand that the dream was telling me how I was going to die. The thing about the dreams is I can't remember them after one day so after the third dream I started writing them down. I find that I get more tired after I have these dreams and you?

But maybe the weirdest thing about this upbeat in my psychic abilities is that last night I at 8:35 I felt an earthquake like very prominently. I asked my family if they felt anything and they all said no. But I looked it up online and over 2,ooo miles away in Bali, Indonesia and there was an earthquake at 9:00 EST.

What should I do? I have always been different. Like when I am on the phone with someone and they are doing something else (even if I can't hear what they are doing) I always tell them to pay attention and they are like "woah,"! Small things like that but not much else. I mean sometimes my dreams come true but only small ones like assignments in class and stuff. On day I dreampt that there was an assignment that there wasn't but when I got up in the morning I thought that I hadn't done my homework and did the other assignment. When I got to school it was the next day's assignment.


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