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Hello everyone! It's me again to tell you another story, but this time it didn't happened in a dream like the one I posted Bangungot. This happens last 2005. I was at my best friends place since I always sleep over for a couple or more days. Her husband is assigned in another town so, it's just me, her and her 3 children.

One night, like the other nights we spent together, we were sitting at the dining table playing cards and telling stories of sort (in front of the dining table is glass sliding door towards the back yard). It's a hot night, while playing we had the electric fan on so the room temperature that time is perfectly good! While playing cards my best friend told me that if I can put the electric fan near me and away to her, she's feeling a bit cold. As I do so, I noticed something behind the glass door it was a shadow of a man but it's so black that it's almost solid. I looked away knowing that my best friend is afraid of ghost and entities. She doesn't like me telling stories about them. Funny thing though, my best friend stared at me as if reading my mind. You see we were best friends for more than 12 years so, we definitely know each others thoughts and feelings.

She let it go and we continued playing. I can't take my eyes on the shadows, as if it wants to tell something but don't know how will that thing will communicate. He looks angry and persistent. My best friends back faces the glass door and I was facing her, she can actually see me while I give glances at her back. Suddenly, she complained being so cold. This time I was so irritated and so was my best friend. She told me that she's sleepy and wanted to go to bed. When she told me that, the thing at the glass door disappeared, like magic. I wasn't even scared, I don't know why. Maybe I'm just used to seeing something out of this world in our ancestral home and I can feel that it doesn't want to harm us but wanted to tell something.

My friend being a bit scared let me closed the glass door. We went to her room and by the time I reached the inside, she immediately locked the door and asked me if I saw something (she really does know me, I can't hide my facial expression or the look in my eyes) I asked her what does she means, then she related what she had felt. She said it was the first time she felt it, like there's a cold wind blowing at her back from down at her feet to her hair, it felt so different that she wanted to shout and I was there catching glances behind her as if seeing something. Finally, I gave up I told her I saw this dark shadow of a man staring at us and looked so angry, maybe because he wanted to tell something but can't find the way to do it. It doesn't have a face but I know that it was looking at us, I can feel it.

Then she said, that was the feeling she had felt. We let it go for the night since it doesn't feel like bad. We went to bed and sleep. Morning came and the children went to school. Me and my best friend were planning to go out and watch a movie but we both feel tired and as if our moods suddenly changed. We were sitting at the sofa talking when we heard the gate been opened, thinking that it was the kids we went out to check. There was a man holding a cellphone and as if he's trying to send an SMS. We asked the man what he wants and told him why he had opened the gate, the man said he was sorry and he didn't opened the gate and took off. My friend followed him but when he turned to the curved my friend stops and saw a van rushing off like being chased.

When we went inside, I remember the shadow from last night, it wanted to tell us something. I told her about that and she said maybe that shadow wanted to warn us that if we leave the house something bad might happen. Those are burglars, that's what we concluded. You see, every week days at 12 noon, nobody stays in that house, my friend goes to her mom and stayed there until by the time her children reaches home and that is 5pm.

Do you think that that shadow was an omen or something? Weird thing is, I never saw that black thing again. That was the first and last time I saw him at my friends house. Was it from somewhere else and just visited us that night to warn us?

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FireFly (4 stories) (35 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-27)
From what you have written it sounds like the spirit was infact trying to warn you and you probably haven't seen it since because you don't need any warning. Well anyways I hope I have helped in some way. 😁

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