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Interview with Nancy Bradley - Legendary Psychic to the Stars!


Question: Tell us something personal about yourself, your family life, schools you went to, etc.

I am originally from New York, born and raised there until the age of 13 when we moved to So. California. I have 2 children, Bob and Robin, my son was a pilot, now runs his own company, and my daughter Robin took 3rd place in the local kayak Olympics in Coloma, Ca. A few years back, is a singer and runs my office (CELEBRITIES PSYCHIC/LIFE COACH/TEACHER/HEALER NANCY BRADLEY). I went to school in N.Y. And So. Calif. I am the author of over 3000 articles printed in national publications including Good Housekeeping, California Highway Patrol, Fate, many others. I have been written about in many publications as well, including a 6 page spread in the Sacramento Magazine.

Question: Nancy, when did you first become aware you were a psychic?

I have been psychic since I was a child. My father was a certified genius and believe in me and never took the gift away. If I told his professors something, he would say "If my kid sees it, she sees it!" I was right 9 times out of 10, and that wonderful beginning gave me the confidence to continue to use my gift to this day. Everyone is born psychic so when you hear some obscure psychic say, "I was born psychic", well, whoop-de-do, everyone is. It is just that some of us have made the decision to make it a life work. This can only be accomplished if it begins at childhood and was not taken away, as being psychic is a lifetime quest toward perfection.

Question: How did you become a psychic consultant for various movie stars?

My partner and I were adagio dancers in Las Vegas and I met a lot of stars. Many became friends, and I was doing a lot of Readings for them. From there I knew my real calling was in helping people with their problems and communicating with their deceased loved ones (and those that just hang around with things to say). So, I went back home and did psychic work and wrote books. I landed in the gold rush country after writing GOLD RUSH GHOSTS book #1. Spirit told me I had to move here because people were in real need of real psychic knowledge. I opened my practice here, and a classroom for teaching others to use their psychic gifts to their maximum capacity.

Question: Before you were a psychic to the stars, weren't you also a professional dancer and appeared in a few movies? Can you tell us about that?

Yes, I answered that above, I was in The Bible, El Cid, others, mostly bit parts as acting was not my main calling. I was offered contracts, and won a few beauty contests, but it always came back to ghosts and spirits and being a part of that world.

Question: I know you have had many paranormal experiences, but can you brief us on a few extraordinary ones?

I told you about Vincent Gaddis (internationally acclaimed author and writer, who coined the phrase BERMUDA TRIANGLE and wrote the book Invisible Horizons). Another encounter would be when I was in 4th grade. In order to get to and from school, my girlfriend and I would walk through a farm. One dreary raining day we were walking home from school and unknown to us, there was a man following us. As it turned out, he was a convicted pedophile, and we were to be his next victims. A caretaker at the school saw him jutting in and out of the bushes, and called the police. They nabbed him before my friend and I were aware he was there. The pedophile told the police it was the "tall muscular man with the mustache that came out of nowhere and was walking with the girls that ran me into the arms of the cops. He scarred the hell out of me. Where did he come from?" Well, there was no man that we saw, but later this entity came to me and addressed himself as a great grandfather that was watching out for us.

Question: Can you tell us about your unique office, called the Enchanted Cottage... or is that the Enchanted Cabin? (I have been to her office and I must say it's extraordinary, but let's have Nancy talk about it - Paul)

3922 Forni Road in Placerville.

ENCHANTED COTTAGE is what it is called, because it is the most haunted building in all of Placerville, a town which is mighty haunted itself. Placerville, once called "old hangtown" averaged 2 hangings a day for several years in the 1800's. More hangings happened here than any other place in the U.S. During the gold rush. Placerville is considered the second most haunted place in the U.S., second only to the fields of the Civil War. It is considered more haunted than New England, and even Ireland, known for it's ghosts. People come from near and far to hopefully see a ghost or spirit in Placerville.

Forni Road has been a historical Road for many years, dating back to that long ago time. The ghosts and spirits abound, not only in this cottage, but all along the road. It was also the only route to the toll bridge that took you from Placerville to Diamond Springs.

On or near the spot where the ENCHANTED COTTAGE at 3922 Forni now stands, (which is now the headquarters for GOLD RUSH PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS and the Celebrities Psychic NANCY BRADLEY'S TRUTH IN PSYCHIC CENTER), was the only doctor's office of the day. When a patient died, legend tells he would simply display the deceased in a wooden casket in the window until a relative/loved one came a callin" to pick them up. You see, they say he was also a mortician. How convenient. It must have seemed unnerving and rather eerie to come to the doctor for a cold or stitching, and sit aside a dead body wondering if YOU were the next to be propped up. STRANGE. Gives one the willies.

When Robert Reppert of GRG purchased the old cottage ten years ago, it was ready to be torn down. But the psychic energy was so wonderful, with warm and grand strange things going on, that Bradley and Reppert made it their mission to restore the cottage rather than remove it. One evening Bradley was sitting on the couch in the living quarters. She saw a man come through the hall and then through the wood fireplace. He was leading a horse. She looked at him quizzingly, as if to say "what are you doing - who are you?" He looked right back at her and said out loud, "Don't worry, it's just Major" obviously talking about his horse. He then proceeded to walk right through the wall to the outside of the building. Bradley and many of her clients see him and Major to this day, but he has never told her his name. So, she has dubbed him John Wayne #2. Another time she was lying on the couch and Reppert was sitting on the floor during the construction watching tv. Spirit lifted the couch 3 foot into the air, so high that Bradley's foot caught a picture on the wall tumbling it to the ground. They dropped the couch so hard that two workmen upstairs in the place came running down wondering what the sound was and what was happening.

Another incident happened when the couple added a classroom to accommodate 100 people on to the cabin for Nancy to teach Psychic Development. Spirits hates change, and the activity in the building increased 300%, if that was possible. There was banging and crashing, and tools from the workmen that would consistently disappear. Ladders would tumble without anyone around them. One hammer was found buried under 3 foot of dirt 30 feet from where the construction is going on. There is always a pipe smell in the office, although there is a strict "no smoking" rule at 3922. In the 1800's when it was winter and the ground was too frozen to dig graves, the bodies were stored one casket on top of another until the thaw. There is always sounds of chains, hammering of nails, wooded doors or objects being slammed shut, and things being drug around. There is the sound of children and adults, talking, always in the cottage. Putting a tape recorder on at night and listening the next day is worthy of ones time. Voices can be heard, and they are generally audible. There are deceased men talking to women, fighting going on, a doctor telling a patient something, a woman yelling "dinner", kids running up stairs, and a multitude of other things being addressed. Later, in the 1960's, a woman was murdered in the cottage, and she seems to hold no grudge. She shows up and complains if the kitchen is left not to her liking after a class or group session. She hangs around the bedroom where she died. She is often company for Nancy when Nancy works late and decides to spend the night at the cottage, (which she clearly prefers to her home). The energy is so wonderful at the cottage.

The majority of the activity that has been videotaped and heard is on the stairs that leads to storage on the second floor. It is a crowded little space, that apparently makes Spirits feel comfortable. When one sits on the stairs, they can feel and see the ghostly activity all around them, day or night. This has been recorded, and will be videotaped for the DVD GHOST GIRLS as well. Lights go off and on by themselves, and it is not uncommon for Robert to think Nancy or her clients are calling him, and no one, at least of THIS side, was. Television goes on and off by itself, and the phone has taken on a new dimension, calls from the other side commonplace. They come up "no data", and the whispering is usually able to be identified as newly deceased friend or client.

The wife of the good doctor loved the Indians of the area, and she insisted the good doctor care for them free, and feed them as well. To repay their kindness, the Indians would make her baskets and give her stone cut bowls. When excavating the yard, Bradley was to unearth such a bowl. The others, years ago, were released to the county museum.

This little secret from Placerville has pretty much just been shared to this day with Nancy's friends and her clients, with ALWAYS a Halloween event where everyone is given the opportunity to sit on the stairs. The house never disappoints.

Sat. Night we are going to open up this Pandora's Box for all to see. It's spooky, it's real, and it is wonderful energy, both ghostly imprint and the spirits that want to communicate. We may even do a seance.

Question: Can you brief us about an upcoming DVD called "Ghost Girls"?

Absolutely. GHOST GIRLS is a concept developed for national television and also for sale as DVD to people interested in the antics of the worlds best 2 female ghost busters. We are currently investigating a haunted cemetery and my haunted office. Soon to be released will be the DVD of my book INCREDIBLE WORLD OF GOLD RUSH GHOSTS with myself, Shannon McCabe, and Paul Dale Roberts.

Question: Tell us about your husband, that has his own ghost hunting group? What has been some of his experiences in ghost hunting? What is his web site? Robert runs GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS. We do not take groups around to haunted places, we do investigations on request all over the country. We maintain over 1,000,000 worth of the latest paranormal equipment to identify what is around, and then I go in and identify the spirits by name and ask what they want (if anything). If a site is really haunted, we provide a CERTIFICATION OF TRULY HAUNTED to them to place on their wall.

Question: Can you tell us about some of the famous people you have met?

Sure, there are a lot. Milton Berle and Merv Griffin (darlings!). A few others I really cared about: Sammy Davis, Juliette Prouse, Doug McClure, Lee Marvin, Ava Gabor, Marilyn Monroe, Steve McQueen, many others.

Question: Have you ever worked with the police on any unsolved cases?

Many. However, I will not get involved on murder, missing or unsolved cases unless the police, sheriff, or FBI personally ask me, and I am the only psychic on the case. I there are a bunch of weird psychic types they just muddy the water and make a maze of garbage that I have to go through to get to the truth. These cases are confidential of course, as is my celebrity and all my client list.

Question: Did you know that Uri Geller - Psychic/Spoonbender had his own Marvel comic book at one time? If Marvel Comics were to make a comic book about you, how would you like to be represented?

I would want to be represented as I really am, a Paranormal Investigative Reporter who always goes through all barriers to get to an entity in need of clarity, be it they are angry and have an ax to grind and I will try and help them solve the problem, whether they need to talk to a loved one and warn them, why they feel they must stay in a cemetery or basement or other places, why they are doing disruptive things, etc. ALL spirits have a story to tell, I get to the bottom of their stories. I solve their problems. Sometimes this takes sneaking through windows, breaking into cemeteries locked gates at night, and going where other paranormal investigators refuse to go. Nothing stops NANCY BRADLEY.

Question: Growing up, did you ever read comic books and if you did, what comic books did you read?


Question: What books do you have in the market? Can you brief us about your books?

Yes, there are currently 3 on the market. The fourth printing of THE INCREDIBLE WORLD OF GOLD RUSH GHOSTS, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO NANCY (considered the foremost book on psychic development on the market), and BIZARRE AND GHOSTLY CAMPFIRE TALES.

Question: What TV shows have you done in the past and present?

TRAVEL CHANNEL HAUNTED HOTEL SERIES, DISCOVER CHANNEL, GOOD DAY SARAMENTO #31 (standard gig - 2nd Friday morning of each month,) many.

Question: What conventions will you be attending or have attended?

I speak before many groups, I am on the talk circuit and travel around the country talking about ghosts,spirits,paranormal work, answering psychic questions for the audience, and doing past life regressions. Of most interest, last year I was the featured guest speaker for the first annual Northern California Paranormal Investigators Conference, and will be a guest speaker again this year for the convention held in May at the Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale, CA.

Question: How can someone contact you?

Through my office for a Reading at (530) 622-0977. All information is on my WEB at: WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG

Or come to my Friday night psychic class, held at 3922 Forni Road in Placerville, 7:00 pm. I am happy to address peoples personal questions there as well.

Question: What are your hobbies and recreational activities?

Dancing, visiting with friends, many of which range back to my grade and high school years.

Question: If you can have 6 dinner guests, 3 fictional and 3 real-life from any time period, who would those 6 people be and why?

Betty Boop, Einstein, Bob Fosse, Jacqueline Kennedy, Spiderman and Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Now THAT would be a party!

Question: If you could go into any time machine, what year would you stop at and tell us why.

The 1940's America. Seems like a simple time.

Question: What TV shows, movies, cartoons do you like?

the old WIll and Grace (mostly Karen and Jack), Summer of 42, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Birdcage, and the Road Runner.

Question: What books do you enjoy?

All especially biography and mystery, unexplained, as I take it upon myself to find the explanation. Stephen King and James Patterson are great writers and keep me interested.

Question: What gives you your creative energy?

Being around animals and nature. Also being around other creative people, dancers, singers, artists.

Question: If the story of Nancy Bradley became a movie, who would you?

Are you asking who would play me? I WOULD! Or Sandra Bullock. She would need to pad that bra of hers however to fit the part.

Question: This ends the interview, any encouraging words of wisdom?

Never be afraid of anything, and always say your piece. Never be a professional victim, figure your problems out, shut-up, and get up and get going. Be a doer, a leader, not a follower. Work should not be a JOB it should be an extension of your life. What I do is not work, it IS my life. If you are working 9 to 5 and you hate it, STOP! QUIT! Figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life so you can get on your REAL path to greatness. And then, do not be selfish with your success, share it with others.

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16 years ago (2007-09-27)
That was great! I loved it! I wish I could go to the Enchanted Cottage, only I live in England...
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