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Radio Interview With Ghost Queen Marveena Meek


The following is a copy of MarVeena's radio interview with Lois Wetzel about how she got started in Mediumship with a very powerful near death experience.

Radio Interview With Lois Wetzel

Lois: Good morning, this is the Lois J. Wetzel Show and I am your host and executive producer, Lois Wetzel. We are coming to you live this morning from Houston, Texas at 8:00 a.m. Central.

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We have a really good show for you today. Our guest is my old friend MarVeena Meek. Her nickname is the Ghost Queen. She's also a shaman, a reiki master, and much more. If you want to learn more about her, her website is Today we'll talk about the mediumistic work that she does.

I want to tell everybody about the day I met you. I went to a friend's metaphysical shop just off the cuff. I had no plans to do it. It was a Sunday. My friend who owned the shop said, "You've got to do the spirit circle. It is so exciting." There was no way anybody, including me, knew I was going to the spirit circle.

I went into the spirit circle. MarVeena has an incredibly beautiful invitation she does to create a safe space to start speaking with spirits who have passed over to the other side. Then she began asking, "Does anyone have someone among the living or on the other side whose name is Frank?" She did this for several people.

Finally she came to someone named George and when no one spoke up, I said, "I had a step-grandfather named George." It went from that to five different family members, one right after the other.

It came to my grandmother who had died just two years earlier. She told MarVeena to thank me for the healing work I did on her before she died. I never told any living soul that I had done a long-distance healing session on my grandmother. This made a believer out of me in the total process. It was an exciting experience.

MarVeena, what is mediumship?

MarVeena: Mediumship is when you discern the energies that are present of a spirit that has passed over. Sometimes a medium will receive those images through clairvoyance and they will see a spirit. Sometimes they may hear their name or something about them, or they may just feel them.

There is clairsentience where you feel spirit. Clairaudience is when you hear them. Clairvoyance is when you see them. I use a combination of all of those techniques whenever I hear messages.

What a medium does is take the information they receive. A medium is basically a radio that is set to receive only. I try to relay all of the messages, images, impressions or feelings that I receive as purely as I can.

Lois: When did you start doing this?

MarVeena: The first time that I ever remember seeing a spirit was when I was about 10 years old. My grandfather had passed away. I was very close to him. He was a wonderful man. I loved him very much. When he came to see me, it was broad daylight. I was on the front porch. He told me that he had crossed over and died.

He was excited about it. He was at peace with it. He was so enthusiastic that I couldn't be sad for him. I caught his enthusiasm and I just knew that he was okay. Even though a part of me was really sad that he wasn't going to be available to us all the time, I knew that he was really looking forward to this transition and he was ready for it.

That was my very first impression that I remember. You don't know what to do with things like that. You kind of think it is natural and everybody does it.

I had another impression that I remember really well from when I was little. I saw a wolf with wolf puppies that were under my bed. Being a little girl, I wanted those puppies, so I went to find my mom. I said, "Mom, come and help me get these wolf puppies because I want to play with them." My mom was probably really worried about me as a child!

Those are my earliest impressions. I forgot all about that stuff. Then when I was 21 years old, I was a trick rider. As a little girl and through my teenage years. I was really big into rodeo. You have these big, strong horses. Rodeo is a very dangerous game for any participant.

I was being called in to the arena for my show. If you don't know anything about trick riding, the rider is hanging on the saddle upside down and standing on it and jumping on and off. You have to have your trick riding saddle really cinched up pretty tight. You have about 15 minutes to do your show before you horse can't take it anymore. They can't breathe really well anymore.

You have a short window. The announcer was calling my name and playing my music. He was doing my introduction. I was trying to get into the arena. There were a bunch of other contestants coming out of the arena. They were blocking my horse. They scared my horse and he reared up. He flipped over backward.

When that happened, I landed and I died for a minute. Believe it or not, it was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. I don't recommend people go out and try to do it, but it was an extraordinary experience.

The minute I got out of my body, I knew where I was. I knew what was going on. I was excited about it. It's like I knew my way and that I was going somewhere.

I had a little journey. I was getting ready to proceed with my journey, and I saw out of the corner of my eye an image of someone. They took a second look at me like, "What's she doing here?" That's actually what I heard, "What is she doing here?"

I looked over my shoulder and I was getting ready to argue with them, "You're not sending me back." But they didn't give me the choice. Nobody gave me the choice to stay, because I would have argued to stay if I had the choice.

I don't know how but my spirit guides, angels and team just flipped me right back in that body. I was lying on the ground. When I was back in the body, all of the pain totally hit me.

What was interesting was that while I was out of the body, I turned around as I was leaving and I looked down at myself. I disconnected so quickly with MarVeena. I said to myself, "She looks really messed up." It was me down there.

A second before I was in that body and I thought that was me, but when I got out, I disassociated fast. It's amazing to me. I said, "She looks really bad." Then I just turned around and headed off to wherever.

At that time in my life, everything was fine and dandy. I had everything to live for. I was having a lot of fun. I was a rodeo cowgirl. I was traveling all over the United States. I had wonderful opportunities to perform and trick ride. I trick rode in places like Boston Gardens and other big rodeo arenas.

I had everything going for me. I wondered why I would just turn my back on that and be excited to be gone. I still don't know why. To me, it was so much more of a natural place than what the physical experience was, even though I was having a very good physical experience.

After I was put back into the physical body, I was lying there. My left toe was pointing into my left ear. I was totally racked up.

Lois: Did you have broken bones?

MarVeena: Yes, I had ribs broken. I had a broken tibia and fibula and a bruised tailbone, which was amazing. I don't know if you've ever seen a trick riding saddle, but they have the really tall saddle horn. It's maybe an inch diameter and about six inches tall so you can grip to it while you're doing different tricks.

When the horse flipped over on me, the saddle horn actually saved my life. It landed right beside my waistline and kept all of the weight of the horse from crushing me. But there was a little pocket down there when he slammed into the ground and I just fit in there so that when he rolled over to get up, he rolled to his left. That's when he broke my leg in a couple places.

Lois: Horses are heavy.

MarVeena: He was about 1,100 pounds. He was very heavy. At the time I was 105 pounds, if that.

While I was the hospital was the first time I started getting impressions. I was under really heavy medication, so I couldn't really discern what was natural and normal and what wasn't.

My mom sat with me just about the whole time I was in the hospital. I started to know things that I didn't have any good reason to know.

For instance, I'd be lying there. I was on the third floor of the hospital and I would hear the elevator bell ring. I'd say, "Mom, there's Uncle Leroy. He's coming to see us." My mom would look at me like, "Good lord, what kind of drugs do they have her on?" Then a minute later, in would walk Uncle Leroy.

A while later, it would ring and I would say, "Mom, the doctor is coming," or "Dad and one of my sisters are coming up." Sure enough, they'd come around the corner. That went on for a while.

One of the first times I felt like spirit gave me a message that I thought was useful was when I started having visions of fire in the hospital and that the hospital was going to catch on fire.

I was in traction. My leg was hanging from the ceiling and I had a cast on it. The cast was very heavy. It went all the way up to the top of my leg. When they changed my sheets in the morning or took me to physical therapy, it took four orderlies to move me. It took two of them just to hold my leg because you have to do everything really slowly.

Lois: They didn't want to drop you again. It would have hurt.

MarVeena: When you have a broken bone, especially a bigger bone, everything puts you into screaming pain.

It took four guys to move me, and I started having visions that the hospital was going to catch on fire. My rational mind thought, "They're not going to send four guys just to save me. I'll be lucky to get one guy, and he won't be able to get me." They had to take me out of traction, and it wasn't easy to move me at all.

I have to tell you, I feel really bad about it now but when you're in a lot of pain, you're not really nice. I wasn't.

Lois: I think most people are not nice when they're in horrible pain.

MarVeena: I was grouchy. I was mad, too. I was 21 years old. One day I was 21 and healthy and had everything to look forward to, life was in the palm in my hand, and then the next day I was hanging from the ceiling in traction. It was such a paradox from being on top of the world to being in a hospital bed. It was terrible. I was grouchy.

Another part of me was thinking while I was having these visions, "I'm so grouchy. Nobody is going to like me enough to come and save me!"

I was having terrible visions of fire. This was about three or four weeks into my hospital stay. I was getting better, but I still wasn't ready to be released.

I started talking to my dad. I said, "This bone can get well at home just as easily as it can here in the hospital." I finally talked my parents into releasing me and getting me out of the hospital.

Sure enough, about three days after I got out of the hospital, that floor had a fire. That was a confirmation to me. By this time they were weaning me off the drugs, so I was cognizant of it.

Lois: You couldn't blame it on the drugs anymore.

MarVeena: No, they start weaning you off two weeks into it, or at least or for me they did. I didn't blame it on the drugs to begin with because I didn't know any differently.

That was the first time I had a serious premonition about something and it played out and was real. That was the first time I said, "There's something different going on here."

Lois: After that, did you tell people these things? Did you start doing readings then? Did you ease into it?

MarVeena: No, I didn't do a thing about it. I was all about rodeo. I was a cowgirl, trick rider and trick roper. That's all I wanted to do even after that.

I didn't tell people because it was so out of the box. I didn't tell anybody about what I saw or my visions when I had the accident. To me, it was just something that was very private and special.

The world and people I was around didn't put much appreciation in things like that. I don't think I had even heard the word "medium" at that time. I didn't even know what a medium was.

Lois: What year was this, to put it in context?

MarVeena: I was 21. It was the 1980s.

Lois: You're right. People were not very much talking about that kind of thing in the 1980s.

MarVeena: I had never heard it.

It took quite a while. I quit rodeoing. I still trick roped, but I didn't trick ride anymore. I still roped, and then I started doing standup comedy. I had a blast with that. I love to entertain. I did my little cowgirl roping routine in my comedy show. I mixed both of them in. It was fun.

Lois: Nobody else does that, MarVeena.

MarVeena: It was Will Rogers in a miniskirt. It was fun. I was an opening act for three or four years, which is not really good. I finally made it up to being a feature act.

I don't know if you've been to a comedy show, but they usually do three comedians. They'll do the opening act that does 10 or 15 minutes, then the feature act who does anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes of jokes, and then the headliner. The headliner usually does an hour to an hour and a half.

I was an opening act for three or four years, and then I was a feature act for about three years. When I started being a feature act, I went from 10 minutes of time to 30 to 35 minutes. That was 110 to 115 jokes. That's a huge amount of material to remember.

I lived in Dallas right by the Lakewood Library, so I'd go over to the library. I was looking for books that would help me to learn how to memorize things better. I just had all of this information to memorize. The books that had to do with the mind, mental ability and memorization and things like that were right next to the New Age books.

I'm a big reader. When I go to the library, I come out with as much as I can carry every time. I don't ever go to the library and get one book. I come out with an arm full. That's how I determine how many I get. It is how many I can carry out.

The Lakewood Library is very small. I went through the first group pretty quickly. Right next to them were all of the New Age books. I started picking those off. I didn't realize it was a different group. I was just looking at titles and themes that were interesting and basically went by instinct. I started dragging them home and reading them. It was an eye-opener. I thought, "What is this about?"

I finally came across books that talked about clairvoyance, clairaudience, having premonitions, psychic ability and things like that. That was the beginning of my actual education.

Lois: When you see spirits, is it all the time or is it just when you're doing your spirit circle? How does that work?

MarVeena: For the most part, I see spirits whenever I set the intention to do so. If you were going to come in and do a private reading with me this morning, I would have my intention that my guides, teacher and angels would assist me to be in a place where I can discern what's important to you and the people, souls and spirits around you.

Lois: When you're walking through Wal-Mart, you don't see anything.

MarVeena: Not ordinarily. I've had different little things happen in the grocery, but not ordinarily. I pretty much set really strong boundaries around myself. I talk about that in my apprenticeship classes for my students, to be really clear about setting their boundaries.

You say, "This time is dedicated for this." When I have someone to do a discernment for, then that time I'm willing to open up and receive images on other levels and astral planes.

If it's an emergency or if there is a real need for someone in Wal-Mart, maybe they're going through a huge amount of grief or they need a little inspiration, then they might show me a spirit there.

I don't like to do that. I really like for people to come to me and say, "MarVeena, would you please do a reading?" I usually don't volunteer stuff, although I have.

Lois: You never know how it's going to be received.

MarVeena: Yes, and if somebody is saying, "I'm ready," it is permission. It tells me that they're in a good place to take it to a higher level, and they're ready for whatever I bring to them. You never know exactly how it's going to be received.

I gave messages voluntarily one day. My veterinarian was out here stitching up a mare. One of my horses got into the wire. I just started channeling. I don't know why. I normally never do anything like that. I started channeling and the poor guy just about passed out. He was so not ready for it.

His grandmother came in. His dad died when he was really young. It was a traumatic deal. He needed to know that his father's spirit was still around him. I think he needed to be recognized for what he had accomplished.

It turned out good, but it can shake people up. Normally I like people to ask me and tell me they're ready. That's my cue for my guides to say, "They're ready. She's ready. Let's open the curtains."

Lois: When you see spirits, do you ever see the dark kind? I know people are wondering that.

MarVeena: Actually, one of my specialties is removing the dark kind.

Lois: I didn't know you did that.

MarVeena: I've been doing clearings for quite a while.

Lois: Many people don't put it on their websites.

MarVeena: Mine is under "Soul Clearing" and then "House Clearing." This whole dimension is about polarity. For each of the good angels, there is an equal and opposite dark spirit.

Lois: Does it feel like we're clearing those off the planet now to prepare for the next stage?

MarVeena: I'm certainly doing my best to.

Lois: Is that a direction you feel like we're going and the Earth plane is being purged of the astral entities?

MarVeena: I feel like people are looking for the light. They're looking for their shining, and they're definitely engaging with the dark and trying to get perspective on it and purging it.

We've all got our issues. We've all got our things that we need to work on before we can bring the shining and our soul's true potential out. I agree with you that we're headed that way.

Lois: Do you also stumble across earthbound spirits? Do you help them when you do?

MarVeena: I do, and that's one of the ceremonies I do in the soul clearing work. I work with the third order on the spirit planes to help assist them in getting back in harmony with what's going on, where they are, and where they need to go.

I also help them to maybe release the attachment that's holding them here to this place. I may intercede on their behalf with whatever physical person they may have a karmic tie with.

Lois: When you see dark spirits, is it frightening for you?

MarVeena: Sometimes it is a little bit disturbing. I usually try to set some really good boundaries before I go to sleep at night so that nobody creeps up on me, so no spirits come in for a visit while I'm sleeping.

Every once in awhile for whatever reason, my guard is down and my shields are vulnerable and I'll have a dark spirit that will attack me or come in. It startles me. I don't like it, but it happens.

Every once in awhile, we just let our guards down and open ourselves up to visits. I usually understand what's going on pretty quickly and regroup. I just call my guides and teachers to help me with that kind of work.

Lois: You're talking about spirits when you say "guides and teachers."

MarVeena: Yes, my spirit guides, my angel guides, and my master teachers. They're the group that specifically helps me with clearing work.

I'll do a little banishing or help them to move to the astral plane that's more appropriate for them.

Lois: Have you ever connected to the spirit of someone famous?

MarVeena: I have connected to several people. One is Elvis Presley.

Lois: He's definitely on the other side. That is what you're telling us.

MarVeena: Yes, he is. I had some very dear friends of mine... Actually, they weren't friends yet, I didn't know them at the time, but they came to one of my circles out of the blue. Both do this kind of work now.

Before they came in, they made a little joke, "I'm going to invite Elvis Presley. If he comes in, then we'll know that she's the real deal." I did the whole circle.

Lois: They said that without telling you.

MarVeena: They didn't tell me a thing. Believe me, they're both big time "show me" kind of people. At the very end of the circle, I was just getting ready to close the whole thing and out of my mouth came, "Elvis Presley is here, and he is going to tell Steve hello. He said that Elvis has now left the building."

He made a little joke. They about wet their pants. They were let down because Elvis hadn't shown up during the whole two-hour circle. Then that was the last thing. It was like, "By the way, Elvis has left the building."

That was my first encounter. I didn't get anything other than that. Whenever I close the circle, it's like the energy is ready to receive. When it's no longer ready, it doesn't support mediumship anymore. It's like everybody is gone, but not quite.

I didn't hear any more from Elvis in that particular circle. Then a couple of years after that, I was doing a spirit circle at my house. Some people came up from Shreveport, Louisiana.

There was a brother and sister who were age 65 to 68. I was giving messages to them, and all of a sudden I saw Elvis Presley. I said, "I feel this spirit around you like Elvis Presley, like he's wanting to acknowledge you." She said, "That's my cousin." He was her cousin! He had cousins in Louisiana.

When she was a little girl, Elvis did the Louisiana Hayride Show there for a long time. Her brother was there, too. He'd take them with him to the shows. They were young kids at the time. That was so shocking to me. I thought, "I've got Elvis on the line!"

Lois: Let's take some questions.

Participant: I wanted to know if I have any relatives who have passed away that have been trying to tell me something, maybe in my dreams. I've been dreaming of past relatives. I don't know if they're trying to tell me something, or if maybe I'm making bad choices in my life.

MarVeena: When I feel your vibration, I feel a male spirit around, like a father figure. It's maybe a grandfatherly figure. That's the impression of the energy I feel that is around now. I don't know if that's the one coming in your dreams, but that's what I feel around you now.

Participant: My father's father is one I've dreamt of day after day for a while. I don't know if he's trying to tell me something. Maybe I'm making some bad decisions in my life. I'm not sure.

MarVeena: It seems like he's just trying to support you right now and help you to move through some of the challenges that you've got going on. He's a part of your soul family, and he's interested in your journey. He wants to back you up and let you know that life goes beyond this physical body.

This little journey that you're moving through right now is just a part of your soul's evolution. He just wants you to know that all is well, even though it may seem like sad or overwhelming or chaotic times.

He's just trying to help assure you that you're not in it by yourself. You've got the people who love you from both sides. It's like he just wants you to know that there is more out there that you can pull from.

Participant: Is he out there all the time?

MarVeena: I don't feel like he stays all the time. He's just concerned about your state of being right now. He feels like maybe you're a little fragile and overwhelmed. He's just trying to keep up with you, or maybe protect you.

He loves you very much. He says you're very special. He's showing me a halo like an angel. I don't know if you collect angels or if he's calling you his little angel, but that's what I see.

Participant: I just started collecting angels.

MarVeena: That's his way of giving you confirmation that he keeps up with you and that you're important to him. I see a little dog too, a little fluffy poodle.

Participant: I don't have any dogs.

MarVeena: Did your granddad have one?

Participant: Not a poodle.

MarVeena: A little fluffy dog.

Participant: No, he didn't. Not that I remember.

MarVeena: I see a little spirit like that around it. That might be an animal that belonged to another member of the family. You'll have to think about who might have had a small pet.

Participant: You don't know what color it is or anything like that?

MarVeena: It looked to me like it wasn't white, but light colored. I'm seeing it through the spirit world, so I can't be exactly sure. I get a name with a P like Paul, Paula or Pauline.

Participant: I really appreciate you talking about what you do. I am starting to get into spirituality. I feel like I'm a sensitive to a few things myself. I was wondering if you've seen anybody around me.

MarVeena: I feel a mom or a motherly figure around you.

Participant: My mother passed away around 12 years ago.

MarVeena: I feel like your mom is the one who wants to connect today. She's giving you a big hug and wanting you to know that she's very proud of you.

I feel a lot of sadness and grieving, and I don't know if that's from you or from your mom or about your mom and losing your mom. I just feel a lot of things weighing heavy.

Participant: I went through a lot of grieving after she passed away. Things are better. I'm actually doing a lot better, but I went through a very rough time the first few years. She had a light, fluffy dog. I don't know if that was it.

MarVeena: I was wondering about that because I knew it was coming in. Is your family Catholic? Do you have some Catholic people in your family?

Participant: No, they're strictly Baptist.

MarVeena: I heard "Mother Mary," so I didn't know if there were some Catholic people around you or if there is a Mary or if it's a mother.

Participant: I'm not sure who my spirit guides are. I know I have some and I receive messages. I don't know. I feel like they're female, but I don't know.

MarVeena: Mother Mary just wants to let you know that she's available to you to help you with what you've got going on. She is an evolved, incredible master energy. She might be able to help you move through some of the issues you're dealing with right now.

Participant: Thank you for taking my call. I so enjoyed your life story. My mouth was dropping open. I thought I had an abnormal life and struggles, but nothing like what you've been through. It makes me feel like my life has been the best. I really think I've had a good life.

MarVeena: I do too, really!

Participant: It's true because you chose it. That's what I believe, that we choose our own lives.

May I ask a question about romance and love? I'm wondering if I will have another marriage in my lifetime or maybe I wiped out the two I've had and I'm not having anymore.

MarVeena: We're always masters of our own destiny and creators of our own journey. If you set the intention to create a relationship, it's totally possible.

I feel that you're definitely going to move into another relationship. But that's something for you to determine and for you to allow.

An important thing to remember is to get really clear and complete with relationships from the past. Make sure you've done your forgiveness work and you're not holding on to any disappointment or pain, or any baggage from past disappointments in other relationships. That will help you to open up to creating new relationships.

Participant: That's great advice, and so on the spot. Thank you, ladies. I appreciate your time.

Participant: Is it possible to ask the spirits to see whether anyone came into my house when my family was not in the house?

MarVeena: Do you mean a living person or a spirit?

Participant: I mean a living person.

Lois: Are you asking if there is a spirit in your home?

Participant: No. I don't know if it's possible to ask the spirits about anybody breaking into the house while the whole family is at home or out of the house.

MarVeena: I'm not getting anything about that. I feel like a lot of people are coming and going, and some of them are spirits. There are definitely some of your ancestors and guides and spirits that are coming and going and participating, if that's what you're asking. There are some ancestors that are there, too.

Participant: Are they from my father's side or my mother's side?

MarVeena: I feel like on your mother's side are the ones who feel relevant right now. That's the energy I get. That's my gut feeling for right now. They're on your mother's side.

Participant: Why do they come into the house?

MarVeena: Curiosity, for one thing, and just wanting to maintain a link and a relationship. They're interested in your journey. You're a part of their lineage. They're your ancestors. They very much want to maintain a link with you and see how you're handling the opportunities that you have here on this Earth plane.

Participant: A friend and spiritual companion has just transitioned. It may be too early to get any results. She just transitioned yesterday. I would just like to know what our connection will be, if you can tell as she's entering into the spirit realm.

MarVeena: I'm getting a name with an A, like Alice. Is there someone with an A name who's connected to you or her?

Participant: I don't know about as far as connected to her. I can't say.

MarVeena: You don't have an Alice, Alison or Al in your family.

Participant: No, not in my family, and those aren't the names I know her by.

MarVeena: I heard a name like Alice. They showed me a book like Alice in Wonderland. I just get something about books. Do you like to read a lot, or did she like to read a lot?

Participant: She was a reader. Both of us read, but she was definitely a reader.

MarVeena: I get a lot of books. I feel like right now that she feels like Alice in Wonderland. There's a lot of curiosity and exploring. She's at peace with everything, but I get the impression that you will have little moments where you'll feel her spirit around.

You'll know that she's there. It will be out of the blue. You won't be trying to. You won't be intending to, it will just happen. You'll feel her touch your mind like a very delicate, little touch. You'll know she's there.

It may feel overwhelming to you. You may tear up or have to cry a little, bit but that's okay. That's just her letting you know that she's still there for you.

Lois: MarVeena, do you want to tell people how to find your blog? It's exquisite. I hope you'll turn it into a book.

MarVeena: Thank you, Lois! That's a wonderful compliment from you because you've written a lot of books. My website is

"From Dallas, TX MarVeena Meek talks about her Near Death Experience and how it stimulated the areas of the brain that perceive's information psychically."

MarVeena publishes her Ghost Queen E-zine each week with hints and tips on spiritual and psychic development. Sign up for free at her web site.

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