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What Am I? Empath, Crystal, Star, Rainbow, Light?


This is my story as well as I can tell you in this many words... Well, I'm female, currently 23 and I turn 24 in a matter of weeks (born in 1991), about a year ago (or so) my mother told me that when was pregnant with me, she went to visit a medium. I am the youngest of four children and she was unsure what a fourth child would mean. Among other things, the medium told my mother that her grandmother had chosen my spirit for the family, that I was important and I would bring about change for the family. (I feel my siblings are equally as important)

As a young child I had various episodes of astral travelling (out of body experiences) but those stopped when I tried to show one of my siblings and she didn't believe me.

My whole life I have been both quiet and I guess wiser than my years, but I also have the tendancy to be hyper active and unable to focus, highly intelligent, empathetic, highly impatient, highly creative, intuitive (I predicted things more than once via dreams, including car crashes, illness, fires etc.) always had an affinity with nature and animals, I'm as drawn to water as I am to the land and the forest. I have a rebellious streak and also a deep understanding for other people and their emotions. I've always described myself as not having 'half' emotions. I always feel things in either extremes (I either feel it all at once or nothing at all). Others describe me as wise, laid back, energetic, lacking in attention span, empathetic, selfless to the point of disregard for my own needs, spontaneous, passionate, emotional or cold.

I have big, clear green eyes and have always had people commenting on them. I struggle to look people in the eye and hold eye contact as I feel like they can see too much.

Recently I have been able to feel auras and feel the colour of others auras. I occasionally find myself getting lost in the energy around me (if that makes sense)

I don't like crowds and I never have, children and animals seem to be drawn to me yet some adults seem to be wary or guarded around me (unsure why) I seem to attract a variety of people into my life and many times it feels like I'm meant to be their guide, to help them in some way.

I have always had a deep passion to do something that matters, not specifically to change the world, but to make a difference.

Lightning storms give me migraines and I wake up feeling hungover after one. Sometimes it feels like I can hear electricity.

So what am I? I have always felt different, out of place... I don't want to label myself but I don't know where I fit in to this type of thing... Any help, or even just understanding would be much appreciated. I apologise for the way this was written, I wrote it as I thought it to be honest

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lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-02)
Hi greeneyedwolf! I am exactly a blue print of you. Except I have dark brown eyes
Swordsoflight (6 stories) (90 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-06)
Oh my gosh... When you mentioned the lightning my jaw dropped. I'm the same way! I can barely see auras if I stare at my teacher in class long enough, though.
I'm an Empath, Animals are drawn to me, the forest--I have blue eyes though one is greener (It doesn't show unless I look in the mirror for some reason)
You definitely aren't alone!
Rookie (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-03) I've been a member of this site for a few years, you can try to check this website out and hopefully you can find some people here to help you
I feel the same as you, being attracted to certain people and before I know it, I'm trying to help them in some way, most times trying to help ended up badly... But I feel like I can still make a difference in this world too. I'm also similar to you too, laid back, empathetic, energetic, and I care about people too but right now I see that sometimes I give up too much of myself-overall, I think we're quite similar-I can see auras too, it's easier to see my own though, and best of all, I hope you'll find and be assured of who you are soon
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-31)
And I love your screen name "wordsaremeaningless". I agree with you about labels limiting our understanding of things. They can help as a starting point. But they can bias our thinking, keeping us 'in the box', so to speak. I teach large classes at a university. I have been doing so for 25 years. Only in the last 5 years have I started asking them who is psychic, or knows someone who is psychic. I include the "knows someone" part so they are not admitting to the class that it is them. But I find that with this very broad question, only 5% or less raise their hands. When you grow up like us, it can feel that others should have access to the same information, psychicly, that we do. But dang, what a shocker to find out how few people perceive things at this level. I love this series of websites as it gives us a place to find kindred spirits. We are not alone. Keep at it, Greeneyedwolf (another great screen name).
WordsAreMeaningless (19 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-31)
My username was completely deliberate in the sense that I believe some words are meaningless, like the labels and descriptions we apply to ourselves and others around us.

The bottom line is, you certainly have access to power and you've gained more over time. The majority of people seem to have none at all, and then there's those that do, but usually only have one, maybe two abilities at most. This seems to indicate that there is indeed something "different" about you. I hope you come to a point where there is less confusion and questions and you discover what it is that you need to do.

You said you want to do something that matters, and I completely understand that feeling. I'm the same.
greeneyedwolf (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-30)
I completely agree with you there, WordsAreMeaningless. I guess my intention of this post was to see if there were others who didn't feel as though one label was adequate. As I say in my original post, I didn't want to put a label on myself, I have just often wondered if I was the only one. And it seems as though I'm not, which is very uplifting indeed.

Hectate, lovely to hear from you again. I am very well indeed and I hope you are too. I actually spoke to my mother about it recently and she told me that as the house they were living in at the time she fell pregnant with me was far too small for a six member family, having me would mean we would have to move into a bigger house. So that's what they did, they moved from suburbia and built a house in the country, my dad changed jobs and started earning more money and I guess we four kids were brought up in a much different environment than we would have been had we stayed in suburbia. My mother has also often referred to me as 'the glue and the rock' of our family. Growing up I was always the one that brought everyone together and held it together for everyone in a crisis... I'm not sure if there is more in store or if I have effected change in any other way for my family... Might be something to think about...
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-30)
Greeneyedwolf, have you pondered what change you might be bringing your family, regarding the message your mother received from the medium while pregnant with you? Just checking in. Hope you are well. Hecate
WordsAreMeaningless (19 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-29)
It is my belief that the labels Indigo, Crystal and so on are not important. These are labels for the ego.

However, if you feel an answer is important keep searching.

Reading this, I thought of what I'd heard of Indigo children.
greeneyedwolf (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
Hi VerdantObserver, thank you for your input. It always helps to hear things from others as I don't always find it easy to put what I mean into words. To be honest I wrote my initial post when I was half asleep and have either missed a lot out, or not explained it very well.
I completely understand what you mean about seeing all of someone (as in the how's and why's of their life and who they are) if you can see their eyes. I am much the same in that respect. I think this is where I feel uncomfortable, I feel as though if I can see that much of someone by making eye contact, how much can they see of me? Although, in the past I have found myself unwilling to make eye contact for various other reasons, some people just give me a bad feeling and I just know I don't want to see what's in their eyes.
I do get a similar thing with some electric motors (predominantly my mothers old kitchen blender) although I would say that my reactions to them is more nausea and migraine based. I have a friend who can't use her own washing machine because the sound makes her physically ill. I'm unsure if it's a frequency thing, either the sound or the electrical impulses causing interference with our own electrical energy.
The thing with lightning storms is strange for me, if it's just thunder and rain, I generally just feel a bit more energised. But as soon as it turns into an electrical storm, I feel like I'm super charged - it's almost as if my entire body is set to vibration. I'll be able to feel what I can only describe as electrical currents almost everywhere during a lightning storm and my head will begin to ache. As soon as the storm has passed I feel drained, dehydrated and hungover. It's quite a strange feeling.

Hectate - thank you so much! That means more than you could ever know. I do my best to help out however I can on that level for my patients. I will certainly look for that book, thank you!
VerdantObserver (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-23)
I would describe myself in many of the same ways you have described yourself. I have always thought there must be something about my gaze that lots of people notice (when I make eye contact with strangers their expressions seem to visibly change in a pretty consistent pattern regardless of background), but I don't know what. When I stare into people's eyes I feel like I can see their experiences, like I can see the reasons they are who/what they are. It's been a struggle for me but a lot of the time I feel like I know my family and close friends better than they know themselves. It has led me into great bouts of loneliness throughout life as I feel like I can always validate others' emotions, but can rarely receive validation for mine. I've always experienced an intense love for people, a love burns at a high intensity when I see my fellow humans love each other. I lack the ability to hate someone if I can see their eyes. Even if it's someone who has done something terrible; I know to stay away from them but I can't help but forgive because I feel like I can see the parts of them that led them to where they are, if that makes sense. It's like I know I've hurt others, and I know why (I usually realize the REAL why as soon as I cool down); so why should I condemn others for hurting me? It's interesting, I would say my experience with my eyes may be the opposite of yours. As you feel that people can see too much when they gaze in your eyes; I almost feel that I can see people's identity even through the briefest of glances. It has to be eye contact though. It's like it requires a trade or something. The experience you have with lightning I get from electric motors. Vacuums, blenders, even some fans. When they turn on it's like my world just got town into chaos; I can't tell what I've lost but I feel blinded by the presence of an operating vacuum, even if I plug my ears. If a vacuum operates long enough they can give me a gnarly headache. Normally I'd write it off as being caused by the noise, but lawn mowers (and other combustion engines) are much louder and I have no troubles with them. I'm not sure I can accurately express my disdain for vacuums. The second I hear a vacuum spin up I feel a strong desire to turn it off immediately, or leave until its off. I wouldn't own one if there were any other way to clean my carpets. I can't stand them and according to my parents, I've been that way since birth (more so than other children according to my parents of 5). I was also born in the beginning of 1991.
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-22)
I bet you have saved more of our animal friends than you know. Your compassionate approach just works. Ask for protection always and then meditate and open. We always have help. One of my favorite books is by Barbara Brennan called "Hands of Light". When a friend of mine who had paid a lot of money for Reiki training showed me his manuals, they were identical to Barbara Brennan. I highly recommend her. She is physicist by training, but healer by gift. She helps with the protection ideas and also how to focus these gifts. I am always happy to chat. I took my e-mail off my profile after I was rated down for recommending that someone seek psychological help in addition with their spiritual pursuits. I recommend that people look at all possible explanations for their abilities and use all resources available. Happy to chat. Just let me know. You seem more balanced than you feel you are. Keep the positive outlook.
greeneyedwolf (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-22)
Thank you, Hectate! It's refreshing to find someone with the same outlook on this as I have.
I work as a Veterinary Nurse so I find that although I can occasionally exercise my abilities with the animals that we treat, I wouldn't say I use energy healing with them, but I try to create a more calming energy flow around them. I can also feel very blocked up at work as many of the animals we have in as patients can just ooze anxious, panicked and fearful energy. So that gets a little over whelming.
I'm considering becoming an energy healer myself, but I'm hesitant to try any form of meditation or even tapping into the enrgy of others as I am scared that I could open a door I won't be able to close...
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-22)
I think the constant I have found in my study and understanding of humans is that we change and adapt. Your openmindedness and willingness to think about new ways to understand yourself are what will carry you the distance. I find there seems to be no one right answer. I don't even like the labels as they tend to limit rather than expand our ideas about ourselves. I do energy healing much like Reiki. It usually helps us open more. Find balance in nature when you can. That is what helps me. Do you see this helping you in your professional life? I find it does for me. I find I need to listen and then can help someone with a simple comment. Most mornings in my meditation, I say, "Put me where you need me" and I find I am saying something to someone who needed to hear just that. I hope you can play with your abilities. We are blessed and challenged. Enjoy...
greeneyedwolf (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-22)
Thank you for your input and advice, Hectate:) I am definitely just considering the results of that assessment as a starting point, it was insightful, though, to see such sporadic results. I am yet to see a medium and I haven't really thought about it to be completely honest, but I have had recent Reiki sessions and have been told that my head Chakra is one of the most intense that my healer has ever felt.

I should also mention that I have been able to tune most of this out quite well for the the most part, until recently when I started Reiki sessions with a trusted friend of mine. Since which, I have begun feeling energy everywhere and have been finding it harder to keep myself grounded. I've also noticed a presence in my house (which my dog has also seemed to notice) and will be smudging and cleansing as soon as possible.

As I said in my story, I'm hesitant to label myself as any one thing, as I definitely don't feel as though I fit into the catergories that I have so far found. I would say I feel closest to being a Crystal Child, but I share a lot of different traits with Empaths, Indigos and Star Children too. Just wondering if there's anyone out there who is similar as I seem to have ever changing, sporadic traits and sometimes it gets a little bit confusing...
Loving the input so far! X
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-22)
Hi Greeneyedwolf. I like ProfKelly's assessment that you are doing "automatic drawing". When taking any scale, on-line or otherwise, remember that surveys are always limited types of data collection and assessment instruments. Have you ever heard of a double barreled question? It is when someone asks you two things at the same time. You often do not know which part to answer, especially if your answer is very different for each part. Most of the questions on this survey are double barreled, making your results extremely hard to interpret. I teach statistics and research methods at a major university and understand the kinds of verification techniques needed to know if a survey is valid and reliable. So, you can use her survey as a starting point, as she mentions. But I recommend that you also continue to ask for ideas from people on this site and even perhaps seeing a medium as your mother did. I have been psychic all of my life. You seem very open and there are many ways to help you control this. I hope this helps. Best to you. Hecate
greeneyedwolf (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-22)
Thank you, ProfKelly... I did use the link you sent me, but found my results quite confusing as I scored high in all categories. X
ProfKelly (38 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-22)
Recommended starting point: Psychic Profiling Assessment

The Psychical Profiling Assessment (PPA) is an 80-item psychological measure that assesses how you mentally, emotionally, and physically interact with your environment and other people; whereby revealing how you psychically interact with your environment and other people.


Hope this helps to point you in the right direction!

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