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I Draw Things And They Come True?


For quite a while now, I've been doing little doodles. They're quite weird, and they're usually kind of rushed and scribbly. They almost always appear to be really senseless as well; it's never too clear what's actually going on in the drawing, and it can be hard to tell what some of the things represent.

Now, normally this wouldn't be much of a concern, except for two things. One, I feel like there's an unbearable kind of itch in my hand before I do these doodles, and I get quite agitated if I'm in a situation where I can't draw. Two, something will happen, involving either me or the people close to me, and I find that I can link the event back to one of my doodles that I did prior to the occurrence.

For instance, I did one that showed what looked like two girls arguing, and some pills. Two days later, my friend had a violent breakup with her girlfriend and tried to commit suicide via overdose.

Very rarely, I'll do a drawing and it will link to something that already happened, even if I had no idea about it. This hardly ever happens though, but it's really confusing as to why it does, when usually it's the future I draw.

I have absolutely no idea how or why I do this, or if I can actually gain a bit of control over when it will happen. Usually it comes out of nowhere, very randomly.

I'd really, really appreciate it if somebody could give me a little bit of insight as to what's going on here, and if anybody knows what I can do to control it a little bit better. Thank you!

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Keshavvseveryone (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-04-26)
Same kind of things happen to me... I had only one tomato plant in my garden and one day I randomly drew many plants with ripen tomatoes... Within weeks I found little plantlets growing on road side and now my garden looks like that sketch.
One more... I sketched myself sitting on a table with a girl and having chicken, how was its possible... I didn't have a girlfriend nor I ate chicken... But within a week one of my friend called me to hangout... We end up having chicken, sitting in a food court at a table just like that drawing...
Nero96 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-10)
This happened to me one time, but only once. I was drawing a portrait of a woman when my friend said that it looked identical to her sister. Lo and behold! It looked exactly like her. Don't know what to say buT um keep drawing! You never know what you have until you experiment with. Responsibly of course.
newhunter30 (34 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-30)
I was thinking the same thing that this sounded like an "Automatic Drawing", although I have never heard of this happening. I am not saying it is not possible just I have never heard of it and quite honestly it does seem to be the most reasonable explanation.
ProfKelly (38 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-22)
Based on the information provided, this sounds like it may be what is known as Automatic Writing, but in this case, Automatic Drawing.

The first step is to figure out if the source of the tingling (i.e. A call to action) and information (i.e. The image drawn) is due to Clairvoyant Cognition (i.e. May or may not involve an entity e.g. Spirit guide), Clairvoyant Simulation (i.e. Pure information not involving an entity), or Clairvoyant Interaction (i.e. Direct communication with the dead).

If the information received is entity-based, then "control" will be based on the compliance of two individuals. However, if the information is directly from the environment (e.g. Universal information) that does not involve a mediator (e.g. Spirit guide), then there is more room for "control."

Once you are able to determine if there is a mediator involved in the sending of the information or not, you can begin implementing times to induce an altered state of consciousness (e.g. Through meditation), to receive more information with more vividity and clarity.

Automatic drawing will be more in your "control" when you consciously, and therefore subconsciously, set a time of day, or week, aside just for it, and you induce an altered state of consciousness before or during your attempt to Automatically Draw.

Whether you receive information pertaining to future probability, or information from the past, depends on your conscious and subconscious focus to "know." If you are dwelling on or longing for something in the past, your psychical focus may also shift towards the past. If you are primarily future-orientated in regard to your personality, (i.e. Always looking forward and planning for the future), then you will primarily sense the future.

I recommend taking the following online assessment that will help you to determine which psychic "type" you may be: Clairvoyant Cognitive, Clairvoyant Simulative, or Clairvoyant Interactive. You can take this assessment here:

There is also a wealth of free information on these types on the website, just use the "Search" function to find information pertaining to your "type."

Best of Luck!

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