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I'm A 14 year old girl and I need help to figure out what is happening in my life and with me. This is my story;

When I was 11 I started to get visions and senses that I couldn't explain. For example, today I was in my grandmother's bedroom and I saw a yellow blanket on the floor and instantly I could remember I have seen that somewhere before but I'm not sure where. Then I remembered I was falling down the stairs but that never happened. And when I saw the yellow blanket I got dizzy. And for some reason I can see people's auras and sometimes plants and objects auras but rarely plants or objects, it's mostly people's auras I can see. I also get these Weird emotions and feelings when I'm around people that I'm near. I sometimes know when someone is calling or when the phone is going to ring. I can also see shadows and very rarely hear voices. I also see faces and objects on the wall usually a plain white wall. I can also see a week or two ahead in the future. Does anyone know what this is? Do I have physic abilities? I don't know what is wrong with me? Can someone explain this please?. Usually when I'm sleeping I can go into the O.B.E which means out of body experience.

The question is, am I physic?

Please don't make fun of me. This is something I need help with. Thank you. Ii need to speak with a physic or anyone who has the same experience as me. If you are physic or having the same experience as me please comment or email me. If you need some other advice I'm here thank you.

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MezurashiReito15 (3 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-29)
Don't be scared kid nothing out there in the psychic and spiritual world can harm your physical body unless its very powerful but you'd sense that before it happened just be careful when outside your body don't wander very far from home
ProfKelly (38 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-24)
It's probably too early to really tell if what you are having are psychic experiences. To determine if the experiences are genuine psychic experiences you need to test yourself, and this takes time. Testing depends on what "type" of psychic you may be. You can take the following quiz online ( to find out your "type."

This quiz is for adults, so there may be some words you are not familiar with. I suggest that you take your time, don't rush, be prepared to spend at least 15 minutes answering questions, and look up the meanings of words you do not recognize to make sure you are answering the questions correctly.

The quiz will be asking you questions on how 'often' you thought, did, and felt things in the past year, such as daily, weekly, monthly (you will see an answer key like this at the top of the page as you go along to help).

Be as honest as possible to make sure you get the correct result. Once you have your result, there is a lot of information on these "psychic types" on the website, just enter your "type" into the search (

I hope this helps point you in the right direction.

Best of luck!

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