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Bad Energy In My House


Hi my name is Courtney and I really dislike my house. I've lived in it all my life but there's something wrong with it. For example, sometimes when I begin going up or down my stairs I feel as though something is chasing me so I run faster and faster until I reach the top of the stairs and spin around to find nothing there, or other times I feel something watching me. Whenever I felt it watching me it would be in the same place, in the dinning room corner, but lately its been starting to move around the whole house.

Mostly its in my sisters room who is somewhat sensitive as well. One night I was in my sisters room and one of my cats was laying on her bed and all of a sudden I felt like I was being watched and I got the chills. I heard a thump and spun around to find my cat high tailing it out of there, he stopped a few feet from the doorway and looked at me like I was insane for staying in there, so I took his look into consideration and followed him out.

I decided to tell my sister about all my experiences in the house and was relieved to find she'd experienced everything I had. We compared dreams and found we'd both had ones about something under my bed. She'd been laying on my bed and dropped her purse so she'd leaned over to grab it but it was pulled away from her. Looking under the bed she'd seen a red eye'd creature pulling back at her purse and all she had to say was no to make it stop but it took many tries to be able to speak. My dream was I laying on my bed when a hole was torn through and I fell in to this giant hole where all the evil red eye'd creatures were grasping at me, but I hit them away and crawled out. I ran for my door and opened it to find white flying creatures shove past me and go into the hole to defeat the creatures.

Also we'd both experienced something pressing down on us when we wake up, we can't move, talk, have trouble breathing and feel something watching us, with me I can't tell because I sleep with my pillow over my eyes with my sister she saw a black mist spreading over her. I remember us discussing about this and instead of closing my eyes and waiting for it to pass I tried to choke out no. It took four tries until the pressure lessened and I sat straight up.

I've always hated this horrible feeling I get whenever I enter my house. Something in my gut is telling me that this isn't paranormal, that it has to do with bad energy. And since my house is NOT the most peaceful of places I believe this to be true. But I need reassurance, I don't know how to handle this! How do I put up with it or get rid of it?

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lighteningrain121 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-24)
Do you have a cousin named Whitney? If you do I have the same problem.
myra9415 (3 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-09)
Hello there, none of this sounds at all new to me. I have to tell you though, that it would serve you best to try and stay calm, when you are fearful, it feeds negativity. I read your story and it gave me goosebumps, but, think of the strength of your dream, you are being assaulted by evil red eyed creatures, and, in your defense white winged creatures go to battle for you. It sounds to me like the angels came to your aid. I agree with both Concrete and Sunder. It is my opinion that you do have a negative energy in your home and you do need to have your home blessed. In the interim, you should pray as much as you can, do use your sea salt (this is something God made) which holds a great deal of strength. You can also place 3 moth balls in each corner of your home. But, definitely smudge and enlist the help of a clergyman. Do not experiment! You do not know who you are dealing with or why they are there. Ask St. Michael for his assitance in this, he is the leader of the greatest army and will send you help! God Bless you, I know you have to be uncomfortable and just know that good is out there to help you, ask for it!
amberlee1 (1 stories) (26 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-21)
try smudging your house. If you don't know what hat is just Google it.
Best of luck ❤
i_am_me_maybe (4 stories) (9 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-07)
I can never see the thing only feel it there watching me. And the time I saw the dark creature with red eyes was when my sister and I had similar dreams. And just last night my cat was acting extremely jumpy at sounds I couldn't hear, then around three o'clock a pony tail holder was thrown in front of the tv I was watching. I saw it and heard it land, so I know I can't be imagining it. I'm sorry but nothing has happened for awhile then this little thing happened so now I'm a little freaked.
sidanger (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-23)
Wow...that sounds EXACTLY like a house I used to live in. The sleep paralysis, the shadow people. Red eyes, but looked like shadows, right? Or just the red eyes? I had one or two of them that would follow me around and stick to my back, a couple times, I had to do a lesser banishing ritual and that worked.
Also, the running up the stairs because you feel something chasing you. That is the most anxiety producing thing lol...
I don't remember having dreams about them, but I remember having some strange visions whilst meditating. Meditations that were interrupted out of nowhere.
I also had this strange looking man who would watch me sleep at night, he stood at the foot or head of my bed. I think he lived in the attic or something (I lived in one half of the attic). Upon researching it, I discovered the entire street was once housing for victims of Huntington's disease. So there you go. You may want to read up on the history of your house and see what you can do as far as blessing it. ❤
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-10)
I am me maybe,
I know that feeling of being watched and it makes you want to spring some where else. Had that feeling in my house on and off for years and kept dismissing it as my imagination. Funny how I did that. Not the first time or I'm sure the last that I will deal with spirits. The last spirit I saw, which was "very" negative, made me seek help. Low and behold, the guy I've been feeling all these years actually exists. Since I saw the "entity", our unseen roommates have been quite active. Through out all this, I hope I learn more about myself and my insight as well. You are not alone. I use prayer every night and started carrying black obsidian for protection. Although, my house seems low key compared to yours, my relatives house has a very strong spirit residing there who causes me problems. I have no fear in that house, but this spirit feeds off me some how causing me to be very light headed. After my house, I am working on his. I can tell the spirits in my house to chill out and they do as I ask.
Concrete Angel has giving you good advice. Dealing with certain spirits, you need someone who is strong enough to deal with what may come out. These spirits love negative behavoir and fear, it feeds them and makes them stronger.
i_am_me_maybe (4 stories) (9 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-10)
wow you guys are really helpful, I'm glad I'm not alone in this! A big thankyou to austinseekshelp and ConcreteAngel you guys really gave me insite and great advice!
SunderMic (3 stories) (123 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-08)
these spirits are messing with you and mean bussiness, get sea salt or a priest to come in and put holy water in your house.

The best is get a priest in because my mate had the same problem and got a priest to spread holy water in their house and the spirits went away, which they was pleased because it was an on going thing for 15 years.
lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-07)
hi I have a bad energy in my grandmothers house too. He killed 2 girls and one guy one named emily and she was 6 but he killed her mother and father too, out of rage and jelousy. I havn't got rid of him yet I too don't know how... But your not alone. I am a psychic medium too and I know I'm not crazy. This was just to let you know your not alone
❤ leah
psiboy3 (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-07)
you have demond and I have had one two your not alone and I want you two nw that 😁 😊 😳
ConcreteAngel (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-07)
Hi, i_am_me_maybe. First, I want to tell you that you are DEFINITELY not alone. I've experienced the same things you're talking about in every house I've ever lived in, and even in a hotel room. You'd be suprised how common experiences like these are once you start talking to people.

Next, I want to tell you not to be afraid. What is in your house CAN be made to leave, and although I know sleep paralysis is freaking terrifying, this thing cannot harm you, only scare you.

From what you described, it sounds to me like you have at least one earthbound entity in your house - and not a particularly cheerful one, at that. This is the spirit of someone who has died, and for whatever reason has chosen to remain on earth instead of going into the light (toward heaven, or whatever you believe is up there).

An earthbound spirit is, in death, the same person they were when they were alive - and every person is different. So, there are all kinds of reasons that thing could have chosen your house - for example, I had the spirit of a woman in my house when I was young who said she chose to follow my family home from the grocery store because I looked just like her daughter.

You said that you think what is in your house is bad energy - and it is. See, spirits are just that - energy. Likewise, to maintain their strength, a spirit NEEDS to draw on the energy of the living. You said that your house is not the most peaceful of places - if there's a lot of drama in your house (people fight a lot, your house is just a busy place), that makes it a great place for an entity to set up camp.

Since you said yours in a newer house, you or your parents probably picked up the spirit elsewhere and brought it home. That happens all the time.

I've heard a lot of mediums say that the spirits they've spoken to have told them that they can "see" which living people are sensitive to their presence - that those people's energies look different, and so they gravitate toward them to try and make contact. Your spirit probably messes with you and your sister because it sees that it has an effect on you.

So... Here's the game plan that has worked for me in the past:

1) Ignore it. This spirit messes with you in order to get to you react - don't give it what it wants. Don't talk to it, or about it while you're in the house if you can avoid it. Me and my sister use the word "kiwi" when one of us senses something and wants to leave the room. Maybe consider something like that.

2) Sea salt. I have a jar in almost every room of my house. It can be used to cleanse negative energy off of both people AND objects. You can but 2 or 3 tablespoons in a bath as often as you like to wash the bad energy off of yourself. Also if there are any objects in your house that creep you out/have a bad vibe, try putting it in a trash bag with a bunch of sea salt for a week or so. You can also sprinkle it over the threshold of a door to discourage the spirit from entering a room. Be sure you think he's elsewhere when you do that though, so you don't accidentally trap them IN the room you're trying to clear.

3) White candles - lots of 'em. They're a symbol of radiant light and give off positive energy. It's okay if they're scented. Also, consider having them blessed by an ordained priest or minister.

4) Buy a smudge stick. This is a stick of sage used by native americans to clear negative energy, and you can get them at any holistic medicine store. Don't worry, this is NOT witchcraft of any kind. When you "smudge" your house, you are using the smoke of the sage to chase the spirit out of your house. If you want info on how to do that, feel free to email me anytime!

5) Have the house blessed. An ORDAINED priest or minister will be happy to come and pray over you, your family and your house. This isn't an exorcism or anything crazy, it's just releasing good energy into your house to off-set the bad.

6) Have a RELIABLE medium come and remove the spirit/energy. This can be risky... Don't just get anyone off the street who says they talk to spirits. If you need the name of a good medium, I'll give you the info for the lady who's done my houses. Again, feel free to email.

Okay... I hope this has helped you! Just a quick list of the "do nots" and I'm outta here, lol.

1) DO NOT use ANYONE but an ORDAINED priest or minister to use holy water on ANYTHING or bless your house. There's nothing wrong with quoting scripture if you're into that, but spirits get angry when lay people perform religious sacraments, and it makes them worse.

2) DO NOT yell at the entity. Spirits are people, and have a full range of human emotion. If you approach them with hostility, (ex. Yelling "stop it!" or "get out!") you will likely get the same in return. If you say anything at all, just simply say, "Go to the light..." and leave it at that.

3) DO NOT use a ouija board or hold a seance of ANY kind. You cannot control what comes through a portal once you've opened it, nor can you close it. You may not even end up contacting your house's spirit at all - ouija and the like is WITCHCRAFT and attracts ALL kinds of paranormal activity. You could end up letting something MUCH worse into your house than just Casper the Friendly Ghost. So, no black magic. Promise? Okay.

So, I hope this has helped you! Let me know how it goes, okay! Goodnight hun!

<3 rachel
austinseekshelp (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-06)
I have looked around the web for answers to my questions. I don't even need answers I just want to know I am not alone. I am me Maybe, I want you to know that I myself, I am 16, I did not used to feel those feelings in my house until about 4 years ago. Now, when I say something to my parents about our house they say "This is a new house, there was no house here before ours..." But I think I possess something because I always feel presences with me seemingly dwelling around me as well. I do not believe it is just "Paranoia" or "Seeing things..." I have nothing to be paranoid about and I am not afraid of these beings, or feelings, or whatever they are, I just wish to get more in-tune with them and further understand what it is I need to do. Please, if you are willing, IM me on Yahoo messenger, my username is kcnotorious. I would love to hear from you and compare, if anyone out there reads this, please contact me. I keep my Yahoo Messenger on 24 hours (if my computer doesn't crash) and I respond to IMs when I am at the computer.
i_am_me_maybe (4 stories) (9 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-06)
I feel the pressure as soon as I enter my house, only a have I felt few times something watching me from inside it. And I'll take your advice on wearing eye masks!
sams (2 stories) (10 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-06)
Hi I have suffered what you have you deffinetly have something in your house. Now the technical bit. When I was younger there was something in my room it would scare the hell out of me a dark figure like yours because I could not tell what it was and because I got so paranoid about this creature/spirit my mind started to play tricks on me I slowly started getting insomnia and along side this sleep Apnoea this is a very common sleep problem in children many things can start this off stress emotions and most of all been affraid of something or someone for such a long time. Many indigo and crystal children suffer with sleep problems because they feel so much emotion this drains them they always feel there been watched so they can find it hard to sleep. Do you feel this presence when you leave the house do you feel there are things watching you outside your house, You describe a characteristic of the indigo child you should maybe read up on this and see if it may be possible that you and your sister are indigo or crystal children. Are there any other gifts you think you may posses.
A little bit of info on sleep Apnoea I am not a proffesional on this but at times it still affects me especially when my insomnia plays up, you are in a sleep state but are aware of everything around you, you can not move you feel as if there is something there around you but you can not scream or even make a sound you feel extremly frightend and can not breath extream cases where you are been strangled or smothered, then in a split second it is over and you can move but you heart rate has risen very high. I would advise strongly you not sleep with a pillow on your face try those eye masks if need be but if it is this sleep problem sleeping with the cushion on your face will not help. If there is any more info you could give about this spirit it would help. Sam

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