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My Friend And Her Follower


This story isn't about me but it is about someone who is close to me and could possibly be in danger and I would love some help with this problem.

Um, I don't really know where to begin because I'm just starting to believe.

My friend has had this thing, Spirit. I'm not sure what to call it, following her since she was a child, and recently it has been getting a lot worse and scaring her.

For example the a woman showed up in a picture she took recently and other people could see her in the picture and it freaked them out.

My friend had a religious woman come in to talk to her about it with her as the woman had previous experience with this, and the woman said that she couldn't even go into the mothers room because there was... I'm not sure what she called it. Dark energy, and the mother uses tarot cards and things of the like.

Could this be real?

Is there anything she can do?

I have a friend who is in tune to this sort of thing and she suggested smoking the house out with white sage. Is this something that you guys recommend? I'm not sure what else to do for her and I am afraid of her getting hurt.

Could this be her mums doing. All I really have to go off is what I have seen in movies and I know that stupid because they are all made up stories. But could the mother be angering the spirits and making them more active or something like that.

I also would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my lack of technical knowledge, I am very knew to this, but I am new to this, and starting to believe.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-07)
If an individual is the head of the home.
They are in a position of authority to bring positve or negative energies into the home.

If you or your friends are under a roof of an adult.
There are measure you can use to protect yourself.
Shielding, cleansing and grounding as well as not allowing the energy within your room. Your room is you space. As for the rest of the home, I believe

With Sage this is a cleanser.

With a discarnate (Dead person most people communicate and help them come to terms to release fear, or unresolved issues to sense and feel the light, hence making their vibration of a higher.

An unhealthy life style can promote negative activity
Inside the home to children, pets and partners or spouse. The Neg life style feeds negative spirits be they discarnate souls, or just negative energy.
Acccording to Universal law: Like attracks like!

In some instances if the spirit has been with a human
For a lengthy time it can take more time to get rid of the spirit because it has a strong footing so to speak.

One has to determine what one is dealing with then use the appropriate means.

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