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This Can't Be Real I'm A Skeptic


I can tell when things are going to happen good or bad. I don't understand it because I say it out of my mouth without thought and it happens. I have to be careful because people have gotten hurt, and one person even lost his life. For instance when I was 9 there was this boy that always picked on me I hated him dearly we had got in an argument and when he walked away I wished he'd get hit by a car. A hour later I found out through a mutual friend he had gotten hit by a car. He was fine but it happen. At the age of 14 I was able to foretell that I was going to have twins. At the age of 18 I gave birth 2 twin sons they are 11 now. At times I can look at something or touch something and know that there would be a situation involving it either good or bad like today stuff happen like I was looking at my soap pump in my bathroom and I said my daughter was going to break it today and she did. When I was at work today as I was sweeping the floor I said to myself that my boss was going to complain about my work later. There was nothing wrong with the floor the though was random and exactly what I said was going to happen did. I first noticed. My ability to do this when I was 7. I went to a Halloween party at a church there was a bunch of children there and a lady performing as a witch, she was telling her little witches tale trying to get a scare out of the children. The room was dark I wasn't scared at all infact in my own mind I was able to spoil her finale I sat back and watched her talk I was there physically but not mentally. With my eyes and in my private thoughts I saw exactly what she was going to do. And just as I saw it, happen, seconds later. I wasn't shocked at what she did I was shocked at how I knew. She had ran into the crowd scaring the other children but not me because I had seen exactly what was going to happen seconds before it happened. Another time when I was 9, it was the summer and I was walking to the house to get some water because it was hot out. As I was heading to the house I looked at the ground randomly and my mind told me to dig. So I started digging, I dug about three inches into the ground and found a gold money bag charm I went into the house to wash it off I was going to keep it for myself but something told me to tell my mother so I did. My mother saw the charm and freaked out. She told me she lost it many years ago infact before I was born, she lost it when I was in her womb. She showed me pictures of her wearing it. That experience was awkward all around because I was well beyond the age of a kid that plays in dirt also the driveway that I was walking through was very long and made of compacted gravel and dirt. To make a long story short she gave it to me when I turned 18 and I am 30 now I wear it around my neck until this day. I'm from a family of six I have 3 sisters me my father and 1 of my sisters have abilities but they all are different. What I want to know is are there any people out there like me. There is slot more to tell but I just need opinions now. By the way sometime I know things for no apparent reason. It's hard for people to lie to me at times. And I can sense connections off people. Like if my boyfriend was cheating on me I could pick the girl out of a crowd without trying. I'd be drawned to her and would know why until I get other feelings out of the blue.

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letyurlovflo2know (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-11)
well your experiences sure sound like mine. I, too have to be very careful when I say things. And... If I am upset or emotional...whoa! The more, the subject has to do with causing any hurt feelings to me, the more damage results in the end. I believe you, because I've lived the same. I have had awful things come to pass. There are many instances and I have yet to write my stories for the site, here. I will. Just be careful. Remember the "self-fulfilling prophecies?" There is another problem, I have come to deal with, from opening my mouth a bit too hastily, at the wrong time.
PeachRing (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-06)
I just want to let you know you aren't alone. I've had experiences like this for a long time as well. I'm only 22 but already I've had premonitions (in one of them someone did lose their life). At times I know what somebody is going to say right before they say it. I can guess numbers spot on, and I can walk into a house or building, and tell you how many spirits are there, and what their genders are. I've predicted events in my life, both good and bad. Just this morning I had a dream that my boss called me and told me not to come into work because there wasn't much to be done today, and sure enough I was awakened from that dream by a phone call. It was my boss, and he said exactly what he had told me in my dream.

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