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A Skeptic With Unexplainable Experiences


For most of my life, I've been highly skeptical of any paranormal accounts, but I've always agreed that there could be more to our world than meets the eye.

However, even before I started having weird things happen to me, the number 7 completely saturated everything about me. My full name has 21 letters (7 for each) and my first name is Jordan, after the river in which Naaman the leper was told to wash 7 times (2 Kings 5:10). My middle name is Michael, coincidentally the same as the archangel, and I won't say my last name (for privacy reasons) but it has 8 letters, making a sequential 6,7,8 that adds up to 21. I was born at 7:17 AM, on August 7th 2000, weighing exactly 7 pounds and 7 ounces, in a town called Ashland (7 letters), just after a raging tornado (one of the worst and most damaging Ashland has ever seen) had tore through the town the night before. Everyone in my family still sometimes talks about how bizarre all of the circumstances were.

I have no idea what any of this means, if anything at all, but after some of the other things I've actually experienced, I wouldn't be too surprised if there's something to all of it, as I think most people would agree that it's quite bizarre to have so many 7s line up, along with the other strange coincidences.

As a child, I was extremely fearful of losing my mother, and I could envision many possible different outcomes of events both positive and negative, which scared me. I was, needless to say, very different from the other kids, and I couldn't seem to get along with any of them, as I was far too "mature" for my age. I actually enjoyed the company of adults, but I never really felt I belonged anywhere.

People frequently commented on my brilliantly blue eyes, but I hated attention being drawn to myself, so I oftentimes avoided eye contact or even showing my face towards them.

While other kids were playing video games, I was designing structures that I wanted to build as an adult, and also attempting to create perpetual motion machines, and accidentally making a crude motor when I tried to use magnets to create one.

Now that there's a little backstory, I think I can move on to the more interesting stuff.

Around age 12, my family took a trip to the old state penitentiary that was no longer in service, and was open to the public for tours. As soon as I walked in the door, I began to feel as though I wanted to leave. As I went further, the feeling grew and grew, and I started asking my parents if we could go, as I wasn't feeling well. Unfortunately, they didn't care, so I was forced to keep going. Eventually we got to a room where the electric chair that had been used for decades was, and as soon as we approached it, this absolutely overwhelming feeling of dread gripped me. But it wasn't really fear, it was more a feeling of the horror of inevitability; I felt as though I wanted to run, but somehow I knew I couldn't, that it would be pointless. Looking back now, I know that I was feeling exactly what each victim had felt just before it happened, except that somehow, even though I can't really explain it, I felt like I was feeling all of the victims' feelings all at the same time, as if I was feeling how several people felt, spanning decades from each other in time, but somehow united in the same moment. Words can't really describe it that well, but I will say that it was definitely the worst I have ever felt in my life. It was so strong that I had to sit down on a nearby bench, as I was about to pass out.

Fast forward 6 years, and while home alone (the rest of my family had gone camping) at night, I was woken up around 3:15 AM by my air conditioner going out (I tend to be highly aware of my surroundings even when asleep). I went downstairs to try to get to the basement, where the breakers were, but I heard something once I got to the bottom of the stairs. It was clearly a young girl in distress, wailing about something. I wanted to believe that it was our cat, but I know what our cat sounds like, even at night, and this was completely different. While the pitch was somewhat similar (high), the voice inflection was clearly human, nothing a cat could ever come close to mimicking. Oddly, it sounded like it was coming from inside of the walls of the house. Obviously, I was a bit freaked out at this point, and I quickly walked past and down the second flight of stairs to the basement, using nothing but my phone's flash. Bizarrely, I couldn't turn the breakers back on, and it appeared the electric for the entire house was mysteriously out. So, I was left in the dark with the moaning. I ended up sleeping in my car, as that was just how freaky the experience was. That was the first time something like that has happened to me.

The most recent thing that happened was I had a dream that predicted the future. I dreamed I got a C- on an essay, and the following day, I got back my essay graded with a C- (this is the worst grade I have ever received on an essay, I generally get very high grades for essays). I have never dreamed about assignments before, and the first time I do it comes true.

I also get tons of Deja-vu all of the time, and oftentimes know what people are going to say before they know. In fact, people often ask me what word they are trying to say, and without thinking, I immediately know, and also finish the rest of their sentence. This happens with complete strangers as much as it does with family. I also get "feelings" in certain places, almost as if I can feel what has happened in the past there, or maybe what will happen in the future. My dreams are always very vivid and very bizarre, and typically take place in very complex buildings.

I know I haven't had as many strange encounters as others have, but the ones I have had have been enough to make me seriously question my view of reality.

Does anyone know what any of this means? Or have any of you had similar experiences?

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cs_creation (1 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-29)
First and foremost, allow me to express how captivated I was by your account. The intricacy of your experience and the depth of your perceptions far surpass what most people encounter. I hope you find some solace in reading a response from someone who took the time to fully absorb every word of your tale.

The universe seems to be walking with you in ways most of us can only dream of. The recurring presence of the number 7 in your life is both peculiar and enthralling. While the number 7 has many religious and mystical significances across various cultures, it might simply be a coincidence in your life. Or, perhaps it's an indication of some greater design, something that transcends our day-to-day understanding. For a deeper dive into the symbolism of the number 7, you might want to check out this detailed analysis.


Your visit to the old penitentiary and what you felt in the presence of the electric chair is profoundly striking. It's possible you have an elevated sensitivity to residual energy in places, or perhaps you have the ability to deeply empathize with those who have undergone intense emotions.

As for your experiences with the sounds and dreams, it's challenging to pinpoint whether they are paranormal phenomena or manifestations of the subconscious. Predictive dreams and feelings of déjà-vu are common, though the way you describe them seems more pronounced than most encounters. Some believe these phenomena might be our minds subtly picking up on information we don't consciously perceive. Your dream about receiving a C- on an essay is particularly intriguing. Dreams about exams and related subjects have deep meanings, as discussed in this guide.


Jordan, your story reminds me that the world is filled with mysteries, and each of us has a unique lens through which we view these enigmas. Maybe your path is simply to explore these experiences, seeking answers while embracing that some questions may remain unanswered.

I haven't had experiences as intense as yours, but I firmly believe that every individual has a place and a purpose in this vast universe. Continue to seek, question, and share your story. You're not alone in your quest for understanding, and there are undoubtedly others who have had or are having similar experiences.
LadyBelle (guest)
6 years ago (2018-10-29)
Hi Paradigm Ark

These are all interesting experiences showing you have developed particular senses. That's something quite normal. Actually, we all have access to spirituality, some of us have more developed abilities, some less, some don't believe in the existence of anything beyond physical realm at all. But, there is more to it.

Your birth date: when you add up all the single digits of your birth date, which number do you get? Also 7? (Example: 11.02.1988 = 1+1+2+1+9+8+8=30=3+0=3). You can also read a little bit about life paths numbers.

As it goes for the developed senses, here's one article for you where there are in detail all 8 senses described - there you can check which descriptions suit your abilities. That way you can inform yourself better and get to know more about what you're experiencing. With training you can improve your abilities.


Regarding the dreams about buildings, maybe these detailed dream interpretations help you. Dreams reveal a lot about us. Dreams are also a way of communicating with spiritual realm.


Hope any of these helps!

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