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Here's my situation (this will be long, I apologize in advanced). I have had premonitions my entire life. The "ability" runs in my family, Mostly auras (which I actually cannot see and the 3 times I have, it wasn't good). During my awake hours, I get the "Gut feeling" and little tidbits of info before things happen etc, But My Dreams and premonitions are why I'm writing here today. Because I don't understand it, and it makes me look (and feel) like a complete loon when I try to talk about it.

Like I said above, I have always had premonitions through dreams. As far back as I could remember I've always had extremely vivid dreams, and I remember 98% of them to a tee, including such details as background noises and smells. My parents always attributed it to me being sensitive (though my mother has always fostered it in me- she has it) When I was little I was terrified to go to sleep because of my dreams.

About a year ago, Something happened that I cannot explain, and it has been pure chaos ever since, which is where I need your help. There is this guy, that I don't know, but I know (we have a few mutual friends). He's a musician and everyone knows how I feel about him. I was at one of his shows, and the strangest thing happened. I was on a balcony looking down at the stage when he came out My boyfriend was standing behind me, when it happened. I was fiddling with my camera, when I got this strange feeling and saw a flash of green eyes and this voice told me to look down, I got this shiver up my spine and when I looked down he was staring up at me and when I made eye contact he smiled and nodded his head, and stood there for about 15 seconds and I heard the voice again that said "I knew you'd be here". And I stood there locked in some sort of trance for the entire set.

Afterwards, when My dude and I went home, he said to me, You know he was looking at you right? It was the strangest thing, I felt like I actually lost you in that moment (My guy is sensitive as well- mostly spirits).

The next day, We went on Youtube to see who had posted videos from the show, and we found one or 2 and my dude commented on them, like "I wonder who he was looking at?" when one of the posters replied "There was a girl in the balcony, wearing this shirt (described the shirt I was wearing). Out of the 4 videos that were posted, all 4 said he was looking at the same person (ME). Then on Facebook, I went to the bands page, and found this picture of him looking up and smiling, and I commented "Oh that's when he was staring at me" and the owner of the pic replied "Were you the one wearing the shirt? Because that's who he was staring at and it was the strangest moment". She and I are now actually really good friends because of this whole thing.

ANYWAY. About 2 days later, the dreams started. They all take place in the City/country he is from. And take place in Spots I had no idea were real (until I googled/started making friends with people that have been there). I have never been to this place, but I seem to know it like the back of my hand. At first I just thought it's my imagination, and they are just dreams (I seem to go into denial when these things happen). But then I started talking to a group of girls at first just for fun, and then we all bonded. The funny thing is, 3 of us have the same birthday, and if you do the time zone conversion, we were all born about the same time only years apart. The 4th one (whom I have the strongest bond with) is a different month and year. At one point, all of our dreams started to inter-connect and we all started appearing in each other's dreams, essentially, we all had the same dream from our own perspective. Same Place. Same time. Same scenario, and they all seem to revolve around me and him.

Because it is known of my "abilities/sensitivity" I can spot a phony a mile away, and it's very hard to be read by a true abled one because I'm apparently very strong (I have been asked to leave 3 times and been told that I'm too strong to read, and besides, I already know). I am able to have my cards read, but only by a true wiccan friend of mine and only over the phone (we both sit with a deck and somehow always get the same cards). My girlfriends and I had our cards read and all got the same thing, That we are all connected and were meant to find each other, Our friend (different month) is the core, and in all of our cards I came up as the Protector/Mother.

So, Flash forward to about a month ago. I started having even stranger dreams involving this person. I started feeling like I was being summoned to sleep, and when I would fall asleep, I would be there with him, and we would talk, and it's a flirting game. BUT This is where it gets strange. I had this experience that I was in his head. He was with someone and it was not the most opportune moment for me to be there, and I basically crashed his party. About a week and a half ago, I was in a car accident, and that Sunday was my birthday, that night I felt like I was summonsed to sleep and when I "got there" I woke up laying across his lap with him rubbing my head asking me what happened- I explained, stuff happened and he wished me a happy birthday and apologized for the distance, I just told him that I want to know this is real.

This past Sunday & Monday is what has me freaking out, wanting to know if I am bugging out/reading way too much into things, or is this truly my ability at work.

One of my girls that I share a b-day with, is in his country at the moment. I told her to go to his house just for kicks and giggles, and said it's o.k. He's home. I knew she was there, and I got this overwhelming panic feeling-that wasn't mine, and a flash of him, I was able to silently communicate and tell him Don't panic, don't call the cops, that is a friend of mine and I sent her there. I want to know this is real, if it is please tell her you got my message. So my friend basically trespassed and told me that she got scared and started running and as she was running down his driveway someone (she doesn't know who) came out and started yelling something. She called me about 15 minutes later and told me this, and that she panicked because there was a car in the driveway and I was able to spot on tell her what type & color and possibly whose car it was, without being there (that happens a lot btw). Flash forward to Sunday night/Monday/yesterday. I asked for another solid sign that my message was received. My friend was hanging out with a group of people and ended up at one of their apartments, and He came up. The person whose house she was at said "it's funny you should bring him up" and went into another room and came back with this scarf, and explained that it was his scarf that he gave her one night in a bar, and explained the story of how and why he gave it to her, and then she proceeded to give my friend the scarf, and said the words that have me convinced this is a sign, she said: I have a feeling that you deserve this more than I do, that it means more to you then it does to me.

My friend called me yesterday to tell me this and e-mailed me a picture of the scarf itself and a picture of him wearing that exact scarf.

Now. How am I supposed to take this? Am I reading way too into things as a series of coincidences or a clear sign of communication?

2 things to take into consideration:

In one of these dreams I saw a scar that at that time, I did not have, but I have it now.

I was able to identify specific pastries and what they had inside of them (despite never having been to this place and knowing it even existed).

What is this? And has anyone else ever experienced this?

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shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
Actually that is a misunderstanding. We can only use 10% of our brain AT A TIME. We can use the entire brain, its just that using all of it at one time would cause too much input to your brain that it wouldn't be able to take it all in and you would go crazy. Remember that different parts of the brain are used for different things. It's just that people made a big fuss about this and that movie Limitless just strengthened that fact that got twisted up.
valentinebaby (2 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
All I know is we are all born with it. I think that's why we are only allowed to use 10% of our brains. Because if we could use 100% of our brains? LOOK OUT! This would be wonderful if we used this 100% for the GOOD of MAN, But those that are evil could use their 100% for the BAD of man.
lifedreamer (6 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-30)
I will have to check out that book, It sounds interesting. I wasn't really labeled much things as a child by adults, but other kids avoided me, not all of them but the majority of them. I have had adults at a young age tell me I was well-mannered, smart, and the best kid they ever knew. When I was in middle school I skipped a grade and then was in advanced studies. But now I'm behind because I was tired of being ridiculed and I was tired of being obsessive compulsive about having good grades and making lots of money when I get older. It was mostly my relatives that made me feel this way specifically my mom. But, I view things a lot differently from what seems like the norm or majority of people. I don't know why but I like having that sense of disconnection with the norm, but I don't know why as of yet except for that I've always been imaginative.

I am different when it comes to day dreams, they are flashes like yours AT FIRST, and then they get really annoying and sometimes have there own attributes and can be characterized into imaginary people. This imaginary person thing though has been strong since a young age, I had a imaginary friend that I named Sassy because of his/her (which I often labeled as female) character towards me. I remember one time specifically I was talking on my mom's green phone that she had on a counter, I thought I should connect to one of my imaginary friends and say hi. So I said Hi inside my head quietly and not out loud. I then heard a voice that told me something unclear, But I was unsure if I should have trusted my usage of the telephone and then I regretted ever picking the phone up.

What bothers me the most about these experiences and attributes is it I've had it since I was a small child but it was only since age 11 (I'm 18 now, soon to be 19) that these experiences have bothered me and have become a labeled disorder and illness.

It is interesting though that some people who have neurological disconnections are said to have one trait or more trait where they are better than most people at what they do. I forgot what book it was that I read this in. These people were not like me though, they had certain illness that prevented them to speak or interact, but they could still solve quotients unmeasurable beyond what they would be able to under there condition.

This is why I am interested in finding out what these things mean exactly, and why they happen. But, I think that the answers can be personal sometimes.

Anyways, Thanks for the insight it really helps. ❤
Valossa717 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-29)
I'm Sorry to hear that they diagnosed you as schizophrenic, and at such a young age. There is this book that I've been reading, that actually explained that a lot of people with our gifts, are often categorized as Schizophrenia, because of the way in which we usually conduct ourselves, and the things we are able to do with our minds, is not recognized as a gift but as an illness. It's called "Entangled Minds" by Dean Radin. I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD and put on medication (Honestly- FINALLY) I too have always been labeled as "Overly creative, Overly active imagination, etc". I had a battery of testing when I was 8-9 because the school I went to, told my parents I was mentally/learning disabled, and the end results were that I was I had a ridiculously high IQ, and was simply bored and should have been 2 grades ahead of where I was. When I was little, ADD/ADHD was still a new diagnosis (I just turned 30 btw) So They just kind of pushed me in the "special/gifted" box.

I do daydream. They seem to come in flashes, they start out as what I think are thoughts, but then I get the visual, but I don't get lost in it.
I also have continuous dreaming while in a waking state. Basically for up to an hour after I wake up, The "dream" is still going on. The dream recall, It's something I only share with a select few. Because people think I'm making it up, I was labeled a Liar & Story teller when I was little.
As with your situation with your mom, I get that too. ONLY with certain people though. I can tell and pick up when someones mind is closed. But I sense their emotions. I would say that I'm not a complete empath, Because I do not have the bond with animals, but I am also severely allergic to dogs and cats, so I've always avoided animals, but they do come up to me, cats especially. Dogs, always bark at me, but not constant barking. Like a greeting or something.
I pick up really specific medical problems with people. I'll give you a quick example: My mom about 3 years ago (she and I seem to have the strongest power bond) Was ill. And there were a chain of events that happened that I was called over to her house to help my sister with her because she was being difficult to handle. When I got there my mom was sitting outside and before she even spoke I saw almost this red "Ping" on a certain spot above her head. I tried to talk to her but she was acting like a child. When I went inside the house, My sister was going on and on about what happened and basically my mom had tried to attack her. I cut her off Just as my father walked in the house and I told the 2 of them straight out SHE HAS A STROKE- in the right side of her head, and it's still happening. My dad played it off as if she took too much of her medication. About an hour and a half later, I got a phone call that he had taken her to the hospital. When I got up to the hospital, and went into her room, the doctor came in and said they were about to release her, and I told the doctor- She had a stroke, on the right side, towards the front, You need to fine tooth comb her head scan, and look again. Sure enough, they saw it when I pointed it out, and she ended up having another one while in the ER, They ended up admitting her and she was in a medically induced coma for about a week. When she came out of it, She kept calling everyone my name, and when I walked in, She kept calling me Angel. I know when something is medically wrong with people. I knew the exact date and time of day my son was going to be born, I knew he was a boy etc.
anyway I have to tell you though, Last night, I saw him again. I believe what I am experiencing now is lucid dreaming. I asked him if the scarf was some sort of sign and he didn't answer me, he just laughed, and shrugged. So I told him, that this whole thing is bothering me a little bit, not that I don't like what is going on, I love it actually, but I don't want to walk around anymore feeling like I'm obsessed with him, and that my imagination is running wild and that I'm using him as some sort of escapism. He told me that he is honestly freaked out by this whole thing, and he is afraid to contact me for fear that this is real as well. I told him that we can do this: You don't have to contact me directly if you don't want to. We have mutual friends, Have one of them send me a message with the following words (and I gave him 2 words, and 2 numbers- My time here in NY and his time where he is) and I will reply. Do it when you are ready. You have my e-mail address if you want to do it directly, or have someone else send it for you.
I've read that that is usually the only way to get confirmation of a true confirmation of telepathy. So we'll see what happens.
Also, Why I think I was in a lucid state and this actually happened, is because I apparently was physically acting out what was happening in my "sleep". My dude said that at one point I was laying on my back sitting indian style and I was doing something with my hands, and he said it was almost as if I was holding someones hand, or someone was playing with my hands, The way my fingers were spread, wasn't "normal". And the way my head was moving and my facial expressions were as if I was having a conversation with someone. One more thing: My friend that got the scarf read my post yesterday (I shared it) and she asked me to see the youtube videos and the pic I talked about in my orig. Post. She said that the videos freaked her out a bit because she has seen him live a dozen times, and has never seen him act that way before, and when she saw the picture, she said that the look on his face is instant recognition, a genuine smile and it looks like he's talking to someone (me). His posture is completely relaxed and he looks almost like he has the feeling of safety and comfort- and she has never seen that with him. *shrugs*
As for the book you read and what happened. I had that happen ONCE in my life. And I actually have blocked it. Your not alone here Kiddo. We're all in this together. It's rough when you have no idea what is gong on, and you have a stigma lingering over you, people don't take you seriously, or don't believe you. From what I have experienced being born with this and carrying it my entire life, and coming to terms with it, and now embracing it. Let them judge. Let them remain ignorant, and always go with your gut feelings. Trust your instincts, and continue to be yourself. ❤

Btw: I love the einstein quote. Mine is always (in fact I'll add it to my profile) "I became insane with Long horrible bouts of Sanity"- E.A Poe
lifedreamer (6 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-28)
I as well have done research on these subjects too. But as I have read, these reasons for these "subjects" don't seem to be of the sort of reasons I am looking for. It is not just because the reasons are subjective but more because as I look for answers what I read doesn't seem to be what I have been experiencing. I don't think these experiences are literal at all.

Some recent happenings of mine might put you at comfort because I was in shock at my own discovery of what I was able to achieve through my lost gift. I was in bed one night when I heard my mom talking in the hallway. I heard her say something but she had never said it to begin with and then she said it. I can sense things before the happen. But that is all I know as of now.

About your dream recall. It is about time I've met someone with vivid dream recall. I do too have this weird dream recall. But recently my dreams have been so weird and not like they were before I was diagnosed with a mental illness, schizophrenia at a young age of 11. It is very rare to be diagnosed at that age with that illness. My visions seem to get in the way, I have vivid dream recall, I've seen the future in dreams 7 years in advance to the actual event, I sense things out of the reach of normality, and I also have memories that seem like they happened but when I look back on the event it didn't happen, nobody remembers.

It seems like we have yet to know what these abilities are, it may seem troublesome too.

I'm sensitive too, I've also been that way by nature and as to nature. I sense things extensively... And that is all I know right now.

Question; Do you have daytime visions? I have visions sometimes that can't be explained and they don't connect to life but yet I have seen the future before in my dreams. I'm confused, but not worried.

About your picture drawings; I've heard lots of stories about people predicting the 9/11 attack through dreams and such. I did too, but it was different now that I think about. I was reading a book in the 3rd grade before the event of 9/11 (the 9/11 attack happened months later) The book was called wayside school is falling down and on the cover it looked as though the children were falling with the building. This might seem weird right? Well the picture started to move and the kids were saying help! Help! Here is the problem; I don't remember this happening at the time that it happened but I do remember having a imagination so vivid that this happened in the same grade; I was trying to picture in my head really hard something and anything when I saw a image of a character from a cartoon tv show so vivid that when I saw it I thought to myself "this is my gift." A Vivid imagination, and the imagination can lead to many things.

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." -Albert Einstein
Valossa717 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-28)
Thank you lifedreamer. There is so much I can't even explain with this whole thing, as I can't comprehend it, and it kind of scares and fascinates me at the same time.
like I said, I have always been an extremely vivid dreamer. I have had a lot of my dreams happen, and am constantly in a state of de Ja vu. I have actually figured out that there is about a 1-2 year delay on my dreams/premonitions, sometimes longer sometimes shorter. This may sound absolutely insane, But I've been doing a lot of reading on this whole subject in general, and when I was about 8, I used to have these dreams about air-planes crashing into buildings, and was always terrified to fly, Like I said above my mom has always been empathetic towards me in regard to my sensitivities, and My siblings used to make fun of me because of the weird phobias I had as a kid.
I ended up in therapy because of my dreams, and I remember drawing a picture of 2 buildings with planes crashing into them. Well... No one seemed to make fun of me or laugh when it actually happened. I was 20 when it did, and I remember my sister asking me on that day, How on earth did I know it was going to happen? Like probably everyone else on here, I can't. And I repress a lot of it.

This whole situation is so unexplainable and unfathomable that it scares me. I know I have always had it, and I feel at this point in time it's getting stronger. I have a lot of the common elements that I've seen on here: Very high IQ, Very sensitive and protective of other people to the point I get called Naive. Socially awkward etc, and extremely creative (I'm a writer). Also a very good judge of character.
Sorry for drifting off topic. Again. Thanks for the response. I'm really happy I found this site, it's comforting to know that I'm not alone and I'm not crazy. BTW- I don't keep a dream journal because I remember them to a tee.
lifedreamer (6 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-27)
First things first. I have had this happen to me before in a series of events. This is my story; When I was able to dream and very vividly (I remember my dreams from when I was a baby and I remember events happening from birth) I had dreams about events before they happened. The ones I have dreamed about have happened for the most part. I also have had experiences where it seems like I am logging people's thoughts. For what I know thoughts or just ideas before they become actions and real. But, what happened is that I was about six years old and I was playing with my uncle when his own voice told me he was going to get up and move to his room without telling me. Then it happened. For the most part I have read minds, events, and people (births) before they have happened since I was able to realize. I have some posts on these things too but not all of them...
I can't tell you what it is although there are words to tell and describe, it is hard to say if it is really what I think it is. If it is than it is a parallel connection of the mind through a time advanced zone in the outer limits which can be perceived by the mind in advance to the actual event. That is the scientific way to say it. But since I believe there is more out there I say it has something to do with magic/light/precognition and whatever everyone else would call it to there understanding.

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