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It started when I was 19. I dreamt my mom was crying heavily. The background was black and few days after my grandmother died. At first, I thought it was just nothing. But then again it was followed by another dream, my mom, I and sister-in-law, we were in a circle of fire and days after, our apartment was almost burned. Good thing the firemen came early. Then again, I remember receiving a call in my dream from my father telling me that he accidentally bumped someone while driving. I tried waking up and when I woke up an hour after the phone rang and I was scared when I heard my dad's voice telling me the same thing I had in my dream. I tried staying away from it, ignoring this dream thing. I noticed I would get premonitions? Whenever my mind is tired from reviewing or reading books. I tried to stop it after I got this dream about my boyfriend. Were inside a church and my ex-boyfriend was standing at the altar and a bride was walking on the aisle. I tried to approach the bride and lifted the veil. When I realized it wasn't me I tried to wake up and call my boyfriend then and confronted him. And he confessed. I was devastated. For 4 years now, the premonitions stopped maybe because I stop to do long hours of reading. But a few months after, I had a new boyfriend and he left to work abroad. One morning, when I woke up, as if someone whispered to me that my boyfriend will not be returning anymore. Really weird or am I just weird. So many weird things happening. 13 years ago as I was on my way to the university, a public utility vehicle entered a one way street. It was so fast, next thing I knew the vehicles bumper was on my side almost a thread and it would have hit me. Never felt anything but 5 minutes after I felt a minor pain on my leg. Checked my leg, no bruise. I thought maybe an angel saved my life since I always pray to my guardian angel back then.

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