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The Way My Mind Works


Why do I feel like I know everything? Like somebody asks me a question, or tells me a story of something tragic and I already know what happens. Not like assumptions or something, like "My daughter overdosed in pills" And I assume she dies. I mean like things I never encountered. Such as like, A girl leads a mystery by her disappearance and I know who took her, Where's she's at, What exactly happened, What she did, And what the guy did to her. It always feels like that. Or A Boy and Girl's spirit in a house, I know how they died, who their following, what they're doing, who they were, who died with them, and all that. It's an ongoing thing and I never get my information from anywhere it just happens and turns out to be true a little later, or somewhat true, but it more happened like this way. Or one time there was a bus crash at the end of my street and I just knew it was going to happen. Although I've had visions already of it 2 months ahead. Seeing things being knocked down in my mind, windows shattering in my mind, bus windows shattering, and what not.

I also have this some kind of strategy skill that knows the next move in a game once I play it 3 or more times. I start thinking deep into the game, knowing every move, every-way the opponent will do things, It feels like I'm deep thinking knowing all this stuff.

Then when I was on vacation and we were visiting my aunt for the weekend... And Frequently I seen things moving, I seen things going at light speed, And I seen like these blurred out faces with half bodies, different clothing, and pending gender staring at me. Then in 4-6 seconds they left. And I never seen a ghost like this they were always rather black and blue tinted, or white, or orbs, or shadows, and what not. Never seen something like this before. I've also been hearing, feeling, and seeing differently then everyone. I pick up on really small noises that nobody else hears, or a hot growl pressed against my ears, or one time when I was in bed last summer, I felt this skid on my blanket half on my floor of my old bed and half not... Then I picked it up thinking it was just falling off, then it got pulled down again and felt it skid and heard a girl screaming on top of her lungs. Being dragged downstairs then I heard nothing.

I do know that I am psychic I knew that since I was 11. But I did not think that it would feel like this, I never really could say it did feel like I knew everything before, I never felt like thinking behind the games and having a really complex strategic mind. And I never really seen ghosts until I hit 12, I only used to see the future and that was it.

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RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-03)

Jav mentioned something about your age... Your mind and body are about... Or by the sound of it... Have started to go through some major changes... This can effect ones 'abilities'...some may amplify, others fade... You may experience Poltergeist Activity (MAY I said MAY...)

It can be a bumpy ride as you find your natural rhythm and mature and grow during the next few years. Please do not let this scare you. Research each experience, learn from what is happening and please do not be afraid to ask questions. If your parents can not help or you can not find the answers in a book come back here and ask... We are here to Help.

Please keep us updated.


Javelina (67 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-03)
I'm no expert in the field of psychology, but I do have a little bit of experience in what you are going through. Mind you, I said "a little bit", and that's what I mean.
I can offer some advice, it's up to you how you take it...
First, don't over think what you are going through. All that does is slow you down, seriously. Let things come naturally, for some people that means slower. Not for you, slower for you may stifle the process. All I'm trying to say here is that you are now noticing something that has always been a part of you. Your speed of learning is just now changing gears, that's all. And that speed is different for different people.
It's hard not to be in awe of some things, I know. Enjoy that part, it will never get boring, it will never get old. Keep yourself in good physical health. Eat right, get regular exercise, get lots of good sleep. Don't worry so much about the little things, and don't be afraid. Love every second of the process and the oddness of it will pass.
When I say "don't be afraid", I only mean the things that don't affect you personally. The things you see out of the corner of your eyes. They'll only be important if you make them so. Distracting you from learning.
I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for talking to you like this, but that's alright, I think what is happening with you is something I went through at your age too. And hun, I was tested ten ways to Sunday! Always scoring off the charts, and always getting another test to verify the one before. After a while it wears you down. Don't let that happen.
Enjoy it, smile when you feel smart. You don't have to advertise either, it will show all on it's own.
Learn what is required, but don't stop there. You couldn't if you tried anyway. So it's best to soak in what you can. You'll know when you get enough of one thing and you'll just move on to the next. If you find yourself reading the same paragraph two or three times, walk away from it for a while. You're full and you need to let it settle. Go back later, don't worry, you won't miss a beat. You're already ahead of the game. If you pace yourself, you will never get tired of it.
It's nice to be noticed, to stand out. But don't let it become a distraction. Just try to make yourself comfortable. I wish I could tell you how. All I can offer is a smile. 😊

PS~ The paranormal will always be there for you. To really do it justice and have a better impact, learn, learn, learn everything you can. And get ahead of the game. 😉

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