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Product Of My Imagination Or The Curing Of A Skeptic?


I'm usually a pretty logic driven person and a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal but for some reason I've always kept my mind open to the idea of energies of the spirits of people who've passed. I'm not terribly sure whether I'm imagining things or accidentally freaking myself out, or if what I feel is real so I thought I'd put it out there and ask others what they think.


I'm pretty sure that I've been experiencing this since I was a kid but it seems to have changed and/or gotten stronger as I've gotten older. It doesn't happen every time, but when I walk into a room or building I can feel different atmospheres (for want of a better word) that range in intensity. It has influenced my choices in renting houses and choosing workplaces. I work in health care and when applying for new jobs and taking a tour of the place I can usually tell within seconds which ward I want to work in based on how they feel to me - this is before I even talk to anyone who actually works there or is in there as a patient.

The fainter 'atmospheres' tend to be the more positive energies that either feel peaceful/benign or energetic/happy. The strong ones tend to be negative vibes. A particularly memorable one happened a couple of years ago the first time I walked into the laundry of a rental house (housed in a separate building from the main house) we'd just moved into and the air felt so oppressive it was like carrying a heavy weight on my head and shoulders. It felt violent and angry. At the same time there was a very faint feeling of?fear. It happened every time I walked in there to the point that I would avoid going in there unless I absolutely had to. I remember dragging my partner at the time in there and trying to explain that it felt wrong, that something bad had happened in there. Somehow, I have no idea how, but I managed to define that it wasn't a death but felt like someone had been violently assaulted. I was never able to substantiate if this was true or not. I had a pagan friend at the time who talked about using cleansing sticks at her home, and I thought 'it's worth a try' and improvised my own and used it to 'will' the energy to leave. Whether it was in my head or real, the energy changed from then on and most days it was slightly 'heavy' but neutral, on occasion it was, well the best words I can use to describe it is oppressive and gloomy.


On the very rare occasion I watch programmes based on investigating hauntings using psychics and detecting equipment, and on a couple of occasions movies or programmes based on supposed real events I always develop almost instantly an intense ominous tingling that moves up my spine and spreads over my back and up to my head, feel like that the temperature has dropped a degree or two and get this intense repetitive thought that almost feels like it doesn't come from me, always the exact same words "they're messing with things they shouldn't be messing with." These sensations usually last for about half an hour after I've changed the channel/ turned it off. In the past couple of years whenever this has happened I see either a sickly yellow or a black shape or cloud moving on the periphery of my vision, always to my right side. Usually when I look directly at it it disappears, but recently it has blurred and faded in colour almost like looking through smoked glass, but is still there. What really freaks me out is the fact that my cats stare at the same place in their 'on alert'/'neighbourhood cat is trying to sneak into the house' pose. At the same time, sporadically, speakers that are on idle have produced short bursts of static, lights have flickered, or I've had to look round the house to check the radio isn't going because I hear a faint background noise that sounds like a person talking a couple of rooms away.

Being pretty 'of-fay' with health conditions, I know this is not a mental illness and I have no medical condition that explains these 'symptoms'. Regarding the laundry experience, I wasn't the only one who felt it - another friend flatly refused to enter it after the first time saying it felt "creepy."

So, my questions: am I just over-sensitive to being freaked out by scary movies/TV shows; am I connecting all these feelings/experiences illogically when they're all isolated and I'm imagining things?; or is there something actually to this?

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Ruhia (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-26)
So the Empathy could cover how I relate to some of my patients and maybe even what I feel when I walk into certain spaces particularly when there are other people there (e.g. Wards etc) but I'm still confused about the weird feeling I get whenever I see anything to do with the occult and the smoky/misty shape, it happened again the other night and motivated me to post this story in the first place.
And the laundry experience still really confuses me too - it was related to the room not other people - the first time I was in there I was by myself, other times when I took people down there it had no influence on the 'atmosphere'. There were other occasions where I had felt similar feelings about empty rooms, but this particular time was the one where I was the most affected by it, it was scary to be in there.
Krislove (65 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-25)
I'm pretty sure you're an empath. While reading your story it made me think of myself in similar situations. Learn to differentiate your own feelings from those of others. It's hard, I know, I'm still trying but you'll get the hang of it. Learn to trust your intuition more even if it seems illogical at the time. It may pay off later. Like today, I was getting some really bad back pain and then I had a thought pop into my head "go home early" so kind of fought the idea thinking I need as much PTO as I can get but I came home anyways. After I came home I got a letter from the DMV saying that I could go ahead and proceed with my application for my driver's licence. So before going I already knew that I was going to get my permit today and I did. I'm so happy I came home early today. Everything fell into place.
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-24)
I am a teacher at a University. I teach English. I am also going back to school for a degree in counseling.

My experiences are with clairvoyance, mediumship, and empathy. It took me a long time to figure out what was going on with me. However, once I found the term Empathy, everything made sense. I would suggest you read Empowered by Empathy by Rose Rosetree because she discusses it and how to control and how to understand it. This is the only book I've ever been able to find about empathy. My empathic experiences are that I intuitively 'know' what another person is feeling, often I also feel their emotions inside me as if they are my own. It gets very confusing at times.

I also have had multiple experiences with precognitive dreams. Actually, something happens to me everyday that I have dreamt about before. I've dreamt about chld kidnappings only to see the event later played out on the news (sad and creepy at the same time that experience was). I've dreamt about jobs I am going to have. I have had dreams about co-workers and friends - I got to see their innermost thoughts. Everything in my dreams come true.

I once had a experience where I was asleep and had a dream that I was giving a psychic reading with a mentor. (I don't have a mentor in reality). However, towards the end of the reading, in my dream, I could see the outline of the spirit. It was so cool. After the reading was over, the spirit said Thank you. However, it was a long, drawn out Thank You. It sounded like it was coming to me through a microphone with static in the background. It was so loud and took so long to draw out that it woke me up. There I was sitting straight up in bed hearing a disembodied voice say "Ttttttthhhhhhhaaaaannnnnkkkkkk Youuuuuuuuuuuu". Weird.

As a well-educated person I've struggled with trying to understand my experiences. I know these things aren't "scientifically possible" yet they occur. I've also struggled with the idea that perhaps I have a mental health disorder. As a mental health professional, I have to take that into account. Yet, none of my 'symptoms' clearly match any DSM disorder. I've learned to accept that somehow what has happened to me is very real.

What you describe to me about your experiences sounds exactly like empathy. I would say you are empathic. I read once that a lot of healthcare professionals are natural Empaths. In other words, people with empathic abilities gravitate towards the helping professions. I've also been told that empathic abilities is something that everyone has to a certain degree.
Ruhia (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-24)
I should probably add that I work in mental health. I've been told I care for people in a "very empathic/intuitive way" although not by someone using it in a psychic context. I do find myself connecting with patients in distress easier than some of my co-workers and find myself often explaining to co-workers the basics of what it must be like being in their shoes yet still agreeing to treatment despite internal conflict. Often I find myself frustrated with their seeming lack of empathy and ability to see it from their side, even though I know the people I work with work there because they DO care.

I even find some ads can make me tearful if I'm in the right space, let alone sad movies.

From reading the other stories on the website I'm wondering whether I may be slightly empathic, but I'm really not sure.

Could use other people's opinions on this please...

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