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Dreams And Memories Or Overactive Imagination


I had a short dream a while ago that still bugs me even now. I can't remember exactly what the dream was about but it wasn't about me at all and it was very realistic. I am not a conspiracy theorist, I want to throw that out before we go any further and also if you have read any of my posts you know I am not a believer in psychic anything, tho I do believe in being intuitive as I believe I am quite intuitive. Sorry, I mean cocky and observant, lol.

Anyways it wasn't so much what the dream was about, it was the emotions I felt while in the dream state. I remember it snowing and I could feel the snow touching my skin. I remember I felt the rage towards the person who hurt my family in my dream. I remember the thrill of chasing the culprit and the satisfaction of my vengeance. And when it was all over I heard a third party voice say 'File Closed' and I woke up.

I've mentioned before in responses I've made about having premonitions all my life, but never in a dream state and never like this. My premonitions follow a pattern and I've also stated before that I see my time line or an individuals time line moving in a spiral that's like a needle on a record, my consciousness the needle skipping when I have a premonition. I've never skipped to someone else's time line before.

Once a long time ago I had a dream similar, meaning I was someone else in the dream, but it was much different with no third party present and its theme was a life cycle, meaning I lived someone else's memories from birth to death, when the person in the dream died, I awoke and cried.

So I'm wondering what these dreams are. Are they just an active imagination or could there bo more to it?

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Swordsoflight (6 stories) (90 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-04)
Imagination usually doesn't include so many details. My imagination runs wild in my dreams and its a constant switching between subjects, never a solid line unless it means something.
By what you describe, this could be a whole lot of things. Past lives, empathy, telepathy, maybe all three, not sure.
For me timelines are long threads of electricity, sparking and moving along. I'm the one watching them flow and maybe influencing them if need be. But even then they hide stuff from me and there are SO MANY that I can't account for everything that will happen haha.
You should find out more later on in your research, if I could see anything else that would help I'd totally tell you man. 😊
Best of Luck,

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