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I see my mom and daughter as angels everyday. It looks like rainbow glass images and can hear wings flap. Yesterday we were asking yes or no questions, and she responded With her wings making a shadow. She touches me and my son, kisses us and even walked on us. It feels like pins and needles with sparkles. I heard a bell sound and she even Influence's the TV. Why can she stay for like an hour in full form so strongly? We also video taped her moving a paper towel for like 20 minutes. You can see her image and in pictures looks like a White blur. She moves curtains and plays with the blankets. If I focus hard I can see my childhood, marriage etc, (inside my mom) There isn't enough room to right more, but it's important to know she died and we weren't talking. (opinions?). My daughter died of SIDS and I always thought it was my fault, and haven't been the same. Before this experience I have never felt, saw, or dreamt of my daughter. It bothered me that other people did, I thought she hated me for not saving her. My mom knows that well and my mom has her ever time. I also saw her in south Carolina. I want her to stay with me forever if it's possible. I hope somebody believes me and has opinions. I also now know their Is life after death and it is beautiful. My mom also has another little girl with her, I have no idea who it is. Could it be the child I miscarried? My daughter is the exactly the age she would of been now, and so is the other girl.I'm also wondering why my mom is an angel but the girls aren't. Any opinions would be very helpful.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
If You read the book of Enoch it speaks of Angels.
A main theme in. Christianity is Arch Angels created by God, Angels only serve Creator to help humanity.

There is other info referencing that Angels walk among mankind and help to balance the neg and positive.

Whether you believe your Mom to be an Angel that walked and lived amongst mankind. It is truth that to you she was a helper a rescuer and a friend.

Yes, our loved was cross over in dreams give proof that family as baby are fine and alive and do not hold grudges. When loved ones go through the process and evolve they view hardships and troubles of the living. This something you feel instinctively. So now it's time to mentally accept this and move forward.

Blessings to you

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