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Presences Or Imagination?


I'm sorry about the long read.

Recently, I've started feeling different. I'm not talking about puberty or anything like that! I'm talking about feeling positive and negative presences. The oldest experience I can remember is when I was about eight, it was a Monday morning and my father had just gone to work, my mother was combing my sister's hair in the living room (which was upstairs).

I had to go downstairs to find my school shoes, the house was pretty quiet. As soon as I reached downstairs, I felt an extremely negative presence, it didn't feel safe, whatever it was, they weren't happy! Downstairs always felt like that but that day it had reached a whole new level! I decided to dismiss it because anytime I mentioned this to my mother, she'd scold me for believing such nonsense.

My school shoes were hiding somewhere underneath the stairs. Kneeling down to get underneath the stairs, I began to hear strange, barely audible noises. Whatever was there, I didn't want to disturb it, so I began to search for my shoes, until I could feel something directly behind me. Turning around immediately, a large, dark yet transparent figure charged towards me and I felt like it had entered my body.

I remember hyperventilating and releasing a loud scream. I ran upstairs and told my mother but she responded by telling me off for telling lies. The atmosphere of the house I used to live in had always felt negative.

Occasionally, it happened again, each time occurred when I was downstairs. After three years, my family decided to move. Our next house was different, I could still feel the aura of something whenever I went into the bathroom or my parent's bedroom (which were one thing wall apart from each other).

Another strange thing that happened was something I do not remember happening. My sister and I were sharing a bed whilst we were on holiday, I had fallen asleep immediately but she had remained awake. I remember her shaking me awake and telling me stop being scary. I asked her, "what do you mean?". She then explained, in a lot of detail that I had sat up, my eyes had rolled to the back of my head and I had begun talking to something in the room.

After a minute or two of talking about "helping someone" I just collapsed back onto the bed and fell asleep again. Was I possessed or what? She looked pretty traumatized and would not stop talking about it with my mother. My mother even confirmed that she had heard me talking through the other room. I didn't know what to say. It was especially that morning, I experienced sleep paralysis, it was terrifying. It consisted of a demon and another figure dressed all in black.

Now, to the present. I still feel presences in the room but I've learned to deal with them. When I walk into a certain room (especially my friend, Tania's room) the atmosphere is really unusual, I can feel someone else in there, though now, I simply stand still and try to remain as calm and peaceful as I can. The majority of the time, I begin to hear barely audible noises, a shiver will run down my spine. Everything will seem more clear and fine after that.

I don't know if I'm angering or bothering the thing. I don't even know if the thing is real! Is it all in my head? I can literally feel the presence of something either negative or positive in a room.

Sorry again for the biography-like paragraphs. I also apologise if I used the wrong terms for anything in particular: (

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Kristaannem (4 stories) (44 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-14)
YES! FINALLY SOMEONE WHOS MOM THINKS THEY ARE INSANE.! I've dealt with my mom for 3 months. She believes my psychic abilities are nonsense. I used telekinesis once (it was an accident telekinesis is just like an instinct now) she was yelling at me and she dropped her water. I used telekinesis to stop it but I let it fall because she was looking at me like I was an insane freak. All my kinesis abilities are very strong now (electroK teleK hydroK and atmoK) so my mom already thinks I'm a freak but when I was home alone
My parent's bedroom slammed shut
My toilet flushed (toilet is upstairs parents room downstairs)
Keep in mind that no one was home.
I heard sounds of bare feet touching the tile floor in the kitchen but not a single person is there.
I saw this little girl in a white dress. Her eyes were black but everything else was transparent-ish. Her emotion was angry and she looked about 11 or 10. She lunged at my body and I really don't remember what happened the rest of the day. I woke up in my parents room with my mom saying I did and said some creepy stuff. Apparently one of my anscestors cruelly murdered her and she was looking for revenge. Sorry this is long but you should hold red jasper and say "I don't want you here"
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-13)
Finally someone who had something like me but without possession or chanalling I was in the laundry room (always had thus sinister presence and NO ONE liked being in their psychic or not you can feel the energy) and when ever I'm in their to do my laundry I leave the door open and always looked back well I had to reach in the washer I felt a hand on my back so I turned around and this guys in my face with black flames coming from him and he grabbed my throught and lifted me up latter on we did research and he was a cerial killer that choked people and a victim stabbed him

Well I'm trying to say it gets better and I had a similar experience but pray and only love the spirits not fear them
MSmith82 (3 stories) (55 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-10)
Your not crazy or anything. Your a medium. Most people don't understand things like this because they don't see or hear what you will. The best thing to do when it comes to your mother is to not tell her what you are seeing or hearing. The main reason she has been scolding you is because she is scared and doesn't know how to deal with what you are experiencing because she doesn't see or hear the spirits like you do but, remember this is a hereditary thing for most people so someone in your family has the same abilities as you. Now you may have more abilities because sometimes powers will grow from generation to generation.
I hope this helps you and your family and this may help you find someone in your family that will help you. 😊

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