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Dreaming I'm Someone Else?


The dream begins in this large mansion and I'm in the library when something inhuman breaks in; I'm always reminded of the beast in Beauty and the Beast. Looks that is. I go behind this bookcase and into this secret room, but I didn't stop there instead I went through this small metal door that lead outside.

Outside I met with this boy that was apparently my brother (I have no brothers), and we started running away from the mansion. Also in this dream I'm a boy instead of a girl which is something that I never dream. My brother says, "We have to stay near the water; it can't sense us if we are." There was this large body of water, an ocean perhaps, but there was this large, dark shape down there, and so we decided not to go that way. Instead we ran down this empty road.

This is where the brother figure disappeared and I was left by myself. I kept running and running, faster and faster until everything around me was a blur. It was a rush. I stopped suddenly and cars appeared on the road.

I was wearing white pajamas; the shirt was tucked in, and I was floating. I came across this old woman that was about to be hit by an bus, so I stopped and whispered into her ear, "Think about your children and your grandchildren." Than the old woman started running faster. Across the road there were these doctors just standing there watching.

I continued floating until I saw an woman, rubbing her ear; she lost her earring, so I whispered into her ear as well, telling her that it was in the back of her car. Behind the woman there was this bar or inn.

I went into the bar or inn for some reason. It was okay until I went in deeper. There was a room that was dark and had windows so you could see inside. There was this bad feeling coming from it, and I gasped, clutching my chest. I felt that someone was being cheated on. I think it was the woman who lost her earring. I left after that, terrified, but I had a hard time leaving the bar or inn; it was like something was trying to force me to stay there. I did mange to leave.

I've had this dream several times, and I've had dreams with the bar or inn many more times. Also, I was weightless, so much so that I had to be careful that I didn't go too high. It really felt like I was flying.

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Threewinds (guest)
10 years ago (2014-06-15)
Thanks for responding, carri. I've had this dream a few years ago, and I've never thought about it, but all of sudden I had dream again. This dream, or whatever it is, always stood apart from the dreams that I can remember. I'm always a young boy, running away from something with an older brother figure, flying, and whispering helpful things in people's ears.

I don't know what the inn or bar thing was. The feeling felt real. I'm unsure what feeling exactly. I know I wrote that it was like heartbreak, but, honestly, I'm unsure if that was it anymore. And the whole being pulled, being forced to stay there felt real too. Maybe it was just a dream, but it's not like any dream I've had.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-15)
I have some psychic abilities similar to these. You may be dreaming of other people lives. Bits and pieces. I dream like this. Usually eventually I realize that the dreams go along with people in my life. Or media events. You may check the media or internet and see if these dreams coincide with the media or internet. You possible may be a psychic.

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