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Initiating My Spiritual Path: Wicca And Shamanism


I don't think my real name matters. I going to talk about my experiences with religion first. My family was initially catholic (now evangelic) and I when I was very young I did that evagelic school for kids (I have 18 years old now) for quite some time but never felt anything coming from the Heavens, nothing Divine, I just go to study parts of the Bible, we talk about it, make some prayers etc, but I really never felt God or Devil (not sure about the last). Then I stopped going to it. My life is pretty fine, I mean, I never had problems with spirits, never heard voices, a normal life. I was considering finding God alone, but going back in the human history (and reading Dan Brown's books), I kind of changed my mind. I'm actually 30% atheist (maybe 60% but whatevers) and 70% theist (I never saw, never felt, never heard any kind of paranormal stuff but I think it may exist) but I really wanted to begin some kind of spiritual path to see if christianism wasn't meant for me or if it really none of this paranormal stuff exist (I'm a man of facts, but I can't say stuff don't exist without trying find it for real). I REALLY inclined to being a wiccan because of some factors:

1- I never had problems with spirits, but people say if one has some kind of religion, it may cause spirits to check you every now and then. In a wiccan site, I found they're MUCH different form what christian people say, nothing like Satanism but similar to "druids" in RPG games (sorry, but that it the best way I can put it in words). And they teach you how to make protection spells against pratically anything that could harm your sould/spirit and the loved ones (I'm not planning to begin something that could risk my family).

2- You can become a wiccan "alone". Yeah, eventually (especially if you don't know where to look or how to start) you will need help but you don't need to rely on other people "way" to think. Not hate here, but a lot of christians are extremely hateful and violient towards other opinions (I sick tired of flame wars between atheism vs christianism), but as the wiccan site said "We feel that all religions are equally valid, and you should be free to choose the one with which you are most comfortable". Not hate towards haters is more my style.

3- "Witchcraft is a nature religion" I always respect nature I'm a way most people don't. I never put fire on plants, no trash on the park, I find difficult killing insect or deadly animals (I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with Wicca but I rather find a way to drag or carry them out without hurting or killing, not matter how time it takes). I also felt some kind of hate towards people put fire on forests, hurt animals etc.

With all this, I felt Wicca has more things that I can relate and it also got protection spells, amulets etc. I don't really want to summon the dead or nothing like this, I just want to find something that makes me feel good in a different way, for my soul (if I have one) and protect myself if something try to threaten my sanity or else.

Now about Shamanism. I want to know if it is possible being both wiccan and shaman. Wicca for protection and Shamanism to have a "better understanding" of the spirit world. But I also have now idea where to start. The site I've found say the got an online community to help people interested but I need to know if anyone knows a good site to talk about starting with Wicca, the procedures, requisites etc, it would be good.

For last, I want to talk about something that happened to me as I was very young. In the same house I live now, when I was 9-11 years old, I was alone in the at one of the gates of my house (in Brazil we got walls with a gate and gates before the doors and gates in the windows). I don't know the right word, but here on the "corridor" we got my house, another house in the left, which is a connected wall for both my house and the 2nd (this second house is now a guest's house) and for last a third house in the far left, also sharing one wall with the 2nd house.

Those two other houses, where here before me and my family got here (also there were still people living there) and after some months they leave and my mother won the other two houses for whatever she wanted. I can't remember when exactly but was early night (19PM) and I was in one of the inside gates, right at entrance, just sitting, and this third house was already demolished (the only of three to get sledgehammered).

When I turned my head left, there was a figure standing with the back at me, kind of facing the wall. It was dressed like one of those magicians, such as Mister M, but the clothes were colored like a metallic dark-blue and was also wearing a top hat and a cape. I didn't felt dread or fear, it was just standing there. After some 9-10 seconds it turned it face to me. He had a slim mustache, white skin (not like a ghost, but as a white dude who took a light sunbath), had small black hair and was smiling at me. Not like a psycho, or a demonic smile, neither a demonic face at all. Was a gentle smile, and his eyes where closed, like he was kind of happy to see me, then after 3 seconds, he just dissapeared. Not like I blinked and gone, he just gone out of nowhere. Nothing bad happened that night, neither the other night or any of them at all. I even forgot about that.

Then when I was like 13-14 I saw him again but this time, in my auntie's house. It has two floors and the third is just for barbecue, so it has only one part with shingles roof and most are uncovered.

When I was climbing here alone, I got the staircase and there I was. I turned left, walked a bit and there he was a again, in the far left corner. He was looking down the street like I usually do, arms on the wall, inclined body and right foot touching the back of the left fibula. He was standing there and then he looked at me again. This time, took much less time to he notice me and to dissapear again. When he looked at me, he was like "younger" with a suprised expression, not like caught on act but like "Hmmm? What are you doing here?" and then he vanished. I could see his eyes that time and they're where like human black eyes (not like full black, just the iris) and he suit this time was black and he didn't had the slim mustache (maybe that's the why he looked youger) and I didn't felt dread, fear, headaches or nothing. He neither spoke to me, just like the last time. I never saw him again.

I'm not sure sure if it was real or not, but I'm pretty sure I wake at the time. The fact that I say I'm not sure, is because he always vanished so fast that makes me question if it was legit. But I still remember him if I think about. The image in my mind is blurry but is stil him. Anyone had a similar experience? What he could be? I never felt afraid of him, he looked like he knows me but didn't wanted to chat.

Sorry for the long text and thanks if you read it to end. Peace!

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AzazelRosenberg (1 stories) (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-11-28)
Here I am five years later with an update. Since my last comment so much has happened with me and the world and honestly, I finally understood what all of you meant. When I finally stopped looking for a religion or a god to follow was when I truly felt alive, light as a feather which sounds really strange, huh?

Whatevers quest I was trying to complete only led me to nowhere, only more and more question, and a growing feeling of hopelessness, the evil of men, the inaction of both the law of man and the fairness of the universe.

But one day, about 3 years ago, I just stopped. No more wanting, not more desire, no more endless search, I just stopped and felt my breath, a deep, long and delicious breath. Then all the things in this world that made me sad or anxious were gone. The only trace I had that those negative feelings were real was this feeling of lightness, which was completely new to me, as a proof that no more search was necessary.

And I finally realized one thing that some of you told me: be the very best you can be. This world we live in, the people that live here, nothing truly matters so long as Y O U are the loving person others are not, Y O U are the fair person that others are not, Y O U are the person which you would like others to be. We cannot change the world or the hearts of men, but we can change not only ourselves but how we view the vile of life aswell.

I still have no religion or gods or ways of spirit but I realized that I no longer need them. I have all that I'll ever need inside of M E, in my very own heart. And if the gods, should they exist, decides to punish once I am free of my mortal vessel, then so be it. I live a life of quiet, of caring, of honesty to my beliefs of what is good and what is not, a life where I no longer draw in and shoot out the negativeness of this world, a life of auto-realization and love. If eternal pain and suffering is what awaits someone like me, I fear for those who follow such gods or goddesses, but I do not pity them for their choice, after all, I made my choice aswell and I am more than fine with it.

When I stopped looking at others humans on Earth and deities in the universe, it was when I completed myself. And then there was peace at long last.

I am here to tell to whoevers person that may stumble upon my story, that if you do not find the answers anywhere no matter how hard you try or how hard others make your existence for you, time itself will answer you, so do not fret when nothing comes your away, because it eventually will. If you will accept it or not, I don't know, but I know I did and that the my answer also came from within. When time comes, be honest with yourself and you'll be light aswell. Farewell.

P.S: My fancy friend with his tuxedo hasn't visited me since that time when I had those 13-14yrs old, guess I'm no longer of interest of his.
Justagrizz (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-21)
In reading your story I find you asking many of the same questions that I have asked and not received good answers to. Throughout my life I have searched for answers as to what to believe and what is the truth for me.

If you ask my Spiritual Guides and Allies I am a Shaman. If you ask people I have helped, I may be a Witch-doctor. If you ask me, it is all just me doing what I am compelled to do through God or Spirit or the Universe, to attend to. And the teachings of these paths and many others seem to cross mine in practice and belief.

I am sure that you may be interested in Wicca and Shamanism. These follow much the same paths of respecting nature and use spirits and sympathetic magic (or prayer) for much of what they do.

But, I am also sure that these paths will not give you the individual peace that you seem to need. May I suggest that you take a quick look at a site I found which is a quick explanation of Buddhism. Good life teachings, respect for all things, and nothing between you and creation.


Just copy and paste if you wish. Happy Hunting
By the way stop worrying about the guy you saw, you have selective second site and he only appeared to let you know that. If you really had a problem seeing spirits you would know it. And if he was evil or bad of after you all that would have manifested by now. Live well, be well, do well and all will follow as it should.
DerekRene (3 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-21)
To me it seems a religious purpose is something desired by you. I could be wrong I'm just going off of what I'm reading. Anyway, if you really are interested in Wicca and feel a strong connection to nature there is a form of practice you can look up in that particular area. You do not need to claim a religion as your own, but if you chose you can always believe in a higher power and pick and chose from other faiths. You in the end chose what feels most comfortable to you.
Wicca has some perks of its following but then again so does every religion. I would advise you first to do your research before you choose to do any relating activities. Personally, that is my opinion, I am not a strong religious person but I am spiritual. I do believe in some Pagan and Wicca beliefs. As for shamanism, don't quote me on this, but I think if I'm correct its more of a passed on lifestyle. I think its more commonly taught than it is learned by yourself. They are more ritualistic people, but I can't go off into any further details because I would need a personal refresher.
As for this spirit I do agree with the others on this. You've seen this man a couple of times but I would always be cautious. Not all true intentions can be felt right away. If you encounter him again just be weary if you feel truly comfortable then proceed with caution. You might receive answers or information from him.

If you feel I've answered any of your questions to your satisfaction you can always email me. My email is located on my profile.
Maddy09 (19 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-19)
Dear AzazelRosenberg

Humans, were given something very powerful by God: Free Will. And they are free to use it however they want. Committing crimes and slaughters in the name of God, has nothing to do with Him. Humans and dark forces who are roaming free into this world, have created and followed such misconceptions for centuries, misguiding more and more the human kind.

As for those who have a good life with or without God, I'd say, everything is not what it seems. What in your eyes is a good life, could have been caused by bad actions and disrespect as well as "deals" with those dark forces.
The only good life I know is the one of truth and Light, serving under the name of the one and only Creator of this world. But so far not many acknowledge this as they have the completely wrong idea of what living good means.
Wanting to believe in something only because your mother told you to, is the reason itself why you will never be able to stabilize what exactly suits you. It is like being taken to a candy shop, even though you, yourself, don't like or don't want to eat candy at that moment. You can stay there and try out as many flavours as you want but if you don't want to buy any then you will still leave the shop empty handed. I say, take some time with your own self and search inside you what it is you are wishing for. You and nobody else. If you do choose God, then I can share more knowledge with you. One way or the other, I will be here to answer any other questions you might have.

Stay safe
Ayumi_H (3 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-19)
I think its great that you are looking for something to believe in, but you should also be careful when entering something like Wicca. I don't have a "defined" religion, however I do believe in God, a higher power that is out there to help others. While Wicca is somewhat a "trendy" fade right now, there are parts of it that can lead to you accidentally opening a door you don't want. I have seen first hand that exact thing happening.

If you want to connect to your soul, than you should look into a purer method. Try mediation and connecting with yourself. Try to reach out to God. Learn more about yourself. Once you start to connect with yourself on a spiritual level, you will start to notice things more. I'm not telling you to pray or not to study Wicca or anything that you choose to do. That's up to you. I just would rather you knew that something bad can come from Wicca if you are not careful enough about it. Feel free to email me if you want help, I just hope you stay safe.

As for your spirit friend there, I would say be careful. Not everything is friendly, and things that act like that tend to have a darker meaning for showing themselves to you.
AzazelRosenberg (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-17)
Thanks everyone!

PathT: You're cleared something for me;

Maddy09: Thank you. But I'm not really desperate for something to believe. I for one (like I said before) never had problems with anything paranormal but my mother is always saying: "You have to believe in something. If you do not want being evangelic, be catholic or anything etc". That's why I searching for something. I don't feel sad, anger or nothing, I just want to connect myself with my soul, if it really exist. And you're right, I still have a lot of questions. And for that aparition, rest assured I read enough articles to look if you feel in need BUT ignore any futher form of contact. But in general, I just want to "feel my soul". I don't want to be one of these guys that don't believe but never tried...

Dreamer01: Yeah, I know that. I'm positive (awful conformist, there's no need to blame someone or something for all the stuff that happens in the world, that's just how the things are and there's nothing to do about it). And don't worry, I know you're not attacking anything, we all have our own opinions and I most likely interested in hear about new stuff and different perspectives. And I'm with you about positive feelings of love, kindness etc. But like I said to Maddy09, my mother tells me to find a religion or something. I don't really feel like I need it but my mother should know what she says.

And Maddy09 again: I got another question. Why some people feel God and have a good life and other don't but they also got a good life? If one has no religion but "never" done anything wrong, helped others, is a kind person, still this same person will go to Hell? I'm kind of tired of hypocrisy in religion... They tell you to don't do X but they do this same X in God's name and still they say YOU'RE the one who will dive in flames... Why He let people do that? Even in the Dark Age?
dreamer01 (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-15)
I tend to agree with maddy09,

There is no need to belong to a religion to feel good and have a happy, fulfilling life. There is no need for crystals, rocks, magic spells, incantations. Just be as positive, compassionate and loving as you can.

All of those things that I have mentioned (rocks, religion etc.) are forms of affermations and mindcontrol. They are telling you that this will make you feel this way if you do this and if you do not this will happen.

I am just stating the facts, I am not attacking any of those things. If people want to do those things, wear a crystal or go to mass every day go for it. I have done them all myself so I can say I am not a hypocrite.

I just know that having positive feelings of love,compassion, kindness and actually putting them into practise daily as well as good food nutrition and having loving intent for yourself and others is all you really need.

Each to their own and walk your own path,

Blessings to everyone 😊 😁
Maddy09 (19 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-15)
Dear AzazelRosenberg

First of, I would like to make it clear that in reality, no religion is even close to what is actually there. The one and Only truth is God, and the best way to stay close to Him is by keeping yourself away from any negativity, pray, and love.

I would like to ask you, why it is that you are so desperately searching for something to believe in. What is it you feel that makes you seek a higher understanding? Maybe I can help you out through this journey in search of truth you have set off.

As for the aparition that made itself known to you, from my experience with other people and myself, I believe it has a demonic nature, and what these things like to do, is play nice until they get you to trust them, which grants them access to start messing with you on a completely different level. So I suggest that you are careful with that and if you ever see that or another aparition that might try to get your attention pray for it to go or ignore it.

Honestly what I would like is for you to stay away from all these religions and New Age stuff and go straight for the True and Actual God. And that is something you can only find through your very own soul. No spells, no gems no nothing. Just you, your soul and Him.

If you feel like you have more questions or anything just let me know and I would love to answer.

Stay Safe
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-14)
Wicca has various beliefs combined with ritals and is a choice.

In the UK there can be a mix of beliefs. Like Aleister Crowley-the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn. Is all I know.

In the United Kingdom Pagansim.
The closest is Celtic neopaganism by Michael Garner. Combo Wicca and shamanism

Shamanism - is normally a calling either by Spirit or by Traditions continued under a family call to the following descendants. Trance and rituals/tools. Preparation of rituals with mushrooms or mascara, peyote to help open the veil to spirit would be lead by Shaman/medicine person to help the community.

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