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A Path Or Ability To Develop?


I'm 29 and don't claim to have seen or heard things as a small child but have always felt there was or I had something. Having a few experiences growing up I instantly shut myself down to it purely because of fear.

A few defined examples I can give are: As a teen whilst in bed awake I heard lots of whispering. It sounded creepy, nothing I could make sense of! In my early 20's I awoke in the night to see a black silky 'fog' over my partner who was sleeping besides me (No 'figure' silhouette, literally just mist!) I instantly jumped out of bed and put the light on scaring my partner half to death with what I told them! I believe I also felt the passing of a relative. I became breathless, lightheaded and experienced a strange feeling, approx 30 minutes later I received a phone call saying that my nan had passed away. The timing of this appeared to coincide with what I had experienced.

I decided to go see a respected Medium (had a 8 month waiting list at least) During the reading she picked up that I had seen something (I believe she was referring to this black fog) She didn't explain or clarify what I had seen but went on to say she could see me reading in the future but ultimately it would have to be a path chosen. Like a fork in the road is how she described it. The is the only medium I've ever seen so I don't know if this is the sort of thing commonly said to people? That was 7 years ago. So recently I have an urge to develop myself psychically. This I'm unsure how to do and do wonder if there is anything to develop at all.

I want to be in a place where I'm in control and confident! Already I'm asking if spirit/energy's want to make contact that they do so with some distance. Does everyone have access to a spirit guide? If so how do you start the process of connecting with one?

So that's enough rambling. Any feedback/advice would be appreciated. Thanks:)

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