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Telekinesis - I Suck Bad


I got something to ask, why telekinesis, tell me why. One day, I was in the nurses office at school, I did not have a phone and I wondered what time is it? I at my watch (I almost never wear a watch) and it was dead. Then God said do you what telekinesis, you have something else. I was on sure and then I said okay. Then I was told to move second hand on the clock. It did move.

Okay now I got two things I said. I have three now. That came little after. I suck at three. What should I do about it? This is very wild.

HOW should I practice. How to keep this secret. (just in case) This would mean so much to me. Plus the first one is also very hard to explain, but I herd a lot people have it. (I do not know the word for it) It is something that when I think of something it happens and it can happen by itself. I am NOT scared of it.

And yes, I suck at it too. It can not make a TV just come out nowhere, but I can win a TV and can make someone win a cow in 1910 or something. I won pearls. I made iCarly. I made TED Talks. (very awesome) Got a cellphone by mistake. I made a lot of typos because of it. I LOVE it!:D

PLEASE tell me it's name. I hope it something like telekinesis. I would like help with it too! (by the why I call it Poker) I'm trying to close my laptop and I saw it move a little bit. Also this telekinesis thingy is makes me grind my teeth when I use it. This is the first time I told someone, other just found out and I had found out this thing a long time ago. Thank you everyone.

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Madara (guest)
11 years ago (2013-07-15)
Hi, you can train your telekinesis with a psi wheel. Just make an origami waterbomb and put it over a toothpick or a needle and stuck it in an eraser or those small candles or anything that will keep it still. You can also use a pendulum, or a round pen and make it roll on a table. You can also put a feather in a jar and try to make it levitate.
I think your other ability is called retropsychokinesis. An easy way to train it is with a die and before throwing it think of the number that will come out. Don't try to guess it but force it to be the number you want it to be. Another way is to go to this site and practice with the tests. Hope this helps

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