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Gut Instincts With An-ex


I know that the immediate reaction to this is probably going to be about the fact it has been a very recent break up, wishful thinking etc, but I am genuinely worried.

I split up with my boyfriend recently, we had a really close connection. We had known each other as friends for a long time and I had also tattooed him (that is my job) for many hours. Then I got very ill and was in hospital with multiple organ failure (I was saved by a psychic friend having her own "gut instinct" and coming to check on me). While I was in hospital he was amazing, when I came out he cared for me and nursed me back to health. We ended up falling in love. We split up when we had an argument very early in the morning and I stormed off, and very hurtful things were said out of anger. We are currently not speaking to each other, he is very angry with me and me with him, although I do love him.

However, since then, even though we are no longer in contact, I keep getting butterflies in my stomach, a "gut instinct" that something is up. First time was a few weeks back, I was suddenly woken with a sense of complete panic, couldn't put my finger on it. Later found out through a mutual friend that it was about the same time of evening he hooked up with another girl, miles away. Then had it again, this feeling of panic. Next thing I know, out of the blue, I bump into him. This keeps happening, and then I find out later he has had some kind of life drama/event.

Now I have it again, but this time I am extremely worried for his safety. I can't quite put my finger on it but I am worried that something bad has happened to him or that he is extremely upset about something that has happened in his life. We are not talking to each other at the moment so I can't just call him up and ask if he is ok. Any suggestions?

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allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-16)
Given how your feeling was right on previous occasions, it's likely right again & something is going on. If you have mutual friends maybe you can ask them? But this panicky vibe you're getting appears to omen upsetting news for you, not necessarily something bad for him. I hope all is well. ❤

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