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Gut Feeling And Dreams


1.) 3 years ago, I often dream that I can't move, I was half awake and half asleep then. My scariest experience I had was when I can feel a weight on my shoulders. However, I had successfully turned to side but then I saw a hair in front of me and it jumped behind my back and felt the foam of my bed moved. I don't really know what that was and it was 3am.

2.) Sometimes, I also dream that someone is having conversation in my dreams only to find out the conversations was from the outside world just different faces In my dreams.

3.) I tried dreaming of a 3 digit number, I shared it to my mom that morning to include it in a lottery. But she ignored me. Lol. Only to find out that the result of the 3 digit number was almost the same with my dream. Only the second number was not right.

4) it was December 3 years ago, that I was wondering that why was I dreaming of waters,floods, pools that continues to overflow, heavy rain etc., then, a week later, a typhoon came to my town. And it was the first time that my city experienced a high casualties. Many died.

I somehow continue to dream and it actually happens in real life, the time is unpredictable only. I don't know what this means because I'm just an ordinary person and I'm already wondering or curious.

> gut feeling.

1) I predicted that a friend will be engaged in Japan.

2) as I was browsing Facebook, I was browsing for profiles and I wwondered why I stalked that profile which I don't even know that person, only to find out it was someone my boyfriend made out with. Lol

I can't remember the other things I predicted.

Is this only coincidence?

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